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Tails of Reggie

Friday, June 29, 2018 Category : 0

In a world of Brexit, trolls, mindless violence, shootings and more, isn't it time for a 'feel good' factor and some amusement? Are you fed up hearing how bad the world is but can do nothing about it? We are constantly bombarded by bad news that does not affect our lives but makes us feel inadequate because we can do nothing to redress the balance. But now it's time to enjoy a breath-of-fresh-air read for our cynical world. Enjoy the touches of humour interspersed with a 'can do' attitude that will leave you feeling good about the world and those around us.

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Beau Bear: The Fible of the Hidden Blue Treasure

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"Beau Bear: The Fible of the Hidden Blue Treasure" is the second eBook in the Fibles Adventure Series. A Fible (pronounced (fib-el) is a story with an untruth. This adventure story is about a little bear who takes a journey to Blue Island. His cousin, who lives on the island, fears mysterious things are happening. Young children and adults alike will enjoy the kind and good-natured Beau Bear as he figures out the mystery of Blue Island. Beau Bear, along with his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro, learn about the folklore of Blue Island and how it got the name from the old pirate Captain Blue Fox. The island is said to hold the hidden Blue treasure. While the mystery unfolds, Beau Bear and Wheelburro become separated on the island. Friendships get tested in their quest to seek a truth about Blue Island and the hidden Blue treasure. Will Beau Bear be able to solve the mystery of Blue Island? "Beau Bear: The Fible of the Hidden Blue Treasure" adventure story imparts the values of friendship, caring, and the acceptance of others whom they are not familiar with. This wonderful eBook comes with 15 colorful illustrations that visually help narrate the story. Young children and adults alike will be entertained by Wheelburro and the eBook's cast of characters. Recommended for children ages 4-6.

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Coastal Path: A Soldier's Quest for Peace

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Steve, a squaddie, is on a physical, mental, and spiritual path, where guides help him in his search for peace and freedom. Steve is transformed from a squaddie trying to do the right thing to a participant in dangerous counter-terrorism operations, where rules and collateral damage are a personal choice. Counter-terrorism operations take him from diving in Greece and the UK to Syrian war zones. PTSD, surveillance - events shocking and sad - mixed with black humour, create dilemmas he can't turn his back on. He tries to do the right thing, but collateral damage becomes a matter of personal choice where core values are challenged. In the end - your decision. What would you do? Through it all, a beautiful yacht called Eleftharia (Freedom), escorted by dolphins, reveals life as it could be.

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Veronica Kennicott Cozy Mystery Series

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Cozy Mystery Series Box Set:

HOLLYWOOD PLAYS FOR KEEPS is a cozy mystery punctuated with dark humor and provocative satire, Veronica Kennicott meets murder, ghosts, and friends in a small theatre production. At the Valentine Theatre, has-beens and wannabes mingle with stars under the spotlights where sex is currency and murder lurks in the wings.

DEATH SETS SAIL is a cozy mystery in which aspiring novelist Veronica Kennicott crosses the stormy Atlantic on a raucous and deadly awards cruise as Hollywood film writers and world-class authors race against time and death. In isolated international waters, fear grips the eccentric, competitive, and jealous group—from best-selling heavyweights to amateur hangers-on. As bodies amass on the British five-star Queen Anne, an unlikely band of frantic mystery writers unite as amateur sleuths to stop the killings.

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE HAS THREE OTHER BOOKS BY DALE E. MANOLAKAS -- LEGAL THRILLERS: Lethal Lawyers, The Gun Trial, Rogue Divorce Lawyer -- You Tube trailers on author's channel Dale E. Manolakas

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Becoming Hysterics

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It all began in high school.
It all ended there too.

One day was all it took for both my life and Dane's to fall apart.
But from the ashes we were reborn. We became The Hysterics.

There was no way we would have known what a roller coaster we were embarking on.

It was a hysteric ride,
but we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Zed Days

Thursday, June 28, 2018 Category : 0

My name is Brad. This is the story of how I survived the Zombie Apocalypse. I don't like to talk about it much, but I'm here because I'm lucky, and because when it happened I was on a 24 hour computer games bender playing Project Zomboid, my favourite Zombie survival game. That's why I don't like to talk about it, it's a little embarrassing. This is the story of how my life is better, yes better, since it all kicked off. When it happened I figured I'd never have sex again, but I'm delighted to report that that's not the case. The millions of Zeds who want to eat me are a drag, and I really miss milk, but I can mess around in any car I find the keys for and, if I can kill the occupants, take anything I want from any shop. So...this is the story of why playing Zombie computer games is good for you and of what actually makes a good base, and a good weapon, in a Zombie apocalypse. There are very few other survivors, but the ones I've got together with are cool. There are some decidedly uncool survivors, but you can't have everything. This is my account of what happened to the world, as I guarantee you'll never guess. The future is far from certain, but this is the start of it...

