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God's Word My Guarantee

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God's Word "My Guarantee": Unleashing the power of God's Word in Your Life, reveals the essence and importance of God's Word as it relates to the believer in Christ. This book is a clear and concise book that illuminates the treasures of God's promises with declarations of His will, purpose, and principles to man.In this book, Dr. Richard Onebamoi shares that God's Word serves as a catalyst that propels and enables us to function and fulfill our God-given destinies as we seek to advance God's plans and purposes on the earth. This book will help you understand that God's Word is an indispensable, comprehensive resource for equipping men and in turn making them competent in their service of God.In God's Word My Guarantee: Unleashing The Power of God's Word in Your Life, you will discover - What faith is - How to hope against hope - How to live in the authority of God's Word - How to keep your thoughts aligned with God's Word - How to win the battle of containment - That God's Word brings changes - How to unleash the power of God's WordDr. Richard Onebamoi, shares biblical insight on God's Word as the final arbiter and authority in all matters of life and how to unleash the power of God's Word in your life. Engage God's Word as your ultimate guarantee, and you will live an extraordinary life.

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