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Jinxerypokery 4

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2019 | No Comments

Fallen Guardian, Festulantus, betrayed by his henchman Jake and captured by the three Recruits Harry, Bethany and Abigail, is now imprisoned by the Guardians. Their mentor Mrs Regnad (Arbiter second tier) is on the track of Jake who has escaped with Parthinia Impson's lifebox and the Paradoxery, a book of malevolent Jinxes, banned many centuries ago. From his lair deep in the Swiss mountains Jake is using the Paradoxery for his own evil ends.

The three Recruits, some unsuspecting friends and the two rescued dogs Jasper and Violet are tasked with penetrating his hideout, recovering the Lifebox and destroying the Paradoxery before Jake brings war and destruction to the planet.

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