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Speculations on Postcapitalism

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Why is capitalism doomed by its own hand? And if capitalism dies, what happens? Indeed, when capitalism dies... Will a new economy be better than what we have? How will we get what we need if there are no jobs? Could this lead to a world of true abundance? Will democracy survive if capitalism dies? Could this solve climate change? Is universal basic income a realistic response? Will everything be okay? Will I be okay? Everything will be okay. In fact, everything will be better. We will enter a postcapitalist world. Here's what you'll find inside this book: Why capitalism is doomed by its own internal logic The challenge of the transformation ahead Ways that capitalism will resist the changes How postcapitalism enables direct democracy Why states will be overpowered by postcapitalist networks How we will grow digital food How postcapitalism solves climate change Why universal basic income is inevitable These essays describe the transition, the forces at work, and the inevitability of the change. If you want to know... How we will experience digital abundance New ideas that will shape the next 100 years The new organizing principles of a postcapitalist society How food, material goods, and even housing become digital How long it will take and what to expect The implications for careers, investment, and personal life...then this book is for you! Do what you need to do. Scroll to the top of the page, and buy this book!

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