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The Princess and the Shepherd Boy

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Princess Pollinovia (or 'Polly' as she was called by her family) is a very irregular princess. She doesn't behave like a princess at all, but likes playing in the mud and turning cartwheels. Then one day, she has a chance meeting with a shepherd boy who teaches her - of all things - archery. Her sisters are horrified at this unladylike behaviour, but when their land is threatened by gruesome giant invaders, Polly becomes the one chosen to go and fight for her people. The odds against her seem hopeless, but Princess Polly - together with her shepherd boy - has a big surprise up her sleeve! This fantasy of courage, romance and magic is a sequel to the same author's book, 'Ava and the Goblin Prince' and should delight both children and adults alike. David Littlewood is a freelance author and writer. His children's books include 'Ava and the Goblin Prince' and 'Ghastly Gob Gissimer.'

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