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Depression and the Immature Romance

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Understand depression in yourself and others: What causes it? What unseen mental processes are raging within it? And what is required to cure or overcome it? This book tackles the classic psychological paradox, first noted by Freud: Why does a loving relationship between two mature adults normally lead, after its breakup, only to regular, healthy sadness; while an ambivalent, love-hate relationship between two adolescents, or those with the mentality of adolescents, more often end in a pathological, self-hating depression? Delving into his own experience of depression, caused by the breakup of his first adolescent relationship, the author decisively answers this question. With unreserved honesty and rigorous detail, he introspectively analyzes the cause, hidden psychology, and surprising cure of his own depression. And by joining his self-analysis with a thorough review of the leading research, as well as collected accounts of other people's depressions, he presents a groundbreaking new understanding of the little-known causes, mental processes, and potential cures of depression in general. This book covers the following: - A detailed overview of what's currently known about depression - Cases in which depression is an appropriate reaction - The different types of depression, and the remedy each requires - Depression as an adaptive function in animals that possess social status - Psychedelic drugs as a new, powerful treatment for certain types of depression By the end of this book, you'll have a rich understanding of depression and the psychology behind it.

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