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Hasnun Preacher-Prophet~Saint Book The 1st

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"A theosophical adventure story...The story of Hasnun treats the topic of God within a fictional story in an intellectually exciting manner without a reversion toward the polemical arena within which all religions throughout history have arranged their dogmatic uncertainties. Without preconceptions and with a powerfully imaginative insight, the saga of a spiritual transformation of an entire country and the disarming of the wicked devices that hindered the enlightenment of its inhabitants is portrayed through the eyes of a neo-mystical society on a distant planet. With a moderately seasoned endowment of immortality, the thaumaturgic abilities of this superior culture lead to the adventure of a lifetime full of surprising events." Book The 1st acquaints the reader with a neo-mystical society on a distant planet, the people of whom have already experienced an apocalypse that foreshadows the numerous religious beliefs and gloomy prognostications of the apocalypse soon expected on planet Earth. The story opens with a catastrophic event challenging this superior culture's evolving endowment of immortality with a drastic change in the spiritual and terrestrial environment of unbroken peace and tranquility. Graced with a strong spirit of serendipity and the somewhat bizarre, oracular manifestations of a shared vision, a precarious journey is undertaken with the hope of correcting the enigmatic nature of the breach in their enlightened state of equilibrium. Aligned with C. S. Lewis' portrayal of animals tainted with linguistic ability, the story unfolds with the strong influence of dreams and visions and the benevolence of Nature rendered to purity.

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