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The Adventures Of Miss Ann Thrope

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Introducing Miss Ann Thrope, Master of the space time continuum, grandmother and assassin. The ultimate assassin, covert, sophisticated and lethal, Miss Thrope travels in future time and space performing her special services. Events accelerate as Ann, assisted by friend and cosmic adventurer Lord Stiletto, battles with the might of the Corp, and their faceless CEO, bent on revenge for the loss of their future. If you like adventures in space and time, great writing, engrossing and engaging characters, then you will love Jhedron Luckspar's amazing second journey into the 'Verse. The second book in the Friendship Series, The Adventures Of MIss Ann Thrope continues your experience of the 'Verse, first encountered in Revenge Of The Hrym. Get your copy of The Adventures Of Miss Ann Thrope right now. "Everything I have read so far has blown me away! I love the way he phrases things and how he uses such subtle and seeminly simple details to paint these complete pictures of both the characters and scenes. His writer skills are plainly awesome. Anna Vintersvärd, Author & Publisher

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