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"An enjoyable romance involving entrapment, shopping sprees, crevasses, and ugly hiking boots. " Kirkus Reviews

2018 Winner of Pencraft Award for Literary Excellence

Mark Bell is a top Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. He becomes obsessed with proving his wife's loyalty after discovering a hidden cache of journals and photos which document a sexual appetite never shared with him.  Mark broods - until fate provides a way for him to test Kat's loyalty.  It is brilliant - as long as Kat doesn't find out.

Addresses the issues of disillusionment and loss of self women go through when married to a dominant and overbearing husband.  This is a modern day May - December romance (think "cougar") but the feelings of love, longing and commitment are addressed in a fun way where you feel as though you are watching a movie unfold before your eyes or having a girls night out and listening to your friends.  The characters simply walk off the pages. 

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