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The Countess Of Black Hill: #1 Fallen

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After she receives a surprise job interview at the Dassindale mansion, sixteen year old Gretchen Roche is elated to of been offered a chance to start a new life with her family in the city of London. When she arrives for the interview, a lone girl the same age as Gretchen, Helly Danaher, sits in a chair waiting with a forlorn face. As things begin to unfold the girls quickly realise this is no ordinary job offer. This is the Dassindale mansion, home of the notorious vampiress the Countess Bernadene Dassindale, who's only prerogative is to become the most powerful vampire to rule the underground at the expense of young blood. Together, Gretchen and Helly begin a fight for survival, friendship and trust, as they desperately try to find a way to escape the Countess's clutches and embark on a journey they never would have expected in this lifetime, or indeed...in this world.

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