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21 Habits of Highly Broke People

Friday, November 30, 2018 Category : 0

Being broke does not just happen by accident. It is a direct result of bad choices made overtime that eventually turned into habits that masters you. Like a thermostat, once these habits are set, it becomes nearly impossible to break them without deliberate and intentional effort. 21 Habits of Highly Broke People dives into details on the habits that keeps people poor, and practical action steps you can take to break free from these habits.

21 Habits of Highly Broke People shows you:

1. How your choices about money is keeping you broke.
2. What the rich do differently from the poor.
3. How to break bad habits and replace them with positive habits.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018 Category : 0

Aea is an outsider. At age six the clan executed her father and when her mother and sister disappeared, Aea's life spiraled into chaos. Suddenly staggering out of the woods, broken by the deadly disease the Field Blight, her mother lays a desperate choice on Aea. To leave the protective forest realm and save her sister from mortal danger. In a race against time, Aea puts the noose of the Field Blight around not only her own neck, but also that of her unborn child. Before long, Aea discovers that the world of Erisdun is nothing like she imagined. Surviving the Field Blight might be the least of her concerns, as the great dragon dispatches his army to retrieve the Keystone Bone. The bone of a God is the only component that will prevent the Arch Demon from breaking free. Powers as old as time itself are about to set the world on fire.

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Master of the Forest: A Horror Novel Set in Siberia

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A young man leaves his backdoor Russian town and heads to Moscow, never to be poor again. With each day, he grows more and more desperate until he meets an old geologist with an intriguing and surprisingly profitable offer: to join him on his trip to the depths of Siberia, the largest forest on the planet, and become a "black digger" - one of those who find and excavate mammoth tusks with the purpose of selling them as ivory to the highest bidder.

With nothing much to lose, our hero agrees, venturing to the edge of the Earth, beyond the borders of civilization and into the untouched wilderness. There, thousands of miles from home, in a race against the clock before the cold seals the ground, he has to face nature, other diggers, his inner demons and, most importantly, the enigmatic "Master of the Forest" - a prehistoric creature and the origin of all local legends, who ferociously protects his domain.

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Forbidden Psychology 101: How To Use Psychology To influence Human Behavior And Read People ( UNKNOWINGLY )

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WARNING! Buy this book at your own risk: once you learn these techniques, there's no going back... Do you want to be more likable, respected, admired, loved and adored!? Do you feel like your being manipulated by others and doing things that you don't wish to do? Are you sick and tired of getting taken advantage of by others? Do you want to stand up for yourself, be in control, and never feel disrespected? What If I told you I could make you a master persuader that gets whatever you want almost effortlessly and most importantly... unknowingly? In How To Use Psychology to Influence Human Behaviour & Read People Unknowingly, that's exactly what you'll get Here is a sample of the powerful techniques you will learn: Convince even the most stubborn person in the world and make him obey your commands almost blindly! Make friends wherever you go - it's easy once you know a few "mind-tricks" that will make you likable anytime, anywhere. Get anyone to obey your commands so subtly that they wont even realize what's happening. "Manipulation Secrets" will teach you proven strategies to always win ANY argument! Immediately gain control of ANY social circle As well as: How to get the truth out of anyone at any time How to tell exciting and attention-grabbing stories How to transform yourself into a super confident person and make others find you attractive! Effectively CONVINCE and PERSUADE anyone Be irresistibly attractive and interesting to others And much, much more

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Shattered Love

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Category : 0

Bria du Mont and Damien du Sky have been in love for as long as they can remember. Neighbors and best friends since childhood, they planned to be together forever.

That is until Damien seeks to propose to Bria on her eighteenth birthday and finds her in bed with another man.

Bria has no memory of how she ended up in that situation, but Damien still leaves her. Traumatized by his departure, she develops broken heart syndrome and becomes emotionally numb in her search for closure.

Meanwhile, Damien drowns his pain in alcohol before becoming a ruthless CEO and a playboy who refuses to let himself love again.

Prisoners of their past, Bria and Damien prove incapable of staying away from each other. They dig deeper into the fateful night which tore them apart and uncover secrets which will threaten all they know and challenge the meaning and strength of true love.

