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Purpose Drive Movement: A system of functional training

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Are you a personal trainer, performance coach or fitness enthusiast who wants to understand the world of functional training?

Do you want to know how to incorporate tools like kettlebells, battle ropes and functional bags into your workouts in a purposeful way?

Are you looking for a logical, comprehensive and road-tested guide to functional movement and fitness?

Look no further.

Dan and Tarek, co-founders of the Functional Training Institute, have created the Adaptive Functional Training System for those wanting to go deeper into the world of functional training. Stemming from years of research and compiled by industry experts who have tested and
integrated these methods into the real world of fitness.

Purpose Driven Movement will show you how to:

- Coach with purpose by building a strong coaching vision, mindset and technique
- Assess with purpose by understanding how to detect, correct and prevent poor movement patterns and injury
- Move with purpose by progressing through the 5 Pillars of Functional Training, which showcase the key functional movements and tools
- Program with purpose by taking a structured but flexible approach to exercise planning and selection in service of your goals

When these four components come together, a great coach is in the making. If you want to master the art of training and coaching for truly functional fitness, Purpose Driven Movement is your definitive guide.

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