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Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine

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Are you ready to discover the safest and most powerful form of therapy ever developed? Backed by evidence from over 50,000 scientific and clinical studies to date, red light therapy is an FDA approved treatment for acne, pain reduction, arthritis, cognitive enhancement, detoxification, hair loss, fat loss, strength and muscle gains, and literally dozens of other indications. Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine brings you everything you've ever wanted to know about near-infrared and red light therapy in one concise, simple and complete guide. What You Will Learn: What is red light therapy? How it works? History of Red Light Therapy An in depth look at how red light therapy heals A to Z list of diseases and conditions its scientifically PROVEN to treat Questions and Answers BONUS #1: Includes the FREE audiobook of Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine BONUS #2: Includes FREE coupon for an infrared and red light therapy device BONUS #3: Free Red Light Therapy Dose Guide Backed by over 250 scientific and clinical studies Whatever your disease or condition, there is probably nobody who cannot benefit significantly from near-infrared and red light therapy. Do yourself a favor - SCROLL UP AND CLICK BUY NOW to get yourself a copy today. Don't forget to visit my website at: https://EndAllDisease.com Tags: red light therapy, infrared light therapy, cytochrome c oxidase, otto warburg, metabolism, alternative medicine, light therapy, dermatology, skin ailments

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Frequent Bond

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This, my good friend, is a tale of half brothers, who journey through the world of boxing. Starting at the bottom with self-taught methods, along with a training regime that is enough to make your eyes water, you learn the art form of boxing alongside the brothers. A lot of discipline, time-training and heart is the recipe for their success. In their journey they meet two types of people, a pair that will help, the other wants to see their bond broken, who will win? Will the brothers be wise to see this happening?

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A Cap For The King

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The true and inspiring story of two Parsi women who initiated the dawn of women's emancipation in India during the British Raj, their courage and broad-mindedness in the face of orthodox opposition in embracing English education and travelling round the world in an age when women were still kept under wraps. It was thanks to one of these illustrious women writing her autobiography that this book has been made possible and several excerpts from the original (The Story of my Life by Dosebai Cowasjee Jessawalla) have been included. Spanning over 100 years of British rule in India, this story is a view of the British Raj that has never been considered before. For an Indian Parsi woman to meet the Pope in Rome in 1878 and the same woman to then meet King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1908, with plenty of adventures in between, makes for a very interesting, informative and entertaining tale indeed!

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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What Lies Below

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Category : 0

New York City detective, Dean Holbrook, has been on the force for twelve years. When he gets mixed up in an investigation into a suspect he killed, he's asked to take a leave of absence. Sent on a favor for a friend of a friend to the small town of Grimsby, Nevada, Dean has no choice but to accept this 'vacation'. While there he soon discovers that his detective skills may need to be put to the test. This small gold mining town has a few secrets they want to keep buried. With the help of some locals, he will need to put an end to the dangers Grimsby faces before facing his own demons back in the city. Along the way, Dean discovers more about himself and that everything isn't always as it appears on the surface.

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Tad's Treasure

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He never intended to fall in love with her... Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man's wife and child. Years later, he continues to keep an eye on Posey Jacobs and her precocious little boy. The only problem is that he's not sure his heart can withstand the vow he made when he falls in love with the widow and her son. Posey Jacobs misses her beloved husband, but her wrenching grief has given way to hope for the future as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Tad Palmer. However, the infuriating man doesn't seem to notice her interest and treats her as he would his sister. Throw in a goat who thinks she's a dog, a town full of quirky characters, and this widow has her work cut out for her if she wants one handsome cowboy to give her his heart.

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Fighting for Eden

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What happens when a fighter and a peacenik fall in love? From the wind-swept horse country of the Yakima Valley to the airy academic halls of the University of Washington, three adventurers pursue their own Edens. One wants to be a hero, the second just wants to save her home, the third to make sense of it all. Jake's tragic death in the opening days of the Iraq War leaves his sister and best friend reeling. Jessie finds herself all alone in the fight to save their family cattle ranch, even as the patriarchy of the Valley seeks to crush her. Andrew's questing mind is driven to the brink as he seeks to balance his pacifist convictions with his friend's sacrifice. Drawn together, this unlikely pair struggles to find meaning in their loss while they fight for their dreams.

