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The Escort's Notebook: A Decade of Writing on Internet Sex Work

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Written by an escort/author over the span of a decade, "The Escort's Notebook" reads like a unique newsfeed and/or business manual and touches on a variety of provocative issues, including:

The benefits and drawbacks of online sex work
Clients - the good, the bad, and the hobbyists
Escort advertising and marketing
Sex work activism and why it matters
Maximizing the opportunities of Internet escort work
Maximizing safety for Internet escorts
The rise of sex trafficking hysteria and SESTA/FOSTA

Nearly 100 insightful entries have been curated and updated (when necessary) to give the reader a truly unadulterated and open-minded glimpse at an often misunderstood career. Includes pieces that have never been publicly published before.

Enjoy known, popular entries like:
My First Professional Sex
Escort Emergency Start-up Kit
What Makes a Good Client?
Expensive vs High-End
Screening 101
Literary Sex Ed for Escorts, Sex Worker Library, and Courtesan Books

Open your mind and learn about the business of online sex work, mixed with the obvious humanity of the workers within it. Value for current and former independent escorts, clients, allies, and the curious public.

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