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A page-turning science fiction adventure in the tradition of Larry Niven’s Ringworld, Iain Bank’s Consider Phlebas and Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

Uthuru is the story of a man, Mitchell Surrey, who falls in love with his married co-worker Sarah, who disappears soon after they get together. Mitchell discovers her half-eaten body deep inside an abandoned alien base and flees to the surface, pursued by the larvae-like creatures that killed her. He returns with the police but there is no sign of the entrance and they soon begin to doubt his story.

Mitchell inadvertently learns he’s going to be arrested, so he changes his appearance and takes his small ship to a mysterious station in the middle of deep space. Though it’s been abandoned for decades, most of the systems are still active and Mitchell finds a stable portal that spirits him to an underground base on a distant moon where he meets Jouran.

Jouran is the last surviving member of the Travelers, an advanced civilization nearly wiped out by a race known only as the Takers. Though the Takers haven’t been seen for centuries, Jouran is certain they will soon reappear and knows humanity will never survive without Traveler technology. Jouran offers to trade their vast store of knowledge for assistance with the Takers and Mitchell agrees to take his proposal to the officials on Paragon.

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