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CATALYST: Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Category : , 0

You were born for more and you know it! You are not stuck in your current situation. Have you dreamed for more in life but feel stuck? Has fear been holding you back from achieving your full potential You were born for more and you know it! You are not stuck in your current situation. IF you are ready for change THEN you will find tools to help create a meaningful transformation. In Catalyst, Josh McLean draws his own personal experience from overcoming a brain injury resulting from a car accident and the crippling effects of fear. You'll get a behind the scenes look at the transformational journey that has allowed him to have an impact at some the best-known brands including KinderCare Education and a small Oregon startup called Nike. You will gain insight from his work with restless achievers and discover 6 steps to create powerful personal transformation. Catalyst seeks to identify what is holding you back and explores how: --Information overload is suppressing your internal power --Fear is a hidden epidemic infecting millions, silently robbing you of your full potential --Goal setting without proper guardrails creates unbalanced focus and causes unnecessary setbacks The dreams and desires lingering inside you are achievable and exist to spur you to action. Don't wait! Your breakthrough moment is waiting.

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Death and Damages: A Limited Edition Mystery and Thriller Boxed Set

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Courageous cops, adventurous agents, and daring detectives hunt for the answers to stop crimes by vicious killers.

But what if the damage is already done?

Inside these pages you'll find 24 adventures full of captivating conundrums, hair-raising homicides, and suspenseful secrets from today's USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning authors.

Become a private investigator yourself. Inspect plots of deadly assassins, cold-blooded killers, and bone-chilling suspense inside the pages of DEATH AND DAMAGES, an enthralling mystery and thriller boxed set.

Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will devour these puzzling mysteries and gripping thrillers.

Christmas Coloring Book

Monday, November 26, 2018 Category : 0

A perfect holiday spent with family and friends, laughing and sharing happiness, relaxing and taking in the chill atmosphere. Can't imagine a better way to enjoy this holiday, than to sit down, pick up your best coloring material, and color your favourite pages of our Christmas Coloring Book.

With 30 exquisitely designed pages of Santa Claus on his reindeer-led sleigh, Stocking and Fireplaces, Snowmen and Children playing in the Snow, Christmas Trees and many more, we guarantee you will never be bored painting the pages in this Adult Coloring Book. A perfect gift item for your loved one this holiday season.


Stress Relieving Christmas Designs
Free Electronic copy you can print and color as many times as you want.
Hours Of relaxation And Excitements Guaranteed
30 Different Exquisitely Designed Christmas Themed Pages
Perfect With Your Preferred Coloring Tool

Radioactive Evolution

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How far would you go to change humanity's fate?

Jared Cartwright has spent the last two years delving into the twisted, scarred wastelands of an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich and powerful have taken to the oceans and skies on floating utopias, escaping destruction and leaving the rest of humanity to fend off the mutated creatures that roam the earth.

To face his new reality, Jared must become an apex predator if he hopes to survive. He must evolve beyond human limitations to confront those that left mankind to die.

Jared’s quest takes a new turn when he discovers dragons are real.

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The Seer (The Other Side of Red, bk 1)

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What if you were hunted by the darkest force on the planet, and the only thing that could save you is knowing who you really are? Hidden on the darker side of red, there's an evil and powerfully dark inhabitant of the night who has not known light in centuries. Until Emily Hunts. Secretly in the night, he trains her, developing her into the sorceress she will one day become. He loves her - in a way no creature of the night can love. But, when the world threatens to interfere, when he discovers her heart's true loyalty, the night unveils him, and he must take her to the other side of red...

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The Get Rich Scheme: The Secrets to Making Fast Real Estate Cash in Any Economy

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Do you see the real estate investors around you making tons of money and want to get a piece of the pie? Are you ready to start making moves in real estate but think you lack the money and expertise to succeed? Wait no longer! When Simon George started his real estate investment business he wasn't a high powered business executive with endless resources, he was a 20 something musician looking for a career that would allow him the time and freedom to continue doing what he loved. With the help of his partners, Simon has now grown his real estate wholesaling business to include rehabs, new builds, and a portfolio of income properties, all before the age of 30! The Get Rich Scheme: The Secretes to Making Fast Real Estate Cash in Any Economy is a no frills instruction manual on how to go from a beginner with little to no money in your pocket, to an expert real estate investor whose building wealth and living a life truly worth living. Inside you'll be given the secrets of how to: Find and analyze steeply discounted properties to help you and your partners build the wealth you desire Structure your deals so you can make money with little to no risk or cash out of pocket Develop systems that guarantee your long term success and allow you to operate in multiple cities and states Much, much, more!

