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Sunday, September 30, 2018 Category : 0

A mysterious new guy is in town. Salima seems drawn to him. A string of violent murders in the quiet town of Shadow Point have the detectives on edge. Salima must find out if the new mysterious guy is connected to all of this as she seems to be attracted to him. A few teens come up missing and a new deadly threat arises in Shadow Point.

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First Strike

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When war comes after a century of peace, it is sudden and brutal. Taken by surprise Earth's far-flung colonies are in danger.

The only son of an admiral, Second Lieutenant Michael Sheridan finds himself thrust into a desperate conflict that he and the untried soldiers under his command are ready for. Focusing on the people struggling to survive the onslaught, First Strike is a novel that propels the reader to the furthest limits of space. Fighting a ruthless and determined enemy, Sheridan soon learns the brutal lessons of war and that his enemy may not be what it appears to be.

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White Containers: The Peter Wells Story

Friday, September 28, 2018 Category : , 0

Born in to a poor mining village in the 1930s, Peter Wells was keen to escape pit life. His Grandfather's small holding provided an alternative, and early life skills, and Sheffield's moorlands space to explore. An apprenticeship at Hillier's Nurseries gave practical skills. He listened, observed and absorbed. Becoming a manager of a tree nursery, he was able to apply both production skills and management techniques to develop operations. His determination and pioneering drive were evident. A change in direction led him to launch his own nursery, in a borrowed field. It was a small-scale operation, and trading conditions were tough. The product was good, very good, but he needed something extra special to stand out. He was introduced to the White Containers, to grow trees in. A novel idea, he saw the potential. It transformed his business, and then UK tree production. One million trees later, he is still pursuing new ideas.

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The Proof of the Pudding: A Bartlett and Boase Mystery

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Well, no one could want to poison Percy Laity - could they? His bout of illness following dining at a local cafe, and with gossip spreading, will create chaos and fear amongst local people. A fatal meal, followed by more sickness and other sinister crimes cause the Falmouth police to be firmly under pressure to find the perpetrator. Meanwhile, George Bartlett is kicking his heels, having been forced into early retirement due to a complaint lodged against him previously. Archibald Boase has lost Irene - the love of his life and can see no way forward without her. This fourth Bartlett and Boase mystery will see the pair struggling with their own personal problems as well as Archibald Boase, lost without his friend and mentor, desperate to give a good account of himself at the station and to win back his girl.

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Poetic Reflections Of A Dreamer

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A poetic collection from the heart. A Great heart warming book. Is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble Apple books Ect. Will be out soon in paper back books. Is available at lul for paper back book to order.

Tracy Lee Harrington lives in Texas with her family and this her second book published since she arrived in Texas. She hopes to change the way people view poetry with this collection of poems she has written. She wrote her first book in September of 2017 entitled Freedom from my Storm. She is currently working on a fantasy Novel. She enjoys writing,watching movies,listening to music, walking and serving at her Church in Texas.

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Enough Already! Overcoming the stigmas of alopecia

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The author writes with utmost boldness and honesty as she invites all readers to walk alongside her as she tells her story of living with the incurable condition of alopecia, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, thus causing the hair to fall out.

This is a book that crosses racial and social classes, religious and educational hierarchies. No one is immune and everyone is vulnerable.

What defines beauty? What steps are we willing to take to seek approval from the world's definition of "beauty?" At what time do we take a stand and say," I am beautiful, no matter what!" Sizakele addresses these issues and questions the readers' own conscience by asking the reader, "What if this happened to you?" What would you do?"

If you've living with alopecia, Sizakele understands. If you know someone with alopecia or have never heard the term, Sizakele educates you through this informative book.

After reading Enough Already! Overcoming the stigmas of alopecia, you will gain a new respect for the psychological effects of alopecia. Sizakele gives you all the tools you need to persevere: transparency, truths and myths, a sense of what to expect; she's a lifelong friend who will hold your hand through each step of your journey. So open the first page and start walking beside Sizakele on her journey. Trust her, believe in her, and know that you are beautiful. You are beautiful!

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Aoki The Watchers Book 1

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Aoki is an esteemed Hunter from Otron who has chased criminals throughout the Universe, but his brother's murderous rage against a human and Aoki’s own family shames him. He volunteers for a program on Earth that brings Otronians, Beings and Humans together. Once there, he meets the one woman who is his mate. Can Aoki learn to trust again and let love heal his broken heart?

