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Kept In The Dark

Posted on Friday, November 2, 2018 | No Comments

Chilling doomsday predictions. Demons from another dimension. Is one doctor's delusional patient really meant to save the world?

Psychiatrist Sam Lucas doesn't mind letting his patients drone on and on as long as the money keeps rolling in. But when he learns more about one patient's decades of paranoid torment, the doctor's empathy and professional fascination locks into place. As Jake's stories of flesh-tearing demons turn into shocking physical wounds, the doctor realizes his patient is in real danger…

With each passing story and injury, Sam comes to believe the invisible inter-dimensional killers are more than one man’s fantasy. After Jake's paranoid warnings of the impending millennium mayhem become more urgent, the doctor fears that shadowy wraiths may actually be on the brink of destroying humanity.

When his patient's tormentors start closing in Sam has a choice: ignore the desperate warnings or challenge his own beliefs to help the man save humanity.

Kept In The Dark is a foreboding tale of horror. If you like tormented heroes, dark terrors, and relentless demonic attacks, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis's spine-chilling novel.

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