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The Siren and the Scholar

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2018 | No Comments

Can true love survive when memories are stolen away?

When Kamoana the siren is transformed into human shape, she knows that her mother, the powerful sahira Queen Pukai, laid the spell on her, but she can't remember why. It has to be some kind of test, most likely related to romance and undoubtedly involving a three-day deadline, but Kamoana can't remember being in love with anyone, let alone a human. How dared her mother tamper with her memories!

To make things worse, at Faraway Castle, the playground of royal, noble, and wealthy singles from around the world, the possibilities are almost limitless. How can Kamoana even figure out who the guy is, let alone make him fall in love with her, before her three days are up? Even more to the point, does she really want to marry anyone?

But when Kamoana's memories begin to return and her love revives, the game becomes serious. Can she convince a man with no memory of her to fall in love again?

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