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This is the story of Brighton's first season in the Premier League, but not from a purely footballing perspective. "Away" captures the 6700 mile journey that myself and my 17 year old son Jacob embarked on to attend all 19 away fixtures. Family fall outs, pre-nuptial agreements, standing and singing like the old days, teenage angst, the free counselling of radio phone in's, the relationship between Father and Son and of course the eternal question, will we stay up? "Away" also opens up the Pandora's Box of footballs biggest kept secret - supporting 2 teams. Are you a football fan? Are you a true football fan? Having a team isn't enough... Do you feel physical gut wrenching pain when your team loses? Does a last minute winning goal render you incapable of controlling body and mind as you spiral into an ecstasy normally only reserved for carnal pleasure or substance abuse? Do you go AWAY...?

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