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Johnnie Quiet

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A mysterious stranger, Johnnie, arrives on the Hebridean island of Lewis in 1963 and saves Calum, a 17 year old schoolboy, from drowning. He is very reticent about his background but the boy's mother gives him lodgings as a handyman. Johnnie's very eccentric and enigmatic but he is also a great teacher and philosopher. What's more, he shockingly predicts the death of JFK on the morning of the assassination. Who is this strange man? Where does he come from? Why is he here? Also, why is he so intensely interested in the Callanish Standing Stones on the island? Each chapter slowly uncovers the answers. Johnnie's mission is truly monumental and what he reveals is really happening in the world both frightens and excites Calum. It changes his whole perspective and the direction of his life. Forever.

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