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The Poisoned Legacy

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2019 | No Comments

Based on a true story. The world changed forever for the Wilowski family in 1939 as their homes were seized when the Germans, then the Russians, occupied Poland. After great hardships, only one person survived: Luke, the grandfather of Alex Wilshaw. Alex and his fiancee, Roslyn, learn of a vast cache of jewels, gold, and silverware that his great-grandmother, Karolina, had ordered to be buried on their country estates before foreign troops marched in, arresting her husband and then sending them all to Siberia. Alex and Roslyn begin searching for the treasure, but there are others who lay claim to it and they will stop at nothing to find it and keep the riches for themselves. This is a fictionalized account of a real Polish family and their harrowing experience.

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