Charley Aldridge is an eighth-grade history teacher who has been burned in love before. When her roommate encourages her to participate in the Exchange House Program she puts her foot down in a definite 'no' but her roommate has other plans. Because of her name, she’s been mistaken as a man and put at the Exchange House with two gorgeous male aliens. Charley soon falls for both men but can she overcome her insecurities to allow them to love her in return?

Flynn is a Being Doctor who's just finished his emotion restoring injections. With his new emotions, he falls for female housemate. He knows the other man in the Exchange House has more than friendship in mind for their female housemate. Can he learn to trust his new feelings and share Charley’s love with Aoki and not allow jealousy to ruin his chance at love?

This story contains true love that must overcome many obstacles, a wolf who wants his mate, a scientist with love on his mind and a hidden danger that threatens a hot ménage relationship with plenty of m/f/m loving...

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RUSH: The Riptide Series Book One

Thursday, September 27, 2018 Category : 0

That's all she is.
Nothing more.
Nothing else.

And that's why she's wanted,
And in danger.

Lauren Owens is so much more.
She's everything.
Falling for her was never my intention.
But, I couldn't resist,
Her charm,
Her vulnerability,
Her spirit and drive,
And her unimaginable innocence.

And that's exactly why my father wants her,
For his own gain.
Now, it's up to me to take him down,
Stop him once and for all,
Protecting her every step of the way.

Saving her would mean only one thing:
I won't get to love her.

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Between Yes and I Do

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After months and months of planning and plotting, you've managed to execute a flawless proposal. So now you can kick back, relax, and let the wedding take care of itself ...or so you think. A must-read for any groom-to-be, "Between Yes and I Do" is a manual to help even the most clueless person successfully navigate the challenges of being engaged. In this handy "how-to," author Julien Manyong shares his firsthand engagement experiences, guiding readers with seven tips to engagement success. Written in an engaging and entertaining style, at turns humorous and instructive, "Between Yes and I Do" is his attempt to spare others the trials he faced as a novice by providing the guide he so wished had been available to him. This guide will almost certainly have at least one piece of advice that will undoubtedly make one of life's most important experiences that much more perfect.

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The Lakebed

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Category : , 0

It's 2021. An apocalyptic earthquake shatters the Pacific Northwest and drains an ancient lake by a sleepy Washington town. A hard-luck immigrant who escaped demons in his native Ukraine, Alyosha "Al" Dragunov finds himself drawn into the bowels of the dried lakebed. Underneath, Al discovers a . . . structure. A simulacrum. A site of inexplicable, irrational experiments since time immemorial.

When the world shakes, the town’s battle-hardened police chief Michelle Bardo—a Baltimore transplant who sought greener pastures out west—is busy investigating a bizarre murder and spate of pet mutilations. As the social order buckles in the quake’s aftermath, and as reports surface of everything from UFO sightings and cannibalism to time travel and transdimensional deities, Michelle struggles to solve the crimes while protecting her troubled daughter from the encroaching bedlam. Al, for his part, searches for answers about the lakebed and his own tortured past. Their fates entwine as they each seek out an elderly physicist who, months earlier, mysteriously vanished from his laboratory on an island in the lake. All the while, an ex-con and musclebound sociopath, Dom DeRuglia, goes on a sadistic rampage—at once exploiting and contributing to the chaos of a world already teetering on the edge.

Freakish, unpredictable, and fast-paced, there’s something alien dwelling in The Lakebed.

A lawyer and legal writer by training, this is Tim Stone's debut novel - a mystery thriller with science fiction and post-apocalyptic elements.

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My Familiar Stranger

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Meet the sexiest vampire hunters alive and choose your next book boyfriend!

"Rivals Black Dagger Brotherhood." - Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Victoria Danann, introduces the epic saga that reset the gold standard for paranormal romance.

"My God, this is spectacular." - Quote the Raven

I accidentally ended up in this dimension.
I had nothing.
I knew no one.

I barely survived the journey, but landed in the best possible place; an ancient society of vampire hunters with the medical means to put me back together. I can't go home, but I can use the extra-abilities I gained from slipping dimensions to work for Black Swan and try to keep my friends alive.

When it comes to love, I have options. The knight who saved my life is strength and honor personified. The sexy elf who thinks I'm his mate. And an incredibly attractive six-hundred-year-old vampire.

My name is Elora Laiken. This is my story.

