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It's Not Just You!

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2019 | No Comments

If you are currently struggling in any way, then this book of Christian poetry is for you! God never sees you as un-loveable, even if that's how you feel about yourself at times. I am sharing these deeply personal poems as a reminder that it's not just you who often feels that life is hard! Others feel the same way & are experiencing similar challenges world-wide. However, our comfort & strength in such circumstances is The Lord, who promises he is always near & will never leave us. These poems include topics such as cancer, Senile Dementia, depression, Satan's meddling, testing of our faith & our Spiritual goal. My hope is that you will identify with them & be encouraged & reassured in your faith by reading them. Thank-you & remember that GOD LOVES YOU...ALWAYS!

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