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Phone Pirate

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 Category : 0

This inconceivably outrageous, semi-autobiographical novel, will curl your toes and turn you slack jawed at the audacity and ruthlessness of one man and his team of shameless phones pirates. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, captains of industry, all fell foul to their high-octane spiel. Cajoling, convincing, and bullying their clients into sending huge sums of money for worthless shares, these bandits enjoyed lifestyles of fine wine, fast women, faster cars, and whatever else they damn well wanted. John Robson was possibly the most dangerous of them all. In this eye-opening, no holds barred, roller-coaster of a ride through the seedier side of life in Barcelona, to the paradise islands of the Philippines, the author recounts loose versions of events that led to his eventual capture, conviction, and six year sentence in an American federal prison.

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Goddess of Battle

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Goddess of Battle is a story of two young women living on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- one an immigrant and soldier, the other a young Palestinian wife and student. How they meet despite the odds, and become friends despite the violence that hurts both, and who they meet along the way is the tale of this novel steeped in real-life experience and based on real people. It is a dive down the rabbit hole into the real picture of this horrific conflict that continues to take lives of both the young and old, and is a message of hope at a time when bloodshed stands at the threshold once again.

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Next to Forever: Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book Three

Monday, June 25, 2018 Category : , , 0

Rade never thought that the one woman whom he despises would be carrying his child. Trying to prove that he was taken against his will, Rade finds that Dylan holds the only key to everything. The problem is, he can't allow her to relive that one horrible night. Against his better judgment, he takes her back to the castle. Everything is perfect until their night of ecstasy turns into a night of torment. Rade's world begins to crumble as he tries to find the one man who takes the one woman he has ever loved-forever. Accepting the news of a child is one thing, but what Dylan soon finds is more than she bargained for. What started as a night of pleasure ends badly when Dylan learns the truth from a man she thought she would never see again. Betrayed, Dylan is torn between leaving the only man she has ever truly loved or following her heart and risk being hurt by the secrets that could destroy her happiness. Will her love for Rade prevail, or will it be lost forever?

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Project Renaissance Man

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The Storm killed almost everyone. Can these obedient teens learn to rebel to save humanity?

17 years after billions die in an apocalypse, the few hundred survivors are the most brilliant (Renaissance men and women, called RMs) and their less brilliant, obedient children.

What will happen when a small band of the teenagers, led by the president’s subservient son (Matthew Cane) and loner Sophie Jackson, learn the truth about their harmonious society?

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Understanding STRESS, the good, the bad, the hidden

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In recent years, there has been a whole new understanding of what stress is. This book is a summary of this knowledge that outlines the medical, psychological and workplace aspects of stress. It deals with many myths and presents the latest research in an easily understandable way.

The book describes when and how stress can be harmful – so-called toxic stress – and summarizes new and old methods of prevention and treatment. Toxic stress may be triggered by both physical and psychosocial trauma.

It also describes positive stress, which can be beneficial in both the short and long term.
New research has revealed what happens to our brain when we are being subjected to harmful stress. This knowledge presents new ways of treating and preventing stress for the individual, for stress therapists and for society.

The book also describes how stress – for good and bad – is an example of the close biological relationship between our minds and our physical bodies. This relationship is not only governed by hormones and inherited animal patterns but is also highly related to social learning, thought and our individual reality.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018 Category : 0

Ça va mal. Ça va pas bien.

NY Times #1 bestselling author, Victoria Danann, begins a HOT new MC romance series spinning off SSMC. You're gonna love it. For true! Angel is sent to an allied club for protection. But who will protect her from Batiste?

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Out on a Limb: A Smoky Mountain Mystery

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This is a USA TODAY best seller 2017 and Best Kindle Book of 2014. "CSI meets Animal Planet."

In "Out on a Limb" Phoebe McFarland has just moved back to her hometown of White Oak, Tennessee, a sleepy rural community nestled in the mist-shrouded ridges and isolated hollows of the Smoky Mountains.

Now she spends her days working as a rural home health care nurse, making calls on a quirky roster of housebound characters she's determined to take care of whether they cooperate or not.

