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Secret Life of a Juror

Posted on Sunday, May 13, 2018 | No Comments

“This book had me from the beginning! Very well written, but heartbreaking! I couldn't stop reading it, even through the tears. Definitely following this author!”  #Amazonreview  #Truecrime  #Secretlifeofajuror  #Voirdire

All Paul’s books are published on Amazon and are Bestsellers in the Juries category, which have received rave reviews from his readers who are now eagerly awaiting the release of his latest work, Secret Life of a Juror: Voir Dire – The Domestic Violence Query (2018).  In fourth bestselling book, Paul has strung together his most graphic and riveting work, the story is as much about the trial as it is an inward look at the demons endured by all who have suffered from domestic violence.

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