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This short story collection is enchanted. If you cannot resist whimsical imaginings with delicious twists, then treat yourself, to these poetic essays and storytelling poems... Imagine a sci-fi mind-body-spirit fusion tale involving futuristic technology, portals, parallel lives and loves, with a little time travel. The Ice Queen is an assassin at the top of her game, so just why is she fooling around with one of her besotted apprentices? If you could replay the last conversation you wished to have with an ex, while you are both trapped in a lift, what would you say? A playboy rescues a skeletal 'damsel in distress' much older than him, only to find out she is his saviour. These are just some of the people and situations that are perceptively explored in a voice ripe enough to lay bare the truth of the heart. You cannot make anyone love you

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