Start reading TODAY! Find out why My Familiar Stranger has been called awesome, enchanting...

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Reading Kids: Secret tips behind children behaviour

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Celebrated coach Pawel Guziejko has one goal - unlocking the potential in every young footballer. He combines the complexities of child psychology with experiences from the training ground to publish the definitive guide to coaching youngsters. Pawel's ground-breaking techniques and theories help overcome emotional, physical and behavioural barriers and allow children to naturally develop both on and off the pitch. Learn how self-confidence and smiles are as important as slide-tackles and scoring. This must-read guide for any football coach will help make the beautiful game become even more beautiful for the next generation of stars - and unlock the potential of many more players.

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The Burden of Sweetberry

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Category : 0

Candida "Sweetberry" Armstrong, a beautiful, vain woman, has spent her life hustling men. Deacon Josiah Hess has been her lover for twenty years. They’ve flaunted the relationship in pubic, including before his wife. Sweetberry has even borne him a child. Because of his wealth and status, the church has turned a blind eye. Sweetberry is pleased with herself even though women whisper about her behind her back. Then Luther McGill comes to town. Popular, mysterious, and wealthy, he sweeps Sweetberry off her feet and soon proposes marriage to her. In him, Sweetberry sees a chance for the good life; love, marriage, and financial stability. Happy at last, she begins planning their life together. Deacon Hess, however, doesn't bow out gracefully, and on the church ground after a soul stirring revival, he bludgeons Luther to death. Sweetberry is thrown into the abyss. The trial of Deacon Hess exposes her, forcing her to face the woman she is and the life she's led. Insanity looms from the demons that show up to taunt her to the ghost of Luther that appears at the window at night. Then unexpectedly, a shocker is revealed and she discovers the real reason Josiah Hess killed Luther. "The Burden of Sweetberry" is set in the fictional town of Sipsey, Alabama, in the 1960s. It features aspects of African-American culture common for the time, including style of speaking, worship, and songs of praise.

Forever Young

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Forever Young - A Gripping Modern Dark Fairytale!

As the sun sets, and the stage is set: A luscious, enigmatic woman who loves the finer things in life - and harbors a dark and deadly secret.

A famous billionaire genius, bored and fed up with his empty, loveless lifestyle of drugs, one night stands, and expensive parties.

And an innocent, studious young girl who wants nothing but to help people.

Either by chance or fate, life has brought these three together and bound them in a tangled web of love, lust, and dark secrets.

Follow the thrilling story of two star-struck lovers faced with an ominous dark threat, more dangerous than they could ever fathom - a threat with a tempting face and body, a sweet voice, and a mind wicked beyond all measure:

She’s none other than the Elizabeth Bathory - the most powerful vampire that ever lived!

Will the innocent win, or will the evil get in their way and have the last laugh?

The Refreshing Twist The Vampire Novel Genre Needed!

If you’re a lover of contemporary young adult vampire, romance, and supernatural fantasy fiction, then Forever Young is the perfect book for you.

Writing in a lively and exciting style, Indika Guruge has taken all the classical elements of the quintessential vampire novel and re-arranged them in a fresh, unique way - creating a true page turner you won’t be able to put down!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

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Hannah's Journey

Monday, September 24, 2018 Category : 0

Friends from childhood, Hannah and James drifted apart after James made a rash decision that changed the course of both their lives. Now, they’ve been given a second chance, but illness and ambition may drive them apart.

Hannah is fighting a life threatening illness. At last, it seems she may be able to overcome it. But circumstances conspire to make that impossible.

James is an aspiring missionary to the natives in the western U.S. But hostile relations have made his mission more challenging and much more dangerous. When his life hangs in the balance, Hannah must make a crucial choice.

Can Hannah face her fears and find the strength to fight for the man she loves? Will love and faith be enough to overcome the challenges ahead?

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Next to Always: Shattered Innocence Trilogy-Book Two

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“Sexy and Sizzling Hot” it will have you begging for more….

Rade and Dylan’s story continues in Book Two of The Shattered innocence Trilogy.
Rade Matheson thought he had everything he needed, Money, Power, and a woman who was willing to submit to him. That was until one night at The Castle changed everything. Losing the only woman who could bring him to his knees was never a possibility for him. Given a second chance, he’s more determined than ever to find the man responsible for taking the one thing he cared about. He ends up finding more than he bargained for. Turns out Michael Stewart wasn’t his only threat. Lust and obsession have a way of revealing themselves when hatred takes a front seat in a deadly game of revenge that Rade isn’t willing to lose. One by one Rade’s secrets begin to unfold, threatening the one chance he has to make Dylan his forever.