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Bright Days and Dark

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It's 1974 and seven-year-old John has a big dream, to be a popular singing star. His dream is about to come true. But he is also about to discover all that glitters is not gold and sometimes dreams have a dark side. Come along with John on a ride through the 1970s music scene for some laughs, and a few tears too.

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Forbidden Distraction

Friday, November 23, 2018 Category : 0

Sex therapist, Dr. Vivianne Sloan needs a sexual analysis of her own. She can’t relax under a man’s touch, except for that one weekend with Jared. He’s the only man that has ever lit her fire, but he’s strictly off limits.

When Vivianne decides to leave the practice and Jared behind, he is driven to give the repressed beauty a dose of passion so potent she’s incapable of ignoring the attraction between them. What happens when these two forbidden lovers decide to break the rules?

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Life is about keeping my head down and getting to college. At least, it was, until my sister brings me to an underground fight where I meet a hot young fighter: Vincent.

Falling for him is easy. But trusting him amidst the depth of his secrets is complicated. I thought I wanted to know the truth, but once my answers are met, I’m led into a new territory laced with danger and lust, one I’m not sure I can survive...

Years later, Vincent returns. But I'm no longer that young and innocent girl he once knew. Love can only win if I'll allow it.  Will I?

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The Accidental Archmage: Ragnarok Rising (Book One)


An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist. What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you have read about. You find yourself in a strangely familiar world. A world full of Earth’s mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its primitive and brutal past? Where magical energy still exists. Where gods play games among themselves, with the fate of mortal men as pawns. A land where a sword is deadlier than a five-inch thick contract drawn by a hotshot lawyer. Would you survive? That's Tyler West. Alone, lost and bewildered, the three moons in the sky made it clear he wasn’t on Earth anymore. It is not a game. It’s real. And there's no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO. A bestselling series on Amazon under the fantasy-mythology genre.

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More than a Reflection

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Holly Davenport is great at finding beauty in the flowers she’s surrounded by day by day, but seeing the beauty within herself proves much more challenging. For years men have looked at her with nothing but friendship on their mind, and she’s given up on ever finding someone who might love her just as she is - all 215 pounds of her.

Blake Anderson’s timing is perfect, albeit slightly embarrassing, when he is witness to Holly’s most embarrassing moment: a kiss to her not-so-pregnant belly in a very public encounter. Now Holly is determined to make a change — except chocolate is awesome, and working out … not so much.

What’s a girl to do? Why fall in love of course!

Blake, along with his family and friends, will have an uphill battle to teach Holly that there’s more to her than her reflection.

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Liz desires to be married, but she chose a man just like her father who lied, cheated and
ultimately left his family. After a year of wishing her ex-boyfriend and father of her son would
come back, she is devastated to learn he is engaged. Despite the difficult news, Liz is
determined to press forward and find true love and eventually marry.

Anthony is a successful man living a dream life and happily married only to his career. As a top
fashion photographer, he has no trouble keeping many of the world’s top models in his bed, but
his heart is a different matter. All that changes when his mother becomes ill. While taking care
of her, Anthony meets Liz and is instantly attracted to her. The feeling is mutual and the two fall
in love quickly.

After a blissful courtship, Liz and Anthony’s “happily ever after” is threatened by one of his
disgruntled ex-lovers. When Liz learns the truth about Anthony the night before their wedding,
she must decide if she is capable of forgiveness and love deep enough to accept Anthony for
who he is.

