> > Black and White: Volume I of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy

Black and White: Volume I of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | No Comments

This book tells the story of life in a rural Southern county in 1979 through the eyes of an idealistic attorney trying to overcome the racist ties to the past that still hung over the heads of people of color at that time. He is faced with the responsibility of trying to save the life of an innocent black man falsely accused of the murder of a rich white man. The setting and the courtroom scenes, the building of a case to take before a jury, the fear that racism will impact the jury's decision paint an authentic portrait of things a trial attorney must consider in preparing for trial, especially in those times. Representing any person facing the death penalty is an awesome responsibility for any attorney, but that intensity is even stronger in a case where the attorney believes the client shouldn't be facing that penalty and might be innocent. This is a book that brings to life the tension of an attorney in that position.

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