Dylan Adams ran away from the only man she could ever trust, but when tragedy strikes, Rade is there right beside her. Willing to give him another chance, Dylan confesses her love for him. Everything is perfect, she couldn’t ask for anything more, until her world falls apart. She knew he had secrets, but the one secret she didn’t expect, is the one secret that could tear them apart for good.
Adult content

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Meditations for the 1st 30 Days: How not to become roadkill on the highway to recovery

Sunday, September 23, 2018 Category : , 0

Many meditation books lift us above the din of our daily existence. This isn't one of them. This workbook focuses on continuing the journey of a thousand miles even if the first step was into a pile of Ait.@ Topics covered include learning from people you don't like, squeezing the joy out of life, not judging people by their appearances, finding peace in noisy places, and never picking up the first drink or drug, no matter what. Each lesson includes a page for writing a daily inventory and a gratitude list.

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The Snake and the Ghost

Saturday, September 22, 2018 Category : 0

The journey of a brave young snake named Haggus who, on a dare from older bully snakes, sets off from his comfortable habitat and ventures into a haunted house in search of "ghosts."

This unconventional picture book offers a touching story that portrays grief and love surrounding the loss of a loved one and is perfectly paired with its muted charcoal imagery.  Follow Haggus as he discovers things are not always as they seem and how a simple act of kindness may last forever.

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Are You Rich? Entitled? Republican? A Parody

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Do you love books on politics? Do you love black humor? Well, this is your book!Look inside the mind of my fictional character. What races through your mind all day every day? I bet you wouldn't tell anyone. This book is a total stream-of-consciousness flow from the mind of the character. You get what he is thinking, unfiltered.Is this real? Not real? You decide.This book will give you a real insight into part of America. How they think. What they believe. What they feel.Do you agree? Disagree? Care?  Nothing is as it seems. It is what you make it.

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Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas

Friday, September 21, 2018 Category : , , 0

Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas is a collection of stories written by Reverend Wendell Mettey for his congregations. While written over a span of years, the stories have a timelessness that appeals to readers of all ages. These simple stories share the emotional journey of characters whose struggles with doubts, fears and resentments cause them to lose hope, but who ultimately find a great gift through the discovery of the true meaning of Christmas. Readers will recognize their own anxieties and concerns in the reactions of the characters and celebrate with them their triumph as they discover the joy of giving...the true spirit of Christmas.

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Beyond the Red Carpet

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Sophia Donovan had it all: a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills, a successful career at a high-profile celebrity magazine, amazing friends – and she was married to one of the hottest Hollywood Directors of their time. Things between her and her husband Marcus weren’t perfect but after 11 years, what marriage was? But if the secrets that lay behind the walls of the Donovan home were ever exposed life would never be the same for anyone.

When an unexpected visitor from Sophia’s past shows up, it forces her to come to terms with her suspicions. As she unravels the truth about the people closest to her, it quickly becomes clear that fighting to save her marriage won’t be nearly as important as fighting to save her life.

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Heart of Stone

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The shocking prequel to Beyond the Red Carpet. Caleb Stone’s life had never been easy – though nurtured by a loving and devoted mother, he’d been forced to become a man early at the hands of his abusive father. If it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of the woman who would eventually show him what true love was, Caleb’s dream of becoming a police officer may never have come true.
Now one of Los Angeles’ finest homicide detectives, Caleb hadn’t foreseen the impact his past would have on his life, or the lengths he’d be willing to go to in order to protect the people who couldn’t protect themselves. His life was full of secrets and lies, but it was his life, and more importantly it was the life that would put him directly in the path of the woman who would change his world forever.

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Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America

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In 1974 John Egenes rode his young horse across the United States. This is the story of a young man coming to terms with himself, and how a little Quarter Horse named Gizmo showed him the way. Ride with them as they make their incredible journey across an America that no longer exists. “What a genuine piece of writing! And what a pleasure to read a work that wasn’t pretentious or self-aggrandizing, but that was, in fact, just the opposite. An authentic piece of Americana from a period that doesn’t seem that long ago… Everyone needs to read this book. It is a modern classic.”

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Meet The Tractors

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Meet Hendrix and his friends, a group of vintage tractors all getting up to their own adventures. In a series of short stories they'll tell you all about them!