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TRUEWORK, ARE YOU ?: Workplace observations, plus elements of NLP coaching

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We all face the alarm clock ringing loudly, urging us to rise and shine in all weathers. For many, this is a struggle, for others it's "get up and go" time. What makes an everyday necessity so different for different people. The answer lies in knowing the business you work for and more importantly the people you work with. People can either give you confidence or sap your confidence. My book looks beyond the door of the working environment, comprising of its ups and downs, logical and at times illogical. At times, we can be left scratching our heads in dismay at the unprofessional attitude that can exist in the workplace. Many of these stories have been published individually and now compiled for the reader. I hope that it provides a little humour and a little annoyance mixed together to bring about a cocktail of sense.

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Ruby in the Water

Thursday, November 22, 2018 Category : 0

When Peter Arnold, a teen-age musical prodigy, collapses on the biggest night of his career, he receives crippling news and the prognosis is grim. While in a coma, Peter experiences dream-like flashbacks revealing his journey to piano stardom, the people who have impacted his life and that of his family's, including Peter's strange connection to a mysterious woman who haunts him. Peter's life changes forever when he learns a secret from his past that forces him to question everything he knew to be true, and he's left to embark on a new journey of finding the missing key to save his life.

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Ancients (Heroes by Necessity Book 1)

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A quest for power. A growing evil. Can a scholar of magic keep an incredible discovery from the forces of darkness?

Wizard and bookworm Athala Dohn pursues her research with a fiery passion. So when she uncovers evidence of an ancient spell buried deep within the city, she won't rest until she's the one who secures it. With undead skeletons, giant rats, and even a dragon in her path, Athala never expected a set of metal bars to thwart her. But when she and her companions are falsely imprisoned and a wizard tortures her and her friends for what they know, Athala realizes her curiosity may have unleashed chaos.

Ancients is the first book in the Heroes by Necessity saga. If you like magical Dungeons and Dragons inspired worlds, diverse and multifaceted characters, and pulse-pounding action, they you'll love Riley S. Keene's epic tale!

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Notes from A Profitable Investor

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 Category : , 0

Your one stop resource for upping your trading and investing game. Whether you are a new or experienced investor, this resource is a must have in your library. It is chalked full of detailed information relating to real world stock and options trading as well as long-term investing. Paul Gibson is a highly successful investor and educator. He brings you a one of a kind reference manual at an affordable price!

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The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy

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In The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy, Jessica Cartright has come of age. On top of being new to adulthood and all it encompasses; her nightly dreams are haunted by a faceless man guiding her deeper into the darkness. Fight or flight mode ensues, but she’s trapped.

When she’s finally reunited with her first love, her dreams start becoming a reality. Is this a coincidence or are they somehow linked? When these two worlds collide, she fears for her life but finds there’s nowhere left to run.

Trigger Warning:
Without giving away any spoilers, I need to warn you there are two attempted rape scenes. Please note the key word is “attempted.”

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A Medieval Tale: First Lessons

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A medical school graduate dies suddenly in a car crash… only to find herself reborn in the medieval times as a countess. She has to learn to adjust to a new world while trying to introduce daily conveniences from her own era. Her estate is collapsing, forcing its mistress to take care of it, despite being a woman and having less rights then men.

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When Sunny is approached by a mysterious stranger in the town centre, her life is changed forever. 'Wings' is the inspirational true story of Sunny Angel, who survived an abusive relationship with her story, only to be coerced into an arranged marriage by her family.

Looking back on the extraordinary events of her life, 'Wings' explores how Sunny came to terms with her past.

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Hotlifestyle - Essential Basics

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Hotlifestyle - Essential Basics is 288 pages providing science-based tools to help anyone make sustainable positive change. Written in a concise, easy to understand format the reader is taken on a journey of self-discovery inspiring them to live a Hotlifestyle through making small changes to their daily routine. This is not just another self-help book. This is the self-help book for personal development. Why? Gaining a competitive edge in life requires an effective routine and making better choices. This is the only book to cover all the bases leading to a healthier happier richer you. A comprehensive guide to gain a better understanding how your body and mind works. A unique format offering 50 exclusive links to tests, videos and further reading on the Hotlifestyle website. It helps create a solid foundation for anyone who wants to make positive sustainable change and overcome the obstacles holding them back. For anyone determined to power up their lives, start the new year on a solid footing, considering changing their job or simply want more out of life - This is the book to have!

