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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Category : , 0

Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Heaven to Betsy

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A former rodeo queen turned paralegal. A criminal attorney with a soft spot for lost causes. To find a missing girl, they'll team up for one wild ride…

Dumped by her husband for a man, ex-rodeo queen Emily Bernal yearns for a fresh start. When handsome local attorney Jack offers her a gig, she's not sure if it's the right fit. But after a dead body takes a swan dive in front of her and she learns a missing six-year-old girl is caught in the aftermath, Emily's heart sends her from barrel racing to paralegal faster than a calf out of a chute.

As she and Jack interrogate the young girl's tight-lipped mother, a string of strange coincidences don't add up. When sparks fly between her and her boss and dead ends become dead bodies, the race to save the girl comes down to the wire. Can Emily and Jack decipher their feelings and the clues before they become the next victims?

Heaven to Betsy is a mystery thriller with a romantic twist. If you like strong-minded women, heart-pounding plots, and a side-serving of humor, you will love Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ nail-biting novel.

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Argonauts: Books 1 - 3

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Category : 0

In this compelling set, Rade Galaal and his elite team of mercenaries enter the fray to deal with an alien infestation, infiltrate a stone-age civilization, and defend an extraterrestrial homeworld.

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The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance

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The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance aims to help aspiring, early-stage, and experienced leaders alike answer a critical question: "How will I use my leadership power?"

Co-authored by globally renowned author and executive development trainer Bill Treasurer and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Captain John Havlik, this book unites civilian and military experiences to explore precisely why some good leaders go bad, so you can avoid their mistakes. With decades worth of insight drawn from leading elite military special operations teams, global companies and organizations, The Leadership Killer includes insightful stories and actionable strategies for becoming, and more importantly, staying, a more effective, confident and humble leader.

This book is perfect for individuals and groups navigating how to become better leaders. Whether you are a CEO or a manager in human resources, starting out in your career with a wish to hone your leadership skills, or are undergoing executive training for brand and nonprofit leadership, The Leadership Killer can help steer you in the right direction.

The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance exposes hubris as the single most lethal leadership flaw. Being a good leader doesn’t require being a bad person, and if you know what to look out for, Treasurer and Havlik point out, you can keep your ego and hubris in check and become (and stay) a leader who is effective, successful, and good.

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The Road Way Less Traveled: Starting Recovery Young

Monday, October 29, 2018 Category : 0

This workbook addresses questions frequently asked by young people new to recovery:  What will I do? Who will I spend time with?  How will I get through life without drugs? Why are drugs so hard to quit? The text underscores how the resilience of youth is eventually overwhelmed by the  progressive nature of addiction.  Contains a parable about burning down houses infested with singing rats.

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Jackson Armstrong is blessed with an extraordinary memory and a young son who loves him. He is also cursed with a compulsion to gamble that has cost him nearly everything. While chasing another big win, Jackson is killed in a car theft gone wrong and finds himself trapped in Pandemonium, a hellish, urban netherworld where demons rule over man. Before long, Jackson begins having visions of a mysterious portal. Convinced his visions are the key to escaping Pandemonium and returning home to his son, Jackson forms an unlikely alliance with Lilith, an enigmatic demon who has an agenda all her own. As the two are relentlessly pursued by an evil older than time itself, they must navigate their way across a brutal, fantastical landscape and find the portal before it closes forever. "Pandemonium" is a dark fantasy adventure that will take readers to the depths of a richly imagined hell unlike any they have experienced before.

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The Proposition

Sunday, October 28, 2018 0

The Proposition is a story of lost love, second chances, and forgiveness. Janeshia James has a secret she’s attracted to her boss. He’s handsome geeky genius, Walker Perrault. But his cocky stance and miles of arrogant attitude are enough to make Janeshia run in the opposite direction. Not to mention the two of them are thrust together daily in the workplace where their personalities clash making it hard to find a balance. Then after years of climbing the corporate ladder, Janeshia thought she had made it to the top of the non-profit she works for. Or, so she thinks.

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Prayers for Evil: A Novel

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On Halloween night, Chris Murphy must defeat an ancient evil force before it destroys those he loves most.

