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32 Minutes

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President-Elect Abigail Armstrong had big plans for her Inauguration Day. Fielding a nuclear attack wasn't one of them... INAUGURATION DAY, IN THE NEAR FUTURE: A young and optimistic president-elect shivers in the cold, waiting for the ordeal to be over. Little does she realize, the ordeal hasn't even begun. Shortly after she takes the oath, the proceedings are interrupted with shocking news: the U.S. military has detected the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The death toll, should the weapon strike the United States: upwards of 10 million people. Her advisers warn her that there are rules to this game, ones that must be followed if there's to be any hope of avoiding global nuclear war. Adding to the problem: buried in a bunker, and surrounded by career professionals with agendas of their own, she has no idea what to believe about the conditions unfolding topside. Soon she learns that the loneliest person on the planet is the one who's trying to save billions from annihilation. An explosive, fast-paced novella from the author of The Counting series.

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