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My name is Millie Goodheart and Justified is about me and my girls. At the risk of offending anyone, I don’t give a damn what you think of me: my problems, my mistakes, my judgments, or my tactics. Harsh, maybe, but you didn’t have to live with that miserable S.O.B. Henry Goodheart, my husband, now my ex. He is no longer able to hurt me or my girls. I’ll spend the rest my life enjoying my hard-won freedom and state my solemn pledge: never again.

Millie Goodheart, the Chief Librarian in Emeryville, California, survived a child’s nightmare; savage abuse at the hands of her father, a brutal violent drunk. She swore, never again, and chose for her life mate Henry, a gentle giant who promised a loving, safe and secure life, but ultimately Millie’s nightmare recurred as Henry changed from savior to abuser.
No person, no woman escapes the residual effects of such violence and Millie eventually reaches the fateful and climactic moment of her life: to surrender or fight back.
When Millie fights back, the DA brings a charge of voluntary manslaughter.
The issues at Millie’s trial are complex as are the final conclusions.

"Justified" by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D. now available on Amazon!

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