Chris and his daughter arrive in the Maine village seeking a fresh start after a painful break-up. Soon a new job, new friends, and a new romance offer the promise of a bright future. But when strange accidents begin to befall the citizens of the town, an evil force threatens the safety of those closest to Chris. A dark mystery lies deep in the town’s shadows and a web of intrigue long dormant from the Dark Ages and Nazi Europe lashes out to strike the New England village itself. Will Chris have the strength and courage to defeat this evil force? Will he stop it before it destroys the people he loves most?

More than a Reflection

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Holly Davenport is great at finding beauty in the flowers she’s surrounded by day by day, but seeing the beauty within herself proves much more challenging. For years men have looked at her with nothing but friendship on their mind, and she’s given up on ever finding someone who might love her just as she is - all 215 pounds of her.

Blake Anderson’s timing is perfect, albeit slightly embarrassing, when he is witness to Holly’s most embarrassing moment: a kiss to her not-so-pregnant belly in a very public encounter. Now Holly is determined to make a change — except chocolate is awesome, and working out … not so much. What’s a girl to do? Why fall in love of course!

Blake, along with his family and friends, will have an uphill battle to teach Holly that there’s more to her than her reflection.

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Children of The Gods: A Soren Darnega Novelette

Saturday, October 27, 2018 0

We were children of the gods, known to be the most dangerous and powerful species to ever live.

That was why we were hunted.

With both Depleters and Collectors seeking to eradicate our kind, we hide within moving villages throughout the Wild Lands with only one rule: Never go near another Gods Child.

But that rule was broken the moment I met Jackie.

And in that moment, our fates were set in stone

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Misheard Lyrics: What if everything you heard was wrong?

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Misheard Lyrics is an irreverent and often hilarious novel about misheard lyrics, religion, messiahs, friendship, and the nature of the universe.

Charles is a writer attempting to write his first novel. Raised Catholic, he rejected the church by age 12. Chip is a Methodist minister with a profane and rebellious streak that almost prevented him from graduating from divinity school. Both are looking for answers.

The novel combines magic, dream and reality, and dualities include humanity and divinity, good and evil, and love and power.

As Charles searches for answers, he leads us through various religions and possible Apocalypses. Each chapter title involves a misheard song lyric and many are discussed in context throughout the novel. As Charles completes each chapter, he gets together with Chip, with whom, after much obscene byplay, he discusses some of the theological issues.

The book includes biographical flashbacks from Charles’ life that feature other characters such as Edie, his girlfriend back in 1975. PSTD from her tour in Viet Nam as a photographer for Look magazine complicated their relationship. Karen was Charles’ wife until her lesbian romance with Munch caused their divorce and Charles’ subsequent hatred of gays. Poet Allen Ginsberg also appears as Charles’ mentor.

Along the way, Charles starts suspecting that he may exist only for the entertainment of the Viewerverse, a pan-dimensional audience watching a cosmic reality show which finds his misfortunes hilarious.

It’s kind of like Even Cowgirls Get the Blues meets My Dinner with Andre, but with swearing.

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From Pills to Peace: My Journey into Meditation

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Are you living in bliss? Most of us are not. We are suffering because of the way we think. Stress is our thoughts, born of the mind and therefore under our control. Through meditation, we can learn to reduce stress and develop inner peace. This book is about my Journey, how I arrived in this present moment. I had to take a very honest look at my life and also the world we live in. It isn't easy, but it's the first step towards freedom and the treasures that lie within. The answers you were looking for were here all along, inside your heart in the form of a song. Have you got the courage to sing it? It's time to wake up! The other option is to stay asleep, eat fast food, watch TV and take chemicals to numb the pain. I invite you to join me on my journey into the light. Come up and see the view. "When you think from a beautiful garden, you will see flowers everywhere!" - MM

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How Not To Run 100 Marathons: And Other Stories

Friday, October 26, 2018 Category : , 0

This is a running book like no other. The stories are those of an unremarkable man who sleptwalked into what transpired to be a series of remarkable running adventures around the world as he completed 100 marathons. Adventures which traversed highs and lows, from glorious ultramarathon victories and befriending natives to ignominious withdrawals and encounters with the local constabulary in three different countries. In short, the stuff of a mother's nightmares, but a bar room dream. As the title implies, this book might not be one for the running purists, but it hopefully shows that even long distance running can be pursued without unduly sacrificing less wholesome aspects of life. It is a book primarily intended to make the reader smile and persuade them to run a little (for the non-runners) or a little more (for the runners).

