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Strike of the Stingray

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | No Comments

Cmdr. Brice Bannon and his team of highly-skilled operatives return to take on a vengeful madman determined to commit a terrorist attack so large in scale as to bring America to its knees in this action-packed follow up to David DeLee’s THE OCEANIC PRINCESS

Brice Bannon and his team get pulled in different directions as Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana embarks on a deeply personal mission to find and bring to justice her brother, the person behind the attack on the Oceanic Princess, Skyjack McMurphy makes a desperate attempt to help an old friend whose adjustment to civilian life has been anything but smooth, and Brice Bannon is tasked with investigating the discovery of a missing railgun, the devastating weapon that nearly destroyed a cruise ship with six thousand people on board.

From the shores of Lake Erie in Michigan to the Lakes Region in New Hampshire to the Upper Bay of New York Harbor, Bannon and his team will risk everything to stop a diabolical attack against the homeland…but will they be too late?

Book 3 in the pulse-pounding Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure series

Don’t miss any of David DeLee’s explosive Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventures: FACING THE STORM • THE OCEANIC PRINCESS • STRIKE OF THE STINGRAY • THE LONE SHARK GAMBIT (coming soon)

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