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Princess of Shadow and Dream

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A Necromancer Prince. A Dream-Weaving Princess. A world where nightmares bring death.

"This is a lovely book for readers who enjoy fantasy at its best." --Readers' Favorite Review

After living half a millennium in her father's timeless subconscious realm, Princess Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom, even if it's only to help the king of Dreams with an important mission. But when she is asked to protect the Death Prince while he sleeps, she is surprised to feel an unexpected, and unwelcome,attraction.

As a Reaper knight and heir to the Death realm, Prince Serdin is experienced at killing undead demons. But dream-stalking monsters that can destroy your soul is an entirely different matter. When an assassin with dream magic almost kills him in his sleep, the eccentric Princess of Dreams saves more than just his soul.

And now that demons have infiltrated Myra's metaphysical domain, the two royal heirs must fight their nightmares in both realms.

This dark and enchanting story is a unique and action-packed fantasy of magic, romance, and mystery. The classic lore of the Grim Reaper braided into an epic adventure full of whimsy, wonder, and just a dash of horror.

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