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The Hybrid Coven: Books 1 -3

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If you love kickass heroines, magic, witches, vampires, and hybrids with a unique twist, you'll enjoy these books. They all have something to fight for, and everything comes with a price. Fans of Vampire Diaries and The Originals will want to sink their teeth into this three-book box set. One-click today!

Box Set Includes:
1. Marked by a Vampire
2. Mated by Magic
3. Touched by a Vampire

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Siren (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 9)

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Simon Farraday was a respectable business man; successful, wealthy and with a loving wife and family. He was also heavily into sadomasochistic sex with virtual strangers, judging by the manner of his brutal, squalid murder. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman could do without the complexities of this case, coping as she is with trying to maintain her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Tin, deal with her recurrent attraction to her boss DCI Anderton and support her friend DI Mark Olbeck in his efforts to adopt a child. But investigating a case with such dark undercurrents of desire and jealousy means that the solution to the mystery may hit just a little too close to home...

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Gospel According To El Jefe

Thursday, October 25, 2018 Category : 0

This a book of philosophy for teens and it's written by a teen. But it focuses on serious topics so that way it can help teens open their mind and change the world.

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The Slow Death of American Democracy

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Category : , 0

Voter suppression, legalized bribery, the destruction of unions, poverty, racism, a partisan Supreme Court and much, much more - we are witnessing the deterioration of American democracy right before our eyes. It's time to fight back. In this book you'll find fifty problems with American democracy laid bare, encompassing everything from the Electoral College to the disproportionate make up of the Senate to our extremely skewed tax code to shadow organizations with enormous influence over our government. If you're a liberal, if you're a progressive, if you're part of the Resistance, this book will give you the intellectual ammunition you need to combat the extremist Republican Party and the injustices we're seeing all around us. We can no longer sit back while conservatives take names off of voting lists and add names to prison rosters. Bernie Sanders once said that we have to decide whether we want to be a democracy or an oligarchy. Right now we have an oligarch president in Donald Trump, the poster-child for greed and privilege. We have corporations not only influencing our politicians, but often writing the laws themselves. And we have a growing wealth gap between the richest 1% and the rest of us. Some of the information you'll find this book will truly shock you. But we can change things. It begins by defeating the lies from the other side. Let's get started.

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Black Damage: Why Africa and its diasporas are plagued with poverty, conflicts and crime, and the ways forward

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Arguably all black communities are dysfunctional and African diaspora communities in prosperous western nations are not exempt. Some scholars have attributed Africans and its diasporas' woes to genetic inferiority. Many argue that Africans' problems are caused by their failure to adopt western democracy and to build strong institutions. This book demonstrates that issues such as the absence of strong institutions and bad leadership are not the root causes of Africa's miseries but are symptoms of more fundamental problems. Using empirical and qualitative studies, this book highlights the six root causes of the unending plight of Africa and its diasporas. It shows that the plight of Africans and African diasporas are interwoven, hence it addresses them concurrently. Femi Akomolafe brings to the fore his invaluable insights as an African who has lived in the UK diaspora for more than a decade in this book. Black Damage rests on the premise that the black race is damaged.

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We All Fall Down

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Category : 0

WE weren’t meant to be together. At eighteen, I knew this. Being ‘white trash’ didn’t mean I was stupid about ALL the ways it was wrong. Evan Lacuna was too old for me, too handsome, and I was raised to never trust a cop. I should have listened.

I didn’t want to FALL for him. But I did.

Years of trying to forget can’t erase the secret we share. Love can cost you everything. Because, sometimes, the secrets are so ugly, the good guys so bad, there is nowhere to go but DOWN.

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Burning the Midnight Oil

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When you grow up on an eastern european country. Then right as you pass your eighteenth birthday, you get thrown into the wild world in United States.

In the modern world, where the society runs under the principle of “each for their own”.