She applies this same optimism to her love life, despite the fact that she's been dating for 38 years without locating any husband material. When she runs into her childhood sweetheart, Henry Matthews, a wildlife ranger for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it looks like she might've found her man.

But Phoebe and Henry's chance for romance has to be put on hold while they undertake a desperate search for a young woman who mysteriously vanished from the park during a gathering of world famous biologists and botanists, including a charismatic Frog Whisperer.

in a sleepy rural community nestled in the mist-shrouded ridges and isolated hollows of the Smoky Mountains. A home health care nurse and wildlife ranger undertake a desperate search for a young woman who has mysteriously vanished from the national park.

The Alter

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Ever since his father's death, James Hyde's dream has been to become a CIA field operative. Sadly though, he just doesn't have the nerves to make it in the stressful world of cloak and dagger. After years stuck behind a desk, James is given a chance to help the CIA flush out a mole leaking intel to the Russians - a dream come true! But things turn nightmarish when his team is betrayed on the streets of London, leaving him the sole survivor. Now on the run and assumed to be the mole, James must get to the bottom of his betrayal, while fighting against an anxiety deep within him that might not be his nerves...

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Elle and the Escape: The Hero Chronicles

Saturday, June 23, 2018 Category : , 0

"Elle and the Escape follows Elle Canon's narrow escape from Valcary Hill during the Thusian Trials. Will she be able to survive the darkness that awaits her on the outside, without Nicholas and The 4 nearby? While she is forced to face her fears, including Xavier and the Seekers, a brutal battle unfolds all around her. Elle has no choice but to stand up and fight for her life;and not just her own. In this companion novella, fans of The Hero Chronicles get an inside glimpse into the character of Elle"

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Autonomous Future

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It's the year 2035. Autonomous cars have become commonplace and have had unexpected impacts on modern culture. As we learned to trust self-driving cars with our lives, trust in corporations has grown. Like most software developers, Lucas Trent works hard to produce effective, efficient software. But he dreams of doing more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced to a point of impending evolution and Lucas needs to be a part of it. The corporate superpower, Korelucent, provides most of the technology hardware and software in both government and public sectors. The corporation also builds the leading edge AI Lucas is eager to be involved in. When given an offer he can't refuse, this sportbike racing developer joins Korelucent and finds a new technology far too advanced for any one corporation. He also discovers a hidden agenda so big he can't trust anyone. Enlisting the help of his Marine brother, a team forms endeavoring to stay one step ahead of Mark Holt, CEO of Korelucent. As Korelucent's new technology comes online, entire countries fall under the corporation's power. Will Lucas and team be fast enough to stop the growing company before its control becomes too great?

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The Man Who Walked Clouds

Friday, June 22, 2018 Category : 0

Jenny was faced with a day by herself and so, leaving her busy mum behind, she took off on her own to a remote spot by the coast not knowing what the day would bring; but wanting it to bring something. There, faced at the same time with both stillness and snorting noise, she tried to overcome her loneliness with song. But before long she discovered she was not alone. Out of nowhere she was suddenly addressed by a stranger of a different domain, time and dimension. As they talked to each other, her initial fear was gradually replaced by a thread of trust and, despite lingering trepidations, her overwhelming wish for adventure prevailed. She chose to accept his invitation to venture with him into his world: the clouds. This was to become a day like no other.

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The Watchman's File

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Ed, look. Something has happened. It’s about your country and mine. It’s serious—believe me. Come!" Ed Diamond, reporter for “Focus”, America's preeminent TV news show, is summoned urgently to Israel by an old friend, Dov Ben-Ami, formerly a top official of Israel's Mossad. But before they can meet, a terrorist bomb blows Dov apart. Determined to discover why the Israeli was killed, Diamond embarks on the most astonishing investigation he’s ever undertaken. From the Dead Sea to the Old City of Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv and Paris, Washington and New York, he unravels an on-going mystery that began with the nefarious links between America’s greatest corporations and Hitler’s Third Reich. In the end, Ed attempts to thwart a deadly terrorist attack targeting Manhattan.


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This book is the first half of a unique new study of 1960s pop music. Using the framework of the sales charts of the day, the author analyses genres and trends and critiques records and artists from a personal perspective, whilst offering reminiscences of growing up during pop's golden decade as a child and teenager with 'a jukebox for a brain'.

