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The Fisherman's Daughter

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Life in a fishing village on the Northumberland coast at the turn of the century is hard but happy for Emily until one night after a devastating storm her father and two older brothers are lost at sea and all that seemed safe and secure, crumbles and falls. Assault, murder, incarceration in a Workhouse Orphanage, abuse and finally, escape, feisty Emily embarks on a career in nursing, finds friendship, even love. Caught up in the events of her time Emily joins the Suffragettes and following a brave, selfless act of courage faces the horror of prison. A born survivor Emily returns to Newcastle and her friends at the hospital where another blow awaits to forever shadow her. The War prompts her to volunteer as a Frontline nurse where she is challenged in many unsuspected ways. Will she survive the Peace and will the shadows of the past heal or tear her apart for ever.

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