Will the main character survive, or will he succumb to his woes?

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Monday, October 22, 2018 Category : 0

Max Ahlgren thought the nightmare he had endured in Alaska was over. He was wrong.

Consumed with finding those responsible for the death of his family ten years earlier, Max is approached by Juno Rey, a seductive CIA agent with a tantalizing offer—information on the killers in exchange for Max's help on a top-secret mission. The target: a covert biomedical research facility located deep in North Korea, where scientists are attempting to reverse engineer the alien life form discovered in Alaska.

An elite team of CIA operatives accompanies him, but even their advanced weapons cannot ensure survival against the murderous abominations created at the facility. Max must decide who he can trust as the devastating secret of their mission unravels. To unlock the secrets of his past, Max must again face his nightmares as he fights to save humanity from an unearthly terror.

Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America

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In 1974 John Egenes rode his young horse across the United States. This is the story of a young man coming to terms with himself, and how a little Quarter Horse named Gizmo showed him the way. Ride with them as they make their incredible journey across an America that no longer exists.

"…a story of hardship, change and growth revisited through the lens of time and maturity. I had a hard time putting it down."

The Art Of Doodling: How To Draw Using Your Left Brain ( NEW TESTED EXERCISES TO DRAW FASTER, QUICKER, SHARPER )

Category : , 0

Learn To Draw... Before It's Too Late! Amazing New Discovery Transforms Your Drawing Ability: In Just 7 Days!!! Welcome To The World Of Remarkable Drawing. Here are just a few benefits of learning how to sketch: The best thing you can do with your eraser to increase your learning speed (it's simple and effective. You only have to do it once. Your future work depends on it!) I show you the exact step by step process to go through to brace your entire body so you can enjoy longer drawing sessions with much less effort. Why negative feedback is affecting your drawings and what exactly you can do to stop it! Why and How to keep yourself in a relaxed mood while you are drawing. What you must do while drawing if you want your art stick in your mind. The mechanism inside you that is responsible for reaching your goals and how you can take advantage of it in the art field! How your self-image strongly affects your life and what you should do, if you need to change it. Drawing the Arc - The fastest most effective way to ingraining the Arc into your brain so you can draw accurate circles without looking at the paper!) The One Wild trick to drawing 90-degree intersections.( sounds simple but so many do it wrong!) The amazingly simple exercise that hones the skill that increases your accuracy with a pencil.

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From Geek to God

Sunday, October 21, 2018 Category : , 0

An interesting story about a guy who grew up in the hippie days in California. He moved to the east coast and things changed. He got in a lot of fights, met his best friend that he went on a road trip after high school that is full of so many unreal adventures, example, he and his friend were sunbathing naked at a waterfall park and fell asleep. They were the only ones there till they woke up to a large group of people hanging out after church. The guy eventfully falls in love and gets a job that leads him into a personality change, he turned into a geek! Later he is unsociable and loses all love and friends. He eventually makes worldwide success and and is wealthy. Later he gets into an accident where he wakes up to a journey that he walks on a path of glowing red granite with neon green grass around it. He meets characters on the path like the yellow brick road where he found out about life and life after death. He wakes up later and..

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Good Life Habits: A Short Guide To 10 Simple Life Habits For Everyday Fulfillment

Category : 0

This book introduces 10 simple life habits that will enhance the feeling of "fulfillment" with your life.

Such of them include...


Healthy Eating Habits


Morning Routines

How to get a good sleep

and so much more! (Well, five more to be exact)

The book will go into detail in explaining why they are good for you with some of the most reliable academic sources on the planet.

I made sure to input the links to these sources so that my readers will be able to access further information in detail if they're interested.

So TAKE ACTION NOW and achieve the fulfillment in life that everybody needs!