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Consequences, Book 2 of The Elders Trilogy

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Category : , , , , 0

In book 2 of The Elders Trilogy, Consequences, our heroine Jessica Cartright has been forced to leave the life she's grown to love behind. Hunted by Rogue Vampires, a coven led by her fiancé David's mother Lourdes, the Elders Council has moved them into their protective custody.

Lourdes and her coven have made it their life's mission to see to it that David and Jess never get married. The only way she can ensure this never takes place is by ending Jess's life, no matter what it costs her in the interim.

Hunted by the council for her crimes committed against not only human kind, but their community as well, will Lourdes be able to pull off her attack and escape unscathed? Or will she and Jess succumb to the same, bloody end?

The Elders Trilogy is an erotic, paranormal/horror romance series. While this book is predominately MF, there are some bi-sexual elements including a Reverse Harem scene.

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Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ

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I interacted with Jesus Christ as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote this book to share my interactions with Christ and God and my experiences with heaven and hell.

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Project Chrysalis: Gestation

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Facing Death itself, conducting dark rituals, and using forbidden magic? Being sent to hell is not something that 12-year-old Anji ever expected from a government orphanage program set in a VR fantasy RPG Chrysalis. Betrayed and fueled by homesickness and revenge, he will go through hell to face the things hidden in the darkest corners.

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Addiction & Pestilence

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A secret and crippling sickness is released.
The world is plunged into chaos.
Can an alcoholic seeking redemption rise up to save humanity?

Drew Murphy is an alcoholic. Following an explosive argument about his drinking, his wife finally decides to leave him. As if things couldn’t get worse, the next morning he awakens to a phone call beckoning him to his dying mother’s bedside. Once in Florida, a pestilence (plague) of biblical proportions is unleashed. Soon, the country is plunged into chaos and countless die as society begins to crumble. Drew will do whatever it takes to get home to his wife and young daughter. Left with no option, this E.M.T. and former Marine must take matters into his own hands as he makes the long journey home on foot through a lawless and violent land, where no one can be trusted. Can Drew overcome his addiction and find redemption as he fights through a disintegrating society to save his family, friends and ultimately humanity?

Hang on tight because you’re in for one hell of a ride! Addiction & Pestilence is a fast-paced action-packed thriller you won’t easily forget! Grab your copy now!

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Apocalypse Earth - Road To Hell: Outgunned, Outnumbered And Outta Luck

Monday, November 19, 2018 Category : 0

1981 - Africa, where regard for life is much like this book, cheap.

You don’t know it yet, but we are under attack.

And this isn’t like Will Smith in Independence Day or Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, by the way, this is real.

Heavily outnumbered, outgunned and out of luck, only one top secret government agent can save us.

Problem is, he’s just so full of shit.


And now he’s tasked by his powerful, incredibly cold but super-sexy Boss with 1) Trying to ensure the survival of earth 2) Making sure the public remain completely unaware of the new threat and 3) Carrying out these orders whatever the cost.

Because the last thing we want is for you, the public, to panic and just lose your shit completely.

Anyhow, I got to get back to the office. We have this "attack" situation unfolding we need to try and contain. And remember: This is an "ANY COST" directive, meaning whatever the cost - financial or personal, you name it - we will take you out to keep this thing under wraps...!

If you see our guy, walk the other way, because if he sees you - you’re as good as dead.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018 Category : 0

A page-turning science fiction adventure in the tradition of Larry Niven’s Ringworld, Iain Bank’s Consider Phlebas and Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

Uthuru is the story of a man, Mitchell Surrey, who falls in love with his married co-worker Sarah, who disappears soon after they get together. Mitchell discovers her half-eaten body deep inside an abandoned alien base and flees to the surface, pursued by the larvae-like creatures that killed her. He returns with the police but there is no sign of the entrance and they soon begin to doubt his story.

Mitchell inadvertently learns he’s going to be arrested, so he changes his appearance and takes his small ship to a mysterious station in the middle of deep space. Though it’s been abandoned for decades, most of the systems are still active and Mitchell finds a stable portal that spirits him to an underground base on a distant moon where he meets Jouran.

