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The Washington Triangle

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2018 | No Comments

The American Constitution is a fraud! The Supreme Law of the land is invalid! A Document of Truth was written in 1789 by President George Washington to protect the Constitution, but it also details the blackmail and deceit surrounding it. If it's discovered and proven, America as a Superpower, will be brought to its knees. The President has one last throw of the dice to save America. He enlists the help of Jack Hammonds and Holly Macdonald. They have a very low opinion of each other, although they have never met. Now they must work together, break a set of codes and find the Document of Truth. Folis Heenan is ahead of the game. His goal is to destroy the President and his country. One way or another, history is about to be re-written and a small village in the North East of England could hold the key to America's survival.

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