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Friday, October 19, 2018 Category : 0

A popular high school student takes a shortcut across a field on a moonless night and gets shanked for her efforts. The following day, a forgotten old man dies in an apparent slip and fall accident in his garage. Outwardly, the two deaths have nothing in common. Days later, however, a clue surfaces and changes everything. Enter Detective Sergeant Hamilcar “Ham” Hitchcock and his general assignment squad. Fresh off the Keim case, and recovering from the loss of several key members, the Yonkers, New York based team reinvents itself and dives headfirst into the fray. Before they get too far in their investigation, however, a newspaper intern finds the body of a woman in a dumpster. In the blink of an eye, the team inherits another, equally challenging case-and its a doozy. At the top of their list of clues are several short-cut cherry striped straws and a mysterious, corrosive salve. Is the murderer a jealous BFF? A greedy caregiver? A soft-spoken homeless man? A cruel, sadistic predator? When the stars eventually align in the squad’s favor, an unexpected catastrophe threatens to, once again, temper their success. And the mystery continues.

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Addicted to Love

Category : 0

Dan Rothberg struggled after an accident killed his wife and he nearly lost custody of his daughter. He can no longer allow himself to get attached to anything or anyone. Until he meets Hannah.

Hannah Cohen is a young executive with a meddlesome grandmother and a troubled brother. She’d like nothing better than to find her own Mr. Right, after too many Mr. Wrongs. A sexy older man with a teenage daughter was never in her plans.

As they navigate their relationship through adolescent attitudes and grandmotherly interference, they realize age is just a number and love can be right in front of them. But when the terrible truth of Dan’s former struggles is exposed, Hannah must decide if she can get past his deception and allow love to conquer all.

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The Princess and the Shepherd Boy

Category : 0

Princess Pollinovia (or 'Polly' as she was called by her family) is a very irregular princess. She doesn't behave like a princess at all, but likes playing in the mud and turning cartwheels. Then one day, she has a chance meeting with a shepherd boy who teaches her - of all things - archery. Her sisters are horrified at this unladylike behaviour, but when their land is threatened by gruesome giant invaders, Polly becomes the one chosen to go and fight for her people. The odds against her seem hopeless, but Princess Polly - together with her shepherd boy - has a big surprise up her sleeve! This fantasy of courage, romance and magic is a sequel to the same author's book, 'Ava and the Goblin Prince' and should delight both children and adults alike. David Littlewood is a freelance author and writer. His children's books include 'Ava and the Goblin Prince' and 'Ghastly Gob Gissimer.'

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Breath Thief

Category : 0

A Contemporary terrorist thriller with a paranormal twist. A forgotten IRA arms cache. A new generation of terrorists. Only clairvoyant Annie Taylor can stop them. If only they weren't stealing her breath Thinking she's entering a competition to win a dream holiday Annie uncovers a terrible secret and her world is shattered as her children become entangled in a terrorist conspiracy.

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The Ark (Arrival)

Thursday, October 18, 2018 Category : 0

For years Professor Shaw and Alex Pullman have been looking beyond Pluto for what they believe to be a hidden planet. What they find is even more astonishing. A ship that calls itself The Ark is on a collision course with Earth, but the discovery only brings with it questions. Who sent it? Why aren't they talking? But the scientists aren't the only ones involved. General Arnold J. Bernstein III heads up the military branch. When he looks at The Ark, all he sees is a threat. With the future of humanity on the line, military and scientific minds clash as they try to decide what to do. Then The Ark sends a message

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Love, Christmas 2

Category : 0

Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 26 ALL-NEW, never before released romances. Each title - exclusive to this set - is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author and delivered to you in this wonderful collection full of cheer for the coming season.

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Australian short stories for boys (& girls)

Category : , 0

10 short stories of boys having adventures. One is on a ship, another is a ball boy, one is a refugee, one helps his dad sell rabbits, one loses his father, one paints the girl in a red dress, one lives in the country, one story belongs to a dog who belongs to a boy as they travel up the east coast of Australia.

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On Deck for Love

Category : 0

An ambitious personal trainer, a successful attorney, and the memory of a middle school bully that comes between them on a singles cruise.

Meg Summers was bullied about her weight when she was a kid. Now, as an adult, she's passionate about fitness and health. Just before the launch of her online business, 4FHealth.com, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her BFF, Shayla, on a singles cruise. Meg plans to dodge all the shipboard losers by staying in her stateroom and putting the finishing touches on her website.

Drew McDermott has one goal on this singles cruise: find a woman for his heartbroken brother, Joey. Drew plans to bide his time during the cruise, then return to his successful--albeit unfulfilling--career as an attorney in Dallas.