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Elle and the Escape: The Hero Chronicles

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Elle and the Escape follows Elle Canon's narrow escape from Valcary Hill during the Thusian Trials. Will she be able to survive the darkness that awaits her on the outside, without Nicholas and The 4 nearby? While she is forced to face her fears, including Xavier and the Seekers, a brutal battle unfolds all around her. Elle has no choice but to stand up and fight for her life-and not just her own.

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Why Don't We Fall in Love? Part I

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Love, this is about love. You can't be taught to love, that doesn't exist. The only way to know love is to learn it, learning through happiness and sadness, through the good and bad, through pleasure and pain and through the beauty of others. Whether you're with someone or alone you need love. Self-love, friendship love, family love and unconditional love is what you need to experience. You need to understand the realness of love and what it brings. It makes you nervous, it makes you feel special, it brings mistakes, it clouds your vision, it knocks you down and lifts you right back up.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 Category : 0

Myth and magic collide in this award-winning, action romance where gods manipulate the human race, and one witch stands against them. When Vervain uncovers the truth about the Gods, she is forced into the role of a vigilante witch; hunting the Gods before they can hunt her. But as the Godhunter falls deeper into the world of Immortals, she finds herself in the middle of war where she may just become humanity's greatest weapon... in the hands of a sexy, rebel god.

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European Identity: The Newly Born European Demos?

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The book examines identity and its nature through analyzing different theories which help to define in which theories European identity can be ascribed to. The chapter also offers scholars' reflection over European identity and makes a definition of European identity. In the second chapter, it explains the role of European identity on the constitutional ratification (2004) as well as demonstrates the contribution of the Constitutional Treaty (2004) on the consolidation of European identity. The relationship between the Constitution, representing a higher stage of EU integration, and European identity is mutual. They both affect the further evolution of each other. The chapter also draws conclusions over the European constitution and its future. The third chapter confronts European identity with national identities of the EU’s member states and draws conclusions about whether European identity will supersede national identities of Europe, as well as demonstrates the erosion of national identities in Europe; conclusions are supported by statistical data published in several Eurobarometers. The data published in the form of a table in this chapter trace the consolidation degree of European identity from 1992 to 2008 and confront it with national identities of the EU's member states. The last chapter argues about the existence of a European civic demos (similar to that of the USA) expressed in the form of European Identity. The book sheds light on the evolution and the role of European identity.

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Chakra For Beginners: Essential Chakras to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday ( Heal Your Body And Mind )

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Discover how to find and correct chakra Imbalances and dramatically Improve your quality of life today through Chakra Healing Secrets! Do you want "peace of mind" every day? Do you want "freedom" from negative thoughts? Do you imagine yourself free from any negative thoughts Do you imagine yourself happy, optimistic, and peaceful every day? You will learn the strategies on how your mind can change into a positive-peaceful state. You will know the specific steps on how to make yourself happy, fulfilled, optimistic, calm, and peaceful every day. You'll never have that feeling of frustration of not knowing how to handle your circumstances. These secret effective strategies are known by only the top personal development gurus and you'll finally be able to have access to these secrets. Thousands of hours and money are wasted just because people fail to leverage on the right tools for helping them achieve peace and calmness. With your new found freedom, the amount you save on being disempowered by your condition will more than enough cover your investment in this guide! Your friends will be begging you to tell them your secrets to chakra meditation. Praise: By following this course. It will improve your physical health and mental prowess. Visualize your body in a whole new way, and sharpen your intuition. The final book can be used over and over, if you wish. With the very first track I started noticing certain improvements, and I stuck with it. This is a truly mystical package. James

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Acquisition of Word Formation Devices in First & Second Languages

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Early school-age English children acquire over 3000 words a year. The main factors which account for such rapid vocabulary growth are context and word-formation knowledge.

Such vocabulary growth is also of great interest in the L2 acquisition. Using empirical tests, the book puts side by side L1 and L2 acquisition of word-formation devices. The first chapter explores the early acquisition of word-formation devices by English children and presents the principles through which cross-linguistic influence diverts L2 learners from the natural way of acquiring word-formation devices of their target language. It also presents the 'Dual Semantic Transparency' Hypothesis in the L2 acquisition. The second and third chapters utilize empirical evidence in examining the advanced acquisition of word-formation devices by both native speakers and L2 learners, as well as highlight the points in which morphological cross-linguistic transfer is more evident to L2 learners. The fourth chapter offers suggestions over the way L2 learners' knowledge of word-formation devices of their target language can be improved. The book is targeted to anyone interested in language acquisition.'

