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No Longer With Us

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2019 | No Comments

What happens when you die? A big, fat nothing. Or so Colin Wilkinson thought. Until one day, in the isolated basement morgue of St Theresa's Hospital, the ghosts of seven cadavers lying in the body storage unit appear before him. Waiting to depart for the next life, the dead recount their fateful tales to the stunned mortuary technician. United by the timing and location of their demise, each death is distinguished by a different cause: Natural. Accident. Suicide. Murder. Initially terrified by the spirit encounter, Colin soon realises the visitants are just as incredulous as he is about their reanimation. How and when will they pass? And what comes next? Do any of the ghosts pose a real threat to Colin's own life? Ultimately, his destiny may be just as uncertain as theirs.

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