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The Valley of Elah

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The Valley of Elah chronicles the incredible journey of Harry Keller, a man who beat the odds again and again, endured and survived an unbelievable medical procedure, taking down his giant in his own personal Valley of Elah. A description of the surgical procedure ultimately needed to save his life is still met with disbelief when his story is told. For 16 years he fought the good fight. This is his story...

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Secrets: The Hero Chronicles

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Category : 0

"The Midwest lies in complete ruins after a catastrophic disaster kills tens of thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands injured. Nicholas Keller emerges out of the devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into the shadows in order to protect his secret. As Nicholas begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange and unexpected things begin to happen. He soon tumbles into a web of doomed love, extraordinary talents, and a secret past which threatens the lives of everyone he cares about. It's up to Nicholas to confront the truth, even if it means his own death"

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The Munich Girl

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Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Hitler’s mistress. 50 years after the war, she discovers just what secrets it’s been hiding. Her journey to uncover the truth will challenge most every belief she has about right and wrong. “Historical fiction that reads like memoir.” – Philadelphia Inquirer.

Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard: Develop Your Unused Land Without Spending Any of Your Money

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If you have excess land in your backyard, you can develop that land for a profit – and you can do it without spending any of your own money. In Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard, property development expert Iva Norris walks you through a seven-step guide to subdivide and develop your land.

You’ll learn how to:

- Determine if it’s financially viable to subdivide and develop your property.
- Negotiate with your local council to obtain the best outcome for your development.
- Select the right team of professionals to guide you through the process.
- Understand when to cash out of your development for maximum profit.

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Depressed: Help Me an A-Z guide

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From one depressive to another, this book is written by a survivor of the terrifying darkness. Clearly laid out in an A-Z format, the information is concise and easy to access. Each short section is packed with insights on topics from antidepressants to anxiety, and from sex drive to suicidal thoughts. Relevant for today's madly hectic world in which depression is so common, sadly, this guide might just be the lantern you need to light your way through the darkness. It offers helpful tried-and-tested tools to lift mood. By contributing a fresh perspective on this painful subject, it reaches out to anyone suffering; giving both encouragement and solidarity. Samantha Joule suffered a spectacular depressive breakdown triggered by the ending of a significant relationship. Everything useful she learnt is shared here. If you are looking for a no-nonsense book on depression in a nutshell, you need look no further.

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Sober Truths No More Lies

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Over 30 years of booze had taken its toll. I had a choice - stay sober or drink and say goodbye to living. This is the story of my first year of sobriety. I want you to share the highs and lows and meet the friends and foes I met throughout the journey. I hope you can accept the message and pass it on to the still suffering alcoholics. It only takes one day at a time.

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The Orange Curtain

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Things aren't what they seem on the top floor of the South Coast Tower, a.k.a. The Orange Curtain, so named because of its glassy veneeer that reflects the sun, a fifty-story apartment building located in ritzy Newport Beach, California. A violent murder takes place in penthouse 5008, prompting an investigation by Lieutenant Detective Max Cusini and his partner, Detective Jimmy Sanchez. And what begins a lone murder quickly unfolds into a string of serial killings inside this upscale building that not only confounds Detective Cusini's skills as a veteran sleuth, but also stirs from his past certain haunts that he's been running from for the last six years. Cusini's only hope in solving this case is to negotiate a taut relationship with the Tower's two most eccentric tenants: a Mr. and Mrs. Capote, two novelists who know a lot more about these murders--the Orange Curtain's cryptic gallery of tenants--than they should. That is until Detective Cusini finally decodes the crytic message. A gripping psychological thriller, pitting two noble detectives against an obscure killer.

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Secretly Craved (Billionaire Bear Brotherhood Book 1)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Category : 0

Skye Sylvester is an investigative reporter chasing a hot lead on B3, the shadowy, multinational conglomerate buying up land outside of Chicago. Her best contact? Sexy billionaire Marcus Sinclair. She's certain she can remain professional, even though Marcus rattles her composure. He's a man who is accustomed to getting what he wants ... and right now he wants Skye. Marcus Sinclair knows all about B3; or, as he knows it, the Billionaire Bear Brotherhood. Bear shifters from all over the world work together to grow their fortunes, protect the environment,and keep their existence under wraps. By the tenets of the secret society, Marcus should be stonewalling the nosy reporter who wants to know all his secrets. But he can't resist Skye's curves. He'd give anything to have her in his bed. But is he willing to give his heart? Around the world, there are powerful men living with a dangerous secret. They're architects, entrepreneurs, playboys at the pinnacle of society, but if their secret was revealed, it'd all come crashing down. These men aren't just billionaires, they're also bear shifters. And they pledge their allegiance to the secretive Billionaire Bear Brotherhood. These sexy billionaire bears are too busy living large to look for love. But fate has other plans. Sparks fly when smart, curvy women meet the alpha shifters who are determined to win their mates. These standalone novels are hot enough to scorch your Kindle and sweet enough to warm your heart.