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Anatomy of Corruption: An Inner Guide for Honest Leaders

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What do we mean when we call a politician "corrupt"? Is corruption a disease like cancer that can actually kill a human being who contracts it? Or is it more like a cold or flu, contagious and annoying but not life-threatening?

How can we ensure that our state and federal governments do not evolve into environments of corruption we thought possible only in third-world countries?

In the ANATOMY OF CORRUPTION, Dr. Williams describes this social disease from the inside out, teaching us how each of us can spot and prevent the symptoms within ourselves, nip them in the bud, and even destroy them if they have already taken root.

This is a handbook for those of us who interact with other people. It should be required reading for those who have accepted leadership roles.

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Secrets: The Hero Chronicles

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This book was written for junior high/high school age readers as well as all who are young at heart--The Midwest lies in complete ruins after a catastrophic disaster kills tens of thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands injured. Nicholas Keller emerges out of the devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into the shadows in order to protect his secret. However, as Nicholas begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange and unexpected things begin to happen. He soon tumbles into a web of doomed love, extraordinary talents and a secret past, which threatens the lives of everyone he cares about. It's up to Nicholas to confront the truth, even if it means his own death.

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The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress

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Stranded in a besieged fortress, can a strong refugee woman survive and fight for her true love? Canadian Author Frieda Watt transports us into the barbaric world of 18th century colonial America where treachory, murder, and rival armies fight violent turf wars in Volume One of her epic new series, The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress. In 1744, the mortar in the walls of Louisbourg fortress is still wet as Britain advances to conquer this new French city, its citizens both protected and imprisoned by its massive stone ramparts. Torn between clashing empires and contentious families, Marie Levesque fights to find a place in the unforgiving frontier of Canada. As a young woman, her life is just beginning. Her friendship with Pierre promises of something more. But their lives and the doomed fortress of Louisbourg are caught in the cross-hairs of the British navy, who promise to annihilate not only them but also their very way of life. As empires collide, Marie and Pierre are catapulted into a world they do not understand-a world of spies, treason, and revenge. They must fight not only to survive the war, but also to stay together despite the forces that threaten to tear them apart forever. This beautifully written, epic work of historical literary fiction, with the same feel as Outlander, is a must-read for any lover of historical fiction. The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress tells the story of ordinary people as they try to survive as French rule crumbles in Canada.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Country Hauntings

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Do you believe in ghosts? Does a phantom funeral procession, complete with headless horses and coachman, wind its way toward Bussock Hill House on moonlit nights? Or how about the solid looking shade of a long-dead man, leaning over the gate of a certain cottage in Chaddleworth, a small country village in West Berkshire. Wander along to Spray Lane and look out for an old roadster from a bygone age: allegedly hit by a cab driver returning home in the early hours. Only for the cabbie to look back and find the road empty. Newbury's bloody history dates to two battles fought during the English Civil War. Many bodies, it is claimed, were thrown into mass graves. Was it these sad spectres that were seen in the mists during the construction of the bypass? Just a few of the many creepy tales found here. Read if you dare!

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Are Not My People Worthy? The Story of Matthew 25: Ministries

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Category : , , 0

In a world filled with terror, strife and hopelessness, we seek validation that it is possible to change the world for those in need. Through prayer, faith and unremitting effort, Wendell Mettey proves that when ordinary people do extraordinary things, it is possible to change the world. "Are Not My People Worthy" chronicles the growth of Matthew 25: Ministries from a small suitcase ministry to an international humanitarian relief organization shipping humanitarian supplies to the poorest of the poor worldwide.

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The Way of the World

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This debut book for Thomas Marty comprises 15 short fantasy stories, mainly inspired by the city of Cambridge and beyond. Meet an eclectic bunch of characters: the Crowman of Jesus Green - a new slightly suspect superhero for the 21st Century; Amy, who has an alarming brush with fate when truth pays her a visit; the fantastical reincarnation of the Bansurist of Bewindhi in the heart of King's College Chapel; the evil presence lurking inside a derelict house in Sturton Street and the postman who delivers more than he should. To name but a few.

