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Depressed: Help Me an A-Z guide

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018 | No Comments

From one depressive to another, this book is written by a survivor of the terrifying darkness. Clearly laid out in an A-Z format, the information is concise and easy to access. Each short section is packed with insights on topics from antidepressants to anxiety, and from sex drive to suicidal thoughts. Relevant for today's madly hectic world in which depression is so common, sadly, this guide might just be the lantern you need to light your way through the darkness. It offers helpful tried-and-tested tools to lift mood. By contributing a fresh perspective on this painful subject, it reaches out to anyone suffering; giving both encouragement and solidarity. Samantha Joule suffered a spectacular depressive breakdown triggered by the ending of a significant relationship. Everything useful she learnt is shared here. If you are looking for a no-nonsense book on depression in a nutshell, you need look no further.

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