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Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds

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This book describes the chronology of events that led up to getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Fox describes in depth the family dynamics and child abuse he believes laid the foundation for being susceptible to getting MS. It is a detailed look at how a psychologist constructed a treatment and personal approach that sent Multiple Sclerosis into remission.

The many medical approaches are described in depth. Medications are seen as primary in the initial and acute stage when first diagnosed. Alternative, spiritual, Eastern, psychotherapy, daily living, and diet approaches are covered in this guide on how to cope with chronic illness.
Multiple sclerosis is viewed as a disease where many factors come together to trigger the illness. 

The key to sending an individual's MS into remission is seen as finding the unique combination of factors that will tip the scales into sending multiple sclerosis into remission for that person. Given that the disease is idiosyncratic to the individual, not all approaches detailed in this book will likely work for a given individual. On the other hand, it is likely that many of the approaches will work because they are generally healthy, in the case of alternative and psychological approaches. The medical approaches are specific to multiple sclerosis and have been successful for many people.

The underlying philosophy is one of using primarily medical approaches when first being diagnosed with the disease, and then bolstering the fight against multiple sclerosis with generally healthy psychological, physical, spiritual, and alternative means.

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On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Category : , , 0

Reverend Wendell E. Mettey,Founder and President of Matthew 25: Ministries, tells the story of his many years of pastoring an endearingly imperfect inner-city church in On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow? On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow? is a collection of gentle, loving, humorous, often touching portrayals of the unique and colorful individuals who comprised Reverend Mettey's congregation during his early years of ministering.

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Pretty City Murder

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A tidy murder pits a San Francisco police inspector, priest, and hotel owner against each other in a page-turning tale of how far some people will go to protect their reputations and lifetime achievements. When a priest stumbles upon his brother, a slow learner, lying dead in his elegantly-appointed 12th floor hotel apartment, his unfortunate demise compels an investigation that leads three lifelong friends into a fierce conflict. Father Ralph MacKenzie, SJ, Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Francisco, panics. Larry Leahy, family man, history buff, and tough cop investigates. James O’Hara, owner of the Greenwich Grand Hotel, rushes to the scene. All three will draw on life experiences shared since first grade. Risking a long-sought promotion, Leahy searches for the truth among hotel employees, each hiding their own secrets. Leahy and his partner, Inspector Hieu Trang, navigate the danger, deception, and misdirection awaiting them at the Golden Gate Bridge and in North Beach, Chinatown, and the majestic Eastern Sierras. Now, they’re getting closer to the shocking truth.

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Next to Always: Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book Two

Monday, June 18, 2018 Category : 0

Rade Matheson thought he had everything he needed, Money, Power, and a woman who was willing to submit to him. That was until one night at The Castle changed everything. Losing the only woman who could bring him to his knees was never a possibility for him. Given a second chance, he’s more determined than ever to find the man responsible for taking the one thing he cared about. He ends up finding more than he bargained for. Turns out Michael Stewart wasn’t his only threat. Lust and obsession have a way of revealing themselves when hatred takes a front seat in a deadly game of revenge that Rade isn’t willing to lose. One by one Rade’s secrets begin to unfold, threatening the one chance he has to make Dylan his forever.

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Dog Days of Voodoo (A Malveaux Curse Mystery, Book 1)

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Kendell Summer, lead guitarist for Polly Urethane and the Strippers, has always been interested in the unexplained. So when she sets off on a paranormal research romp with Myles, a former classmate, to explore his skills in psychometry, she’s ready for a little adventure. But she gets more than she bargained for when her Lhasa apso, Cheesecake, is dognapped. Kendell will do whatever it takes to get her dog back. While rescuing the pup, Kendell and Myles learn that the touristy glitz of New Orleans’ voodoo shops hides a dark history few understand—a truth that some in the city plan to use for their own gain.

