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A Fatal Cell Phone Video

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2018 | No Comments

The police found the body of a young woman from a prominent family. A video on her cell phone shows her husband going into a hot sheets motel with a sexy nurse. The prosecutor surmises that the woman learned her husband was cheating on her, videoed him going into the motel, and later confronted him. Being a hot-headed Middle Easterner, he became enraged and killed her. The prosecutor pushes the case to help his campaign for higher office on an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant platform.

The dead woman's best friend has a much darker theory.

Up-and-coming criminal defense attorney Devin Garner defends the physician accused of murdering his wife. He believes his client is innocent, but can he win an acquitall in a case with political, religious and ethnic overtones? And if he does, will he be the next to die?

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