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Are Not My People Worthy? The Story of Matthew 25: Ministries

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In a world filled with terror, strife and hopelessness, we seek validation that it is possible to change the world for those in need. Through prayer, faith and unremitting effort, Wendell Mettey proves that when ordinary people do extraordinary things, it is possible to change the world. "Are Not My People Worthy" chronicles the growth of Matthew 25: Ministries from a small suitcase ministry to an international humanitarian relief organization shipping humanitarian supplies to the poorest of the poor worldwide.

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Wicked & Sexy Nights

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Category : 0

Wicked and Sexy nights is a collection of twenty contemporary and paranormal romance novels and novellas from your favorite New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestsellers. This limited time boxed set is filled with hotter than Hades paranormal bad boys - shifters, werewolves, vampires, dragons, and more! And let's not forget the sexy contemporary guys who will steam up your Kindle - Billionaires, MC, police officers, cowboys, and more!

There's a sexy story for everyone! Grab it today, before it's gone forever!

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The Hand of God

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"An engaging tale of murder, redemption and forgiveness." Amazon reviewer. An African-American man is caught between his own demons and those of 1950s American society in this historical novel. This is the story of 24-year-old Bobby Lincoln, who lives in the coastal town of Palm Harbor in 1955 Florida. With few jobs and no education available to him, he ekes out a living by fishing and doing any other work that he can find, often using his boat. But it's not enough for him or his common-law wife, Idella, who keeps threatening to leave him if he doesn't become a more effective breadwinner. None of this is helped by his own love of gambling and his tendency to keep company with some of the town's best-known criminals. When a local gangster offers him $2,450 to take part in a serious crime, Bobby knows that it would break the heart of his deeply religious mother and disappoint a smart teenage boy who idolizes him. But he also believes that it might be his only chance to keep his wife and get back some self-respect. One little boat ride quickly turns into a nightmare that consumes Bobby's life even as he tries to conceal it from others. Based on Florida's infamous Chillingworth murders!

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What's Going On? How Can We Help?

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In an era of seemingly inevitable obstacles, increasing chaos, and worn-out debates, comes a refreshing combination of a better future with actionable, step-by-step plans of attack. FREEQUILL dives deep to uncover the origins of our re-occurring challenges; exploring the murky waters of capitalism, consumerism, and our ancient monetary system. Key topics are carefully broken down along an approachable and entertaining journey, packed with fresh perspectives and real-world examples. The highly considered solutions range from a whole new political system to simple tricks and tips that you can implement today. REVIEWS: "Mind-boggling, well-researched, captivating... powerful. 5 Stars!" -Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite "A rare piece of writing, one that makes an insightful and well-researched critique of our current society alongside positive and pro-active solutions." -Dr Mike Coto, Researcher at The University of Cambridge and Co-founder of Primera Impact "Timely, practical, inspirational, and solution-focused." -Michelle Jacobs for The US Review "A necessary read for every global citizen." -Thomas Anderson for Literary Titan OUR PLEDGE For every book sold Illuminate Press have pledged to plant ten trees. These trees will be used to reduce soil degradation and air pollution as well as provide sustainable and healthy food for families in need. To accomplish this they have become an official partner with TREES.org.

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Global Warming

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Did you ever ask yourself how Parallel Worlds view what is going on in our world? Well most of the time they don't really care, conversely there has been a few times where their aircraft, known to us as UFO's, have buzzed our world to find out what was going on over here. This book is the story of how a Man came from Parallel World Number One to see if he could find out why this world is jeopardising the existence of his world and if he could stop it. The man from Parallel World Number One not only comes here to access the blame, but he also interacts with a citizen of this world to bring person or persons to justice. This story actually evolves into romance as the citizen traverses across the pages of this book looking for and trying to prosecute the culprits.

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Lost on the way back home

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A poignant and self-reflective look at life, love and identity by up and coming poet Efua Kwarteng.

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Apocalypse Earth - Road To Hell

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Outgunned, Outnumbered And Outta Luck
1981 - Africa, where regard for life is much like this book, cheap.
You don’t know it yet, but we are under attack.

And this isn’t like Will Smith in Independence Day or Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, by the way, this is real.

Heavily outnumbered, outgunned and out of luck, only one top secret government agent can save us. Problem is, he’s just so full of shit.


And now he’s tasked by his powerful, incredibly cold but super-sexy Boss with 1) Trying to ensure the survival of earth 2) Making sure the public remain completely unaware of the new threat and 3) Carrying out these orders whatever the cost.