Shortly after the mandatory safety meeting aboard the ship, Meg meets Drew and sparks fly. When Shayla and Joey hit it off, Meg finds herself spending time with Drew instead of working on her website.

Despite her better judgment, she begins falling for him--hard--until a shocking discovery dredges up painful memories from her childhood and changes everything.

Will this revelation doom Meg's blossoming relationship with Drew or will she be able to move past it?

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Troubled World

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 Category : 0

The book is set a few years after the United Kingdom has left the European Union. The Irish border issue has not been satisfactorily resolved and problems remain within Europe, revolving around the expanding refugee crisis and continuing economic difficulties in countries most affected by this. The potential to provoke civic unrest into these difficulties, proves irresistible to extremist groups. Saudi Arabia continues its modernisation programme, but this is resisted by hardliners, determined to revert to traditional ways. The contract renewal of a long standing armaments deal, provides the opportunity for these hardliners to gain access to the latest high tech weaponry. The Middle East, having several unresolved conflicts, provides the opportunity for terrorist action to inflame these dangerous situations. Two British secret service agents, John Holden and Lucy Robertson, are involved in trying to foil the terrorists' plans, with mixed results, affecting political stability.

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Warfare of Universe: Queen's Damnations

Category : 0

This miraculous story tells the adventures of a young Amirbek in a parallel world, where people and fairy-tale characters live together. Characters-people, gins and monsters use modern technology like laptops and digital cameras to solve problems.

Shown that the source of evil on earth can be both "black" thoughts and negative activity of people. Story highlights eternal, uncompromising battle between good and evil.

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Black and White: Volume I of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy

Category : 0

This book tells the story of life in a rural Southern county in 1979 through the eyes of an idealistic attorney trying to overcome the racist ties to the past that still hung over the heads of people of color at that time. He is faced with the responsibility of trying to save the life of an innocent black man falsely accused of the murder of a rich white man. The setting and the courtroom scenes, the building of a case to take before a jury, the fear that racism will impact the jury's decision paint an authentic portrait of things a trial attorney must consider in preparing for trial, especially in those times. Representing any person facing the death penalty is an awesome responsibility for any attorney, but that intensity is even stronger in a case where the attorney believes the client shouldn't be facing that penalty and might be innocent. This is a book that brings to life the tension of an attorney in that position.

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The Broken Realms Series: Books 1 & 2

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Category : 0

First two books in a sci-fi adventure series through reality, time and space, featuring everything from steampunk dream worlds to artificial humans, from dragons to disembodied spirits, where metaphysics is science and magic is just one belief from coming true.

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Stories of Elders: What the Greatest Generation Knows about Technology that You Don't

Category : , , 0

America's Greatest Generation (born before 1945) witnessed incredible changes in technology and social progress. From simple improvements in entertainment to life-changing medical advances, technology changed the way they live, work, and identify. Sadly, with each passing year, fewer members of the Greatest Generation remain alive to share their wisdom as the last Americans to grow up before the digital revolution. In 2015, Millennial author and cultural anthropologist Veronica Kirin drove 12,000 miles across more than 40 states to interview the last living members of the Greatest Generation. Stories of Elders is the result of her years of work to capture and share their perspective for generations to come. Stories of Elders preserves the wisdom, thoughts, humor, knowledge, and advice of the people who make up one of America's finest generations, including the Silent Generation. Their stories include the devastation that came from major events in U.S. history like World War I, the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, and World War II. The Greatest Generation (many of whom are now centenarians) saw the routine use of airplanes, cars, microwave ovens, telephones, radios, electricity, and the Internet come to fruition in their lifetimes. Their childhoods were simple, relying on outdoors games and their imagination for fun. How they went to school, pursued their careers, and raised their kids was radically different than the way we live today.

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A Fatal Cell Phone Video

Monday, October 15, 2018 Category : , 0

This complex legal thriller pits Devin Garner, an up-and-coming criminal defense attorney from the wrong side of town, against a prosecutor running for higher office on an anti-immigration, anti-Muslim platform.

