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What Gina Did

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2019 | No Comments

Here is a quirky, black-humoured novel - a tale of human trafficking, of murder, frustrated passion, love, loss and ambition. It is a story told in two voices, Gina's and Zak's - her second husband, Gina having disposed of Ed, her first husband. In this joyless, abusive and unfulfilled second marriage, Gina seeks consolation with another man, and a university education. Although devoted to her children and despite her wealth, nothing really makes her happy. All the time she is ignorant of the nefarious smuggling of young girls. Zak is deeply involved in this with his Russian collaborators, using the family yacht as vehicle for the transportation of their illegal charges. Gina is unwittingly instrumental in facilitating these deeds and eventually, inevitably these lead to a tragic end. Finally, there is a bizarre circularity to the story, which might suggest that in the end, justice has been served.

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