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Home is Just a Feeling

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 | No Comments

Long since rejected by her family, Cassie Harrington nonetheless returns to Heatherbridge for her mother's funeral. Surprisingly, after five years with no contact, Cassie's sister, Merry, arranges a meeting which she then fails to attend. The contents of a carrier bag and a padded envelope help provide a puzzle for Cassie to solve, but solutions seem lost in the mists of time. Those who might help appear reluctant to do so, and Cassie wonders who she can or cannot trust as her whole life gradually unravels. Why does Cassie feel such an attachment to The Lion hotel, and what story lies behind the huge mansion located down a long, winding, driveway? Supported by Lucy, and helped and sometimes hindered by otherworldly influences, what will Christmas and the New Year have in store for Cassie?

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