Jouran is the last surviving member of the Travelers, an advanced civilization nearly wiped out by a race known only as the Takers. Though the Takers haven’t been seen for centuries, Jouran is certain they will soon reappear and knows humanity will never survive without Traveler technology. Jouran offers to trade their vast store of knowledge for assistance with the Takers and Mitchell agrees to take his proposal to the officials on Paragon.

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Home: Interstellar

Category : 0

A corrupt Earth reached out to strangle the near-earth stars. The single person who can stop it is Meriel Hope-if only she can remember. Murdered parents. A busted spaceship. Stories that horrified the therapists and terrified the space stations. That's what pirates left to twelve-year-old Meriel Hope. But pirates didn't exist, and for the authorities, that meant she's crazy. After ten years fighting flashbacks, nightmares, and involuntary drugs, she's put her life back together and her past behind her. She searches for a mythical planet called Home to reboot her life, but the Wars of Immigration ensnare her in the largest exodus in human history. When her ruined ship lands on the recycle dock, she has only days to untangle the mysteries surrounding her parents' death or face her own. What she discovers could rescue humanity from slavery, but it makes her a target. Again. And this time she can't escape. "Great Story! Great World Building! ... engrossing and entertaining, and a plot full of twists and turns... awesome world building and character arcs...!" Madhavi Ghare (Goodeads) "Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury, early Heinlein, or Alan Dean Foster. Characters who are realistic, not perfect..." Norma Mason (Goodreads) "... a science fiction tale that reads like a pilgrimage with a haunted and haunting female character who combines strength and grace in a way that instantly wins the reader over to her perspective and her values, her every cause." -- Writer's Digest

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Zombie Diaries Series

Saturday, November 17, 2018 Category : 0

Free Today Download Now

This is the story of Mavis Harvey and her struggle to figure out who is her date, and who goes on a plate.

ZD1, the first book in the series, ‘Homecoming Junior Year’, introduces Mavis Harvey, a normal, everyday sixteen-year-old ‘girl next door’, who finds herself becoming a zombie. The change is slow, and she doesn’t realize what is taking place. Soon, she has an overwhelming appetite, as well as unnatural cravings for things that are raw and bloody. Since she wants to be careful in regard to her state, she has to resort to some pretty crazy things just to live around others without consuming them, much less smelling them, and the results are comical and off the beaten path, making her predicament funny, and almost addicting to read. Now enjoy the first book in the series.

Stormy Waters: A Crime Thriller

Category : 0

Adam wakes up on the beach, with an open head wound, no memory at all, and a mutilated body next to him. He is accused of murder and get away with it pretty fast, but he is the only one who asks questions about how he got to that situation in the first place. When he starts to investigate - he finds a world of crime, blood and corruption

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Friday, November 16, 2018 Category : , 0

Never give up on your dreams, never believe all that you're told, and never give up the fight. When you go from believing you’re not capable to discovering that you are, and proving it, that makes it even more incredible and gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. Premature Ovarian failure and living with a disability like Fragile X doesn't have to restrict your life or make it bleak, it just means you have to do certain things a little differently. Being different isn't bad, either - it's what makes us unique, and having a child with Fragile X is definitely that. Always look for the positive, no matter how dark situations get or how challenging they become. We are a lot stronger than we think and the body can overcome things that we never thought possible. Hope and faith got us where we are today, and more to the point, where my daughter is. I couldn't be more thankful and I truly believe that if you want something badly enough, it will happen.

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The Harry Potter Spellbook Unofficial Guide

Thursday, November 15, 2018 Category : , , 0

In your hands you hold the Spell Book of Harry Potter, containing all of the spells that Harry Potter and other great wizards and witches of the Wizarding World have used in the Harry Potter series. This book contains all the spells, what the spells do, and how they are pronounced as well as special essays on magic. With this book you can learn great spells yourself and become a great wizard or witch like Harry Potter!

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An Innocent Man

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500 years in the future, technology has changed. Humanity has not.

One man’s fate lies in the hands of a team of corrupt prosecutors bent on making their prosecutorial mark for personal gain. Standing in the path of injustice is Inspector Thomas Sullivan and an acquaintance from the past.

Murder, political corruption, greed, and scandal combine for danger in Capital City on the frozen world of Beta Prime. At stake is a man’s life, the very souls of others, and the integrity of the entire Planetary Alliance’s justice system.

