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The Secret of Grace

Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2018 | No Comments

It is a beautiful day for fishing, and as with every Saturday, Archie and his grandson, Aaron go fishing at their favorite spot on the lake.

On this occasion, however, Archie must relive his tragic past, he must visit his haunted memories to tell his Grandson, Aaron, that he is in fact, not his biological grandfather. Aaron does not expect to hear the in-depth recollection of Archie’s sad history, but Archie desires it to be told even against the resurfaced pain it causes him.

Aaron’s heartstrings are tugged at tightly while he witnesses the anguish his grandfather, Archie experiences, and yet he stands amazed at Archie’s faith in God. Through all the tragedy that Archie faced, he remained God’s faithful servant; he always knew God had a greater plan for him.

Grace, Aaron’s mother always reminded Archie; ‘It’s alright daddy, God loves us.’

Aaron learned a few vital life lessons this memorable day fishing on the lake and one in particular that he would live by for the rest of his life; “Asking God ‘What can I learn?’ instead of ‘Why me?’ is a much better place to station our minds.”

Soaring majestically high above Archie and Aaron a Fish Eagle searches for his prey; will he be more successful at catching fish on this day than Archie and Aaron.

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