The client, Rafiq Medawar, M.D., is a rakishly handsome surgeon. When the police find the body of his wife, Ann, in a park overlooking the Ohio River, they also discover a video on her cell phone. The video shows him going into a sleazy inn with an attractive young nurse.

The prosecutor sees in the video evidence that Dr. Medawar was having an affair. He concludes Ann confronted her husband and he killed her.

Ann was taking a documentary-making class. Her classmates believe the video was part of the class project.

Ann’s best friend has her own, darker theory. She thinks Ann came too close to identifying the serial killer, or killers, murdering Hispanic women and tossing their bodies off bridges.

Can Devin Garner discover why the video led to Ann’s murder and win an acquittal for an innocent man?

And why is there a black man in a Muslim dishdasha and kufi lurking in the shadows outside Garner’s office?

A Fatal Cell Phone Video has 25 four- and five-star reviews on Amazon.

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The Charm

Category : 0

Fifteen year old Luca has the charm, a gift he inherited from his mum. Charmers can control minds, but they abide by a code-to only use the power for good, and only with the person's permission. Luca knows breaking the code is wrong, and his mum would kill him if he tried! But when a rogue charmer uses the power for criminal means, the Restorative government jumps in. Luca's mum is imprisoned and the Register for Charmers is announced. The media creates a frenzy of fear and suspicion against charmers. Believing the family is in peril, and wishing to keep Luca's gift a secret, Luca's dad takes them to stay with a friend in the country. Here, Luca meets Fee, a computer genius who can hack into anything. Fee introduces Luca to an underground rebellion group of internet hackers who have their own issues with the Restoratives and their own way of protesting. Fearful of how the Restoratives are treating his mum in prison and concerned about their motives for creating the Register of Charmers, Luca must make an impossible choice-break the rules and use his gift or stand by and watch as the power is abused.

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BUDGETING: How To Take Control Of Your Money, Reduce Debt And Start Living

Sunday, October 14, 2018 Category : 0

There are three ways people budget their money. The first is not budgeting at all! They just spend money mindlessly, not giving any thought to whether they are able to save money for future needs. If not planning is planning to fail, then not budgeting is budgeting for financial failure.

The second way people budget is by budgeting their expenses to fit their budget. Only if there's extra at the end of the month will they put something in their savings account for future needs. And if there's none at the end of the month there’s no savings

The third way is the wisest and the most effective way to budget. Under this approach, a person decides to commit to saving a fixed amount of money every month. They put aside this amount first, and whatever is left is for spending. Under this approach, saving money isn't a contingent activity but a regular and consistent one. Hence, using this budgeting approach will significantly raise your chances of being able to successfully and consistently put money aside for your future needs.

In this book, as well as budgeting, we'll also talk about other peripheral personal finance topics that are central to understanding and appreciating the art and science of budgeting. We'll also touch on what personal finance management is in general as well as savings and investments, so you have a better grasp of the importance of budgeting.

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Girl in Trouble

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He gave up his daughter years ago, but now he'll risk his life to save hers. Alex Mercer is no stranger to kidnappings. The emotional scars still run deep from his sister's disappearance years earlier. His daughter Ariana remains safe long after her adoption, and he cherishes the few times a year he gets to see her. The joy is palpable when he takes her on their first one-on-one outing. At least until he pauses to answer a text and Ariana disappears... Wracked with guilt and determined to find answers, Alex teams up with an unlikely ally at the police department. As the clues reveal a pattern of missing girls, the kidnapping case becomes a race against time to save Ariana. What cost is Alex willing to pay to keep his daughter alive?