Join Sully and his team as they try to free An Innocent Man!

Under A Crimson Sky

Category : 0

What's better than a great read? A great read for free! For the next five days Under A Crimson Sky is free on Kindle! Take part in action, adventure story set in the breathtaking Alriche Empire and the elflands beyond the sea. Under A Crimson Sky follows the story of Dag, Kor-Voda, Oremothe and Gottrak as they do battle against the forces of Bubak. In order to save all these brave four must risk everything in hopes to be able to return to what they love. The only problem is nothing will be the same after The War to End All Things is done.

The story parallels classics like Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien or The Belgariad series by David Eddings, but takes a new, fresh look at the genre and what it means to be faced with trying to save everything a person loves. You can get all of the action and adventure for free form 11/15/2018! Be sure to get your copy before the end of this excellent deal.

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Being Human - A User Guide: Why we do what we do

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Would you take on the task of programming the world's most powerful computer without so much as a User Guide? All computers need a capable operating system to support the smooth running of programmes and applications, and the supercomputer that is the human mind is no different. Yet, even though it sounds crazy, most people go through their lives without ever having read the manual. Whatever we do in life, whether our goals are large or small, having a User Guide to help us understand the core components of our human operating system, vital cogs such as Consciousness, Communication, Connection, Courage, Creativity, and Compassion is a must. It will ensure we remain resourceful, resilient, and well throughout the journey.

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Beyond Every Mirror

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Beside his own image in the mirror, Dane Bainbridge sees a ginger-haired beauty with stunning emerald eyes. Behind her, sprawling red mountains and clouds as if from another world. He has seen her all of his life. A life filled with glamor and fame...and loneliness. For, the woman in his mirrors is his one true love. However, he doesn't know this yet, not until he is dragged into her world - one of beasts and barriers beyond human imagination. One where his sacrifice and death are the only thing keeping the woman he loves and her world alive.

Meirah has loved him since she was only a teenager, when she stumbled upon a human who came through to her world by accident. Always fascinated by humans, her curious nature gets her into trouble and spells doom for all eternity for the man she falls in love with.

Now that Dane remembers it all, there are no more chances. He and Meirah must find a way to survive. He is the key that keeps her alive, she is the key that gives him hope. Can they break the curse that keeps them separated by torture and death and escape together from a world that exists beyond every mirror?

Grinding My Gears An (Off-The-Rails) Ice Era Chronicle

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Adam, aka Gears, is a brilliant scientist, doctor and the creator of the water bases that all underground dwellers use to survive. His family and friends would give him anything he desires. The world is at his feet. But for all his good fortune, the one thing Gears wants he can’t have. A long and healthy life. As he faces his slowly worsening heart condition, he meets an unlikely savior in the form of Luna, a member of a rival organization known as The Originals. Luna is part of a group that is out to see the destruction of everything that Gears has built. Even though she's connected to a world Gears can never be a part of, she risks her life to meet him and save him from death. The two of them set off on a road trip that neither of them can avoid, and have no idea if their journey will lead to a happily-ever-after or catastrophe. Luna’s illogical ways have Gears questioning everything he thinks he knows about life and love. But she is his only hope for survival before the final beat of his heart.

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amor en abstinencia

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Lucía lleva siete años casada con el único hombre que ha estado en su vida sin que el la toque, pero no sabe porque. El se niega a hablar con ella y cada vez está más irritado. La protagonista de la historia se verá obligada a enfrentarse a la ira del viejo recuerdo y al renacimiento de un nuevo romance, que podría ser su salvación o tal vez su perdición. El secreto que esconde su marido es la clave de toda su vida.

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Strike of the Stingray

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Cmdr. Brice Bannon and his team of highly-skilled operatives return to take on a vengeful madman determined to commit a terrorist attack so large in scale as to bring America to its knees in this action-packed follow up to David DeLee’s THE OCEANIC PRINCESS

Brice Bannon and his team get pulled in different directions as Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana embarks on a deeply personal mission to find and bring to justice her brother, the person behind the attack on the Oceanic Princess, Skyjack McMurphy makes a desperate attempt to help an old friend whose adjustment to civilian life has been anything but smooth, and Brice Bannon is tasked with investigating the discovery of a missing railgun, the devastating weapon that nearly destroyed a cruise ship with six thousand people on board.