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Innovation Feast: Create New Product Ideas to Feed Your Hungry Business

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Is your business starved of successful new product innovation? If your new products are regularly failing in market, you're not alone. Over 45% of food and beverage products don't last more than one year on the shelf, resulting in hungry businesses with no clue about what will drive their long-term growth. Innovation Feast will show you how to create and manage successful new product ideas using a comprehensive five-stage innovation framework. Packed full of practical hands-on innovation tools and exercises, you'll learn how to:

Uncover fresh consumer insights to inspire new product ideas.
Identify untapped opportunities where your competitors won't go.
Create a three-year pipeline of winning product ideas to fuel business growth.
Manage your innovation plans to prioritise resources and maximise in-market success.

Innovation Feast will help you answer those burning questions: How much should I innovate? Where should I focus my efforts? What type of new products should I make? How do I increase in-market success? If your business is starved of successful new product innovation, this how-to book is a must-read to create food and beverages that people really want.

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Deep Strike

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A CIA agent, who uncovered the evidence of Russia’s hacking the U.S. election, was infuriated by the refusal of the new president to even acknowledge that the hacking took place. He watched helplessly as America’s intelligence agencies and colossal military power were placed under the command of that same feckless, corrupt leader. Though they are shocked themselves, the leaders of the president's party in Congress refuse to act to save a nation in peril. So, along with two other colleagues, the CIA agent decides to act. He goes rogue, takes on the White House and all its vast powers, to find the evidence that will drive the president from power.  Fiction as strange as the truth!!

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Escape The Future

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After the power grid goes down and the death of their parents; Henry, Eva and Layla are left alone in a dark, desolate and dangerous world, with only their father’s dying words – stay together.

When Eva gets nabbed in a roundup, she confronts greater threats than she ever imagined, while Henry and Layla search for her, facing their own imminent peril.

Up against the mysterious forces of a conspiracy that may go beyond this world, they fight to stay together, stay alive and escape the future.

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Life's A Bitch...Until You Become One

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Joanne Harris was forced to come out of hiding in order to make a court appearance, desperate to be granted a divorce from a husband she is fearful of after four years of abuse and infidelity. After which she begins a new life in a sleepy northern seaside town where she shares a flat with two madcap girls, who are also going through divorces. Her plan, once she is finally free, is then to travel, see the world, and try to do all the things she has always dreamed of doing. But then she meets David Winston, a successful businessman who she is instantly drawn to, and she realises that her life will take her on a different journey altogether. But then discovers David's dark secret, his likeness of other women and the fact he has a step cousin whose aim has always been to become Mrs David Winston herself. In which case she found just how strong she was, because being strong was her only choice.

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The Hapsford Mystery: Book 1 of The Hapsford Chronicles

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On a summer day in 1907 Lord Hapsford, Happy Harry to his friends, wealthy engineer, entrepreneur and womaniser, finds confusion at his Somerset home. A corpse closely resembling him has descended from Hapsford House to a riverside family picnic, in Harry's latest aerial gondola lift. Another body is discovered on the Hapsford Estate, where the dreaded gunnera plant is feared by many locals. Marie-Jeanette, the vicar's glamorous French wife, a collector of 'helpful men', was formerly with the Surete. She helps the police to investigate a complicated plot, linked to the disappearance of Harry's barrister friend Sir Richard Bletheringham, K.C. Egbert, son of Lord and Lady Hapsford, an Oxford Classics student, offers Latin comments and delivers remarkable information, uncovered by his scholarly research, in a surprising outcome. Stories were voiced long before being written; The Hapsford Mystery is introduced and ended by 'The Storyteller'.

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Seaside Surprises

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She's hiding from danger. He's deeply wounded. Could they be exactly what the other needs? Tiffany Saunders is on the run. When she winds up stranded in a seaside town, she wants nothing more than to forget her horrific past and kept moving. But a chance meeting with a handsome local changes everything. Jake Hunter has some deep emotional scars and is trying to cope with running the family business. The last thing he wants is a relationship-until a mysterious brunette walks into his store and complicates it all. Tiffany prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong-in her rearview mirror. But dark secrets cannot stay hidden forever. Just as the walls around Tiffany's heart start to come down, the past catches up with her. Will true love be able to conquer all? Seaside Surprises is the first book in the Seaside Hunters collection, a series of sweet contemporary romances featuring the Hunter brothers set in the beach town of Kittle Falls by USA Today bestselling author, Stacy Claflin. If you like entertaining and heartwarming romances, then you'll love this entry in a light, romantic series. Budding romance and great chemistry abound with fully-developed characters that you'll fall for over and over again.

