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Templar Retribution

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Templar Retribution is a bloodthirsty historical drama, exploring unanswered questions raised from the coronation of Pope Clement V to the abolition of the Templar order and the existence of a new settlement of Templars. Fiction is linked with fact supported with references to create the character of a Templar, who cheats the French inquisitors of one last victim. His torturous escape results in the chilling retribution by a hooded friar who eliminates those responsible for the Templars' eradication. One by one, the legalists, the Pope, and King Philip IV are removed, leaving France and the church in chaos. The friar escapes to England where in the hamlet of Marnham, Nottinghamshire, he joins a previously unknown settlement of Templars. The Inquisition arrive to a flooded and famine-ravaged Lincolnshire intending the consumption of the Templars' wealth and lands, where the friar is recognised. They are met with a challenge.

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