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Grieving to Believing: Discovering the Afterlife

Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2018 | No Comments

I've been a medium for two decades and over the years I've seen first hand what people deal with after a loss from someone they love, including beloved pets. After the passing of my husband and nephew from suicide, I wanted to share about grieving to help others find ways to heal from any type of loss.This book wasn't easy to write because I share difficult things about my personal journey which made me feel very vulnerable. I knew it was time. I was able to launch this book to help millions who struggle with losses. Especially the death of someone we care deeply about. Being a medium can be very controversial and I have heard it all. I just become a messenger to help individuals live a good life without guilt or regrets and I help them begin to feel the presence of those they want to stay forever connected to. Over the years I have written short books to provide insight and guidance. Grieving to Believing is my heart and soul. Sharing about my children, my marriage, along with all the good times and the lessons we learn along the way, I'm proud to present this book in hopes that it can help many during their journey of grief and healing. Everyone's journey and experiences are unique. What we all have in common is that we will lose someone we love. This book has many tools to help in the difficult time of healing. It is possible!

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