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Love Revisited

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No other word fit. Seth’s heart was running on empty. Years earlier, his wife destroyed their marriage with numerous affairs. Now his best friend committed suicide. They called it Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He and Seth had served multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pamela? Well, her story was much the same. Her husband had a bright future with a loving wife and success in the marketplace. Not good enough. He abandoned his family for the gratification of an affair and the ecstasy of drugs. Mind cooked, body wasted, death closed his door.

Seth and Pamela met on a plane. Many people meet strangers on planes. Their introduction was different. She sensed his pain of a broken life. He was unlike any other man she’d met, and later said, “He turned something on inside me that won’t stop.”

LOVE REVISITED is Seth and Pamela’s love story.

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