Because the last thing we want is for you, the public, to panic and just lose your shit completely.

Anyhow, I got to get back to the office. We have this "attack" situation unfolding we need to try and contain. And remember: This is an "ANY COST" directive, meaning whatever the cost - financial or personal, you name it - we will take you out to keep this thing under wraps...!

If you see our guy, walk the other way, because if he sees you - you’re as good as dead.

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Renegade Valkyrie

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She's an angel of death, but her life is in danger.

Soleil is a Valkyrie, cursed to obey the laws of Valhalla-laws she's been skirting for centuries. But when she uses her sword to protect a friend rather than to eliminate her assigned target, she crosses that fine line. Now her species is coming for her. Compounding problems, she's also in the crosshairs of a powerful, vindictive witch who wants retribution for the murder of her sister.

It's the worst possible time for her emotions to surface, so of course they do. While dealing with danger, she struggles with moving past the death of her fiance and budding feelings for her best friend, Titan. Soleil already stays away from her former pack to protect them, now she feels she should leave Titan too, to keep him safe. But she can't bear to do it.

Now she's put him in danger, as well as some of her old allies and new friends. It would be in everyone's best interest if she ran. But she can't. She won't. And her fate comes down to an epic battle between supernatural forces-a battle she's ill-equipped to win.

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In Deep Water: A compelling and humorous insight into mis-management within the UK water industry

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A compelling and humorous thriller following events in a small water company where an incompetent MD battles with Alan Bishop, a near-alcoholic manager. Following the death of his wife, Yorkshire-born Bishop attacks his best friend, an attractive single mother, in a drunken rage. Things only get worse when he sleeps with a colleague. Always cutting corners and bending the rules, he is eventually accused of trying to poison 120,000 customers. Will things improve when he puts his life on the line?

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Mirror Earthmen: Tomorrow and Beyond (Mirror Earthmen Series Book 2)

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Abducted from Earth previously by the perfect looking human-like aliens, and with romantic connections developing fast, the Earth girls are excited at the prospect of life on the strange new planet. But with 74 male survivors on planet Gammov and only 24 Earth girls, the gender imbalance proves to have shocking ramifications.

Some of the Earth girls are horrified to find themselves abducted yet again! With dangerous super-sized predators prowling outwith the compound, time is of the essence.

Can the Earth girls outwit their captors under the most testing circumstances? And can dashing Captain Zargo and equally hunky brother Tav, together with the search party, find the girls before it is too late...?

"Mirror Earthmen: Tomorrow and Beyond" is the second in the Mirror Earthmen series of alien romance books. It's a sci-fi chick lit romp on alien planet Gammov featuring heart-pounding romance, quirky characters, one-liners, and sizzling sexual chemistry.

Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1)

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When out of work graphic designer Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she's saddled with more than a supernatural sidekick-she gains the ability see spirits. It leads to an offer she can't refuse from the town's bad boy, the brother of her ex and the last man she should ever partner with.

Ellis Wydell is in possession of a stunning historic property haunted by some of Sugarland Tennessee's finest former citizens. Only some of them are growing restless-and destructive. He hires Verity to put an end to the disturbances. But soon, Verity learns there's more to the mysterious estate than floating specters, secret passageways, and hidden rooms.

There's a modern day mystery afoot, one that hinges on a decades-old murder. Verity isn't above questioning the living, or the dead. But can she discover the truth before the killer finds her?

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One woman's battle against domestic violence: My name is Millie Goodheart and Justified is about me and my girls. At the risk of offending anyone, I don't give a damn what you think of me: my problems, my mistakes, my judgments, or my tactics. Harsh, maybe, but you didn't have to live with that miserable S.O.B. Henry Goodheart, my husband, now my ex. He is no longer able to hurt me or my girls. I'll spend the rest my life enjoying my hard-won freedom and state my solemn pledge: never again.

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Steve Jobs: The Man Behind the Bitten Apple: Insight into the Thoughts and Actions of Apple's Founder

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Steve Jobs is not just 'the Man Behind the Bitten Apple' logo that we all know so well, he is the founder of the world's first TRILLION ($1,000,000,000,000) dollar company. During his time on earth, his contribution towards the betterment of mankind was far more than what most people realize, or understand. This book takes you into the life of Steve Jobs more than just the events that happened in his life - but the workings of his mind as he handled those events and how me constantly moved forward with singular purpose and discipline of thought.

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