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The Adventures Of Miss Ann Thrope

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Introducing Miss Ann Thrope, Master of the space time continuum, grandmother and assassin. The ultimate assassin, covert, sophisticated and lethal, Miss Thrope travels in future time and space performing her special services. Events accelerate as Ann, assisted by friend and cosmic adventurer Lord Stiletto, battles with the might of the Corp, and their faceless CEO, bent on revenge for the loss of their future. If you like adventures in space and time, great writing, engrossing and engaging characters, then you will love Jhedron Luckspar's amazing second journey into the 'Verse. The second book in the Friendship Series, The Adventures Of MIss Ann Thrope continues your experience of the 'Verse, first encountered in Revenge Of The Hrym. Get your copy of The Adventures Of Miss Ann Thrope right now. "Everything I have read so far has blown me away! I love the way he phrases things and how he uses such subtle and seeminly simple details to paint these complete pictures of both the characters and scenes. His writer skills are plainly awesome. Anna Vintersvärd, Author & Publisher

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Matchmaker Abduction

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True love is said to defy time, but can it survive space, aliens, and being abducted? Angus MacNamara and Erin O'Shea are about to find out. The big blue planet that most call Earth desperately needs matchmakers. There is only one small-okay, BIG-problem. No one wants the alien dating service job. No one. The original matchmakers are dead, and much worse, their DNA is no longer viable for cloning. Solution? Go back in time to some of Earth's other-thankfully slower spinning-versions, and retrieve the alternates of the one couple in any universe who seems able to do the job. Far easier said than done though, especially when the alternates are anything but a loving couple, and both are none too pleased to be thrown into the future. What does oil and water create? Salad dressing or a real fecking mess of aliens, humans, and matchmaking fun!

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The Moneymakers Daughter

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Emily Langham is The Moneymaker's Daughter in this fictional story about growing up, friendship, finding one's way in life and finding love. It is set in London in the closing decades of the last millennium, with the anxieties, disappointments and heartaches that come from delayed or wrong romantic attachments that readers may be familiar with.

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Tall Tales from Nesbit Elementary

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If you thought your school was normal, Nesbit Elementary is the exact opposite. Inside you'll meet Bridgette, who loves to run and rarely stops; Kyle, who lends out his pens and never gets them back; Shannon and Tyler, who are always laughing at the strange events that happen in their school; Derek, the coolest kid in class, with breath stinky enough to stun a cow; and Charlie, who loves food and comic books.

As you dodge cockroaches with glowing red eyes, and ghostly teachers who punish misbehaving kids, don't be late to class! Otherwise the ghost of Principal Nesbit will find you and drag you to his office, never to be seen from again!

Ladbrokes On And Off The Rails

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Ladbrokes on and off the rails is the history of Ladbrokes from its inception in 1886 up to its disappearance as an independent entity in 2015, when it was merged into what became the Ladbrokes Coral Group. Also included is the story of the London casinos, including those owned by Corals, Playboy and others, during the 1970s, when nearly every casino lost its license due to the questionable activities of the directors. It is the story of Arthur Bendir and Cyril Stein, without either of whom Ladbrokes would not exist today. It contains instances of corporate and personal greed, together with examples of good management practice and mismanagement and the boardroom 'cricket match' in which one director after another is bowled out for one reason or another.

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Jackie works in a dead end job at the Shop and Drop and is secretly planning her suicide. News breaks out that her hero Brandon Rivers, the notoriously drug troubled leadsinger of grunge rock band Fall Into Place has escaped from Holy Cross Hospital. On her way home from work, Jackie is attacked by two drunken men but is rescued by a mysterious stranger who she discovers looks exactly like the infamous musician. From his stance, to his voice, to the iconic Egyptian eye tattoo on his neck. The only thing that is different is the colour of his eyes and when questioned, he insists he is not Brandon Rivers but has come to give Jackie an important warning. What does he want? Why does he deny his identity? What is truly going on here?

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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A Ratchet City Tale 2: Dee's Story

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Dee, the hardscrabble hood rat from Ratchet City #1, is back with her own story... Dee has always been a girl who knows how to hustle. From the time she could walk, she knew the value of a dollar - and how to work for it. You have to, growing up on the streets of Ratchet City. A natural beauty, Dee's childhood in the ghetto and a slew of foster homes has given her a hard edge that belies her appearance. Tough as nails and unwilling to take smack from anybody, she's built to survive in a world where you're either the player or getting played. Still, even she may not be ready for what's ahead when she hooks up with Dre, a much older man who knows how to get into a young girl's head (among other things). But Dre's not the kind of guy you bring home to meet Momma; he's a man that trouble - dangerous trouble - follows around like it's attached with a chain. And despite her ability to navigate treacherous waters, Dee may be getting in over her head.

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