From the shores of Lake Erie in Michigan to the Lakes Region in New Hampshire to the Upper Bay of New York Harbor, Bannon and his team will risk everything to stop a diabolical attack against the homeland…but will they be too late?

Book 3 in the pulse-pounding Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure series

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The Proposition - Veil of Deception

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The Proposition is a story of lost love, second chances, and forgiveness. Janeshia James has a secret she’s attracted to her boss. He’s handsome geeky genius, Walker Perrault. But his cocky stance and miles of arrogant attitude are enough to make Janeshia run in the opposite direction. Not to mention the two of them are thrust together daily in the workplace where their personalities clash making it hard to find a balance. Then after years of climbing the corporate ladder, Janeshia thought she had made it to the top of the non-profit she works for. Or, so she thinks.

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Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun

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This story deals with a police officer who has been on the police force for a few years. He feels he’s doing a great job of serving and protecting his community. Soon he realizes that he’s part of a police force where there are some police officers who dishonor the oath they all took to protect and serve their city and he knows what is going on around him is all wrong. He has a decision to make, whether to report it and risk his career and his badge or be part of the cover up. He chronicles all of these events where he talks about different cases and everything that occurred during that time period. This book addresses racial issues and whether good cops know who the bad ones are and what can be done about it.

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Love Under Fire

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When finding love sparks danger…

Twenty-one Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Award-winning, bestselling authors supporting PETS FOR VETS bring you a heart-pounding collection of stories all in one amazing romantic suspense boxed set.

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My Plan to Ruin Your Life

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Addiction explains his plans to destroy the lives. He starts by convincing people they really don't have a problem:
-You have a constitutional right to stay addicted.
-Three days in detox cures a twenty-year habit.
-You can't be addicted, you still have a job.
-You’re not that bad, You're drug's not that bad. At least you don't inject there.
-Drug testing, not drug use, is your problem.  “If they hadn’t found the cancer, I wouldn’t be sick.”
-You are but a reflection of the culture, awash in chemicals and malaise.
-Not only should it be legalized, but also baked into school lunches.
-When your life is completely stress free and fulfilling, you’ll quit drinking.
-It’s all a phase you’re going through; sowing your wild oats, mid-life crisis, adjusting to old age.
-You’ll quit whenever you get pregnant. 

Addiction challenges the reader to stay clean and sober despite all his tricks. For example, he will change his appearance to look like a powdery line of success to the lawyer, a can of solidarity to the mill worker, a fine glass of sophisticated relaxation to the single mom executive, and a big cloud of acceptance to the lonely fourteen year-old.

Addiction explains how he turns strengths and weaknesses against people.  He will convince the arrogant person she is too smart to be addicted, the strong person she need only apply a little more willpower to control her problem, and the dependent person finding the right mate will eliminate all her problems.

The First Rule of Hook-ups

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Someone once told me that there are worst things than being left at the altar. Well, not many, in my experience. That was six months ago, though, and my life has moved on. Heck, I have a new job lined up and I'm leaving town.

But, I can't deny that my love life kind of sucks.

That’s why I let my friends convince me to join them for Club Escapade’s Breakup Bash. And we might just be disillusioned enough to actually enjoy it. Last time we were here, it was for my bachelorette party. That night, I met one of the dancers – Raphael – and when he flirted with me, I almost forgot I was engaged. And there's a part of me that never forgot him.

Now, it seems my friends have wandered off and I’m thinking about calling it a night. Until the music begins and I see Raphael, my secret fantasy, on stage. And this time, I’m definitely not engaged...

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The Mystery of Julia Episcopa

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In ancient Rome, a woman flees for her life. Her enemies are those she once called ‘brother’. Hidden beneath her robes are secrets men will kill for - forgeries that will change the course of history. Two thousand years later, classical archaeologists Valentina Vella and Erika Simone uncover Julia’s legacy - and find themselves in the cross-fire of a venomous Vatican battle for power and supremacy.

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