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The Outlook of a Happy Fella- A Journey to Joy

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"I LOVE THIS BOOK! IT'S ENGAGING, FUN TO READ, AND A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO IMPROVE THE WAY WE LOOK AT LIFE - PROVING "JOY" CAN STILL BE ATTAINED." This is an easy book to read with a clear step-by-step method to lead a happier life. It is written in an engaging, conversational style that draws the reader in, showing how "joy" can still be achieved. You will find yourself smiling and nodding as you recognize yourself in certain situations. "THIS BOOK IS ABOUT TAKING BACK YOUR POWER OVER YOUR EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HABITS TO CREATE A FULLER AND MORE JOYOUS LIFE." It shows how the author decided to become a happy fella who celebrates the joys of being alive. Along his journey of transformation, he developed a series of strategies, mental exercises, attitude checkups all aimed at becoming a more positive, happy, and confident person. He shares these lessons with others with the writing of "The Outlook of a Happy Fella — A Journey to Joy." This book will prompt self-examination. In the end, you are confronted with two questions: Do I want to become a calmer, happier person? How do I do that?

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