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Undamage me ... Jack (Undamage Me Trilogy Book 1)

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A sexually-naive, yet mature young woman, overhears a phone call that leads her to search for a special man. Can she find him and can he undamage her and release her from her nightmare of many years? Prepared to compromise her deep-set principles, could her long-held unshakable fear of men, that had tormented her since childhood, be solved by a handsome stranger? Was it the blood on her skirt, that long lingering look or his first exciting touch that set her on her quest that led her to this, their 'memory bench' in an English park? Yet, so far from the white boiling surf of Bondi Beach... and the sickening abuse that her vile uncle had subjected her to. Wanting to explore her capacity for sexual feelings, she feared their risky arrangement would lead them into a strong unwanted emotional connection. What will her future be now he has gone from her life? Why has he deserted her? Will she find him? Has she been damaged again?

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