> > Ned Mutton and the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy

Ned Mutton and the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2019 | No Comments

Ned Mutton likes smashing things up! This foul little boy loathes his parents, his neighbours and nearly everything else. He likes being vile, pulling the legs off spiders and kicking small dogs. One day Ned meets another like-minded boy whose father is an unscrupulous property developer. After proving himself a willing vandal Ned is sent on a mission to smash up an old frozen food factory. But legends tell of pale monsters who haunt this building and who slice the fingers off all they catch. And now Ned has found them and they want more than his fingers. They want something so terrible that it could change the fate of humanity. Join Ned and a host of deranged allies and demented enemies to see if he really can save the world from the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy.

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