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Devour the Stars

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | No Comments

When all you care about is how much damage you do on the way out, is it worth risking your life to save someone else?

Born lowest of the low and wielding a psychic empathy that is more burden than blessing, embittered Syrus spent most of his life fighting on behalf of an Empire that hates him.

Now he’s at the head of an interstellar Fleet whose sole purpose is to eradicate the Empire. Still surrounded by people who hate him, still fighting for survival above all else. Among those who would take his position is Kizen, leader of another branch of the Fleet.

But there are bigger problems than the average backstabber. The Empire has put defenses in place, real defenses, that could destroy the whole Fleet if Syrus can't find a way around them.

And on an abandoned planet, Syrus finds two women in cryosleep. The women could be the key to saving the Fleet. Or they could cost Syrus his life. He has to decide. Is saving them worth the price?

"Devour the Stars" by R Coots only $2.99 on Amazon from April 22 - 26, 2019

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