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"A marvelous modern take on the legendary Merlin... A definite must-read!" - Readers' Favorite

"Ignition is... a unique take on [Merlin's] life without Arthur." - Bibliophilic Book Blog

"Highly recommended for lovers of fantasy and the Merlin legends." - Amazon Reviewer

Meet Merlin long after Camelot in this Arthurian legend with a twist.

Merlin, the legendary King Arthur's mysterious magician, is immortal. As Arthur lay dying he promised to return. Merlin is holding him to his word. Forever young, forever waiting, Merlin lives an unassuming life in the city, keeping his identity and abilities secret from his friends. It's a long and lonely road, but Merlin is a patient man.

It's now the 21st century and when the earth begins to groan with earthquakes, Merlin knows the situation is anything but natural. An eruption is imminent, but something-or someone-is forcing this volcano to erupt. Merlin must use his concealed talents and practiced charisma to save a town of innocent people before disaster strikes. He has the power to thwart a catastrophe-if time doesn't run out first.

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The Art Of Drawing

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You're about to discover The RevolutionaryAccelerated Drawing System what might be the fastest and easiest system to draw and sketch ever developed: It's the same system that thousands of people, just like you, used to become a master at drawing and sketching to draw anything they wish to. Here are just a few benefits of learning how to sketch: All you need is a pencil and paper. You can sketch any place, anytime. Meet new friends at sketching clubs. You can sell your artwork if you choose. Very fulfilling, interesting hobby. It's therapeutic! Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn: How to develop a photographic memory to memorize figures Train your brain so you can visualize ordinary objects in a different manner, allowing you to see through the eyes of an artist Hands-on exercises that will help you see line, shape, space and other elements in everyday objects Learn shapes that build into complex drawings How to use strokes to illustrate surface How to arrange strokes for effect And so much more To Sum It All Up: You'll know exactly what actions to take to get you to your drawing goal. Moreover, once you developed these skills, they are life skills which not only will help you in your drawing sketching but also your work and business. You have my personal guarantee that you'll start seeing a difference or I will happily refund your money. Get your free copy to lock your discounted price for a limited time only

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The Paloma Crossing

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Hardin Steel worked twenty years as a DEA agent: drank too much, divorced twice, made a number of serious enemies, and retired at the behest of the agency. He’s now the sheriff of Cameron County, the southernmost county in Texas, where cocaine and corruption are king.

Across the river, Frederick Ochoa has a new weapon in his arsenal: Stinger missiles. Originally supplied to the mujahideen by the CIA, twenty of the surface-to-air missiles are now in the hands of the deadliest drug lord in Mexico. And he wastes no time in putting them to good use.

Steel fights the cartel, local corruption, and his own demons, the only way he knows how-down and dirty - winner take all.

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Next to Never: Shattered Innocence Trilogy

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Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only women who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible. The only problem is he can't get enough of her. One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever. All Dylan Adams wanted was to get her life back on track. After the death of her fiancé she knew she needed to move on. She opens her heart to Rade Matheson only to find she's falling for a man who betrays her trust. Will her endless desire haunt her forever or will her weakness take over?

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“All aboard!” Grand Central Terminal, New York City, the late 1880s. An Irish boy and three German sisters are among those put on an “orphan train” headed West. Like thousands of other impoverished immigrant children, they will be “placed out” along the way: given to strangers, farm couples who agree to foster them until age eighteen. Siblings are routinely separated by “distributing” them at different train stops. The quartet’s lives inevitably diverge, unfolding in dramatic and unexpected ways as the orphan train riders grow into adulthood in Texas at the dawn of the 20th century.
Full of action and surprises, Placed Out explores the meaning of courage, hope, friendship and “family.” The gripping, sprawling saga is the fictionalized account of the four orphan train riders and those with whom their lives intersect. The story opens in New York City in the 1880s, but unfolds in Texas as the 19th century draws to a close and chronicles their experiences as they move into young adulthood.

Between 1854 and 1929, Eastern cities placed an estimated quarter of a million homeless and destitute immigrant children on trains – later termed “orphan trains” — headed west.” The young riders were placed out to rural families in the hope they would have better lives. During the movement’s 75 years of existence, the trains distributed their precious cargo to 47 of the then 48 states. The movement came to a quiet close on May 31, 1929, with the placing of three boys in Sulfur Springs, Texas.

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