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The Brain Reload: How Simple Life Changes Can Train Your Brain To Think Out Of The Box, Make Smarter Decisions, Improve Your Memory And Upgrade Your Life

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Have you ever wondered what separates the most successful people from the rest of us? Is it superior genetics, or better education? Not at all! The real reason some people are able to reach top levels of performance is their reliance on brain performance. They have learned and integrated systematic thinking. They can leverage this way of thinking to produce better than average results. In The Brain Reload you'll learn the core-and only the core-of what you need to know to, use your brain to its fullest potential to get your mind under control, how to choose life, be more intelligent and become the best version of yourself. That's right. Pretty soon, in fact, within 2 hours, you can read, watch and learn how to address every aspect of your learning - from memorizing, absorbing more info, focusing better and never before revealed secrets about how the brain programs the most important aspects of your life including sex, thinking, money, health, and even happiness. Turn your brain into a powerful dynamo by learning how geniuses think. Here is a small sample of what you will learn: Accelerate your learning abilities Improve your memory instantly Develop bulletproof focus and concentration. Solving complex problems with ease Fly through material and ace tests How to make money by accessing your strongest mental assets Strategies that can help you become a more disciplined thinker, developing your analytical, reasoning, and reflective thinking skills. Improve your sex life and health And much, much more

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The Arrival

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Bound by love, drawn by magick, happily ever after won’t come without a fight.

Looking for love, four friends cast a spell. Thrust into a terrifying new world, they find themselves fighting for their lives, until help drops in. Now, alongside the Griffon Guard, they must learn to use powers they never knew they had, to save a world they never knew existed

Love might be an option, but only if they defeat an ancient darkness hell bent on ruling the world...

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Fog & Mist: the Canens Chronicles book 1 (a fairy tale retelling)

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A usurper queen on a stolen throne.
A princess imprisoned, enslaved, and believed dead by her people.
A foreign prince searching for his sister.
Each entangled in a curse that threatens all of the Seven Kingdoms.
Crown Princess Winterberry's stepmother will do anything to prevent her ascension—even if it means assassinating her. And on the eve of the princess's twenty-first birthday, Queen Blanche arrests Winterberry under false claims of treason.
Although a long-standing prophecy proclaims death to anyone who kills a Canens royal, Blanche is determined to find a way. Step one goes off without a hitch: auction off the true heir as an incognito slave and send her halfway across Canens with Blanche's most trusted huntsman.
But on the other side of the Seven Kingdoms, an enemy prince gambles his throne and his life, crossing into Canens after his kidnapped sister. The farther he travels, the more entangled he becomes in the Canens Curse, the slavery underworld, and Princess Winterberry herself. Soon, even he doesn't realize how much more is at stake.

Enter the cursed world of the Seven Kingdoms in book one of this Snow White retelling, where you will find elements of Red Riding Hood and other beloved faery tales.

"Fog & Mist: The Canens Chronicles Book 1" by Kelsie Engen only $1.99 on Kindle from June 29 - July 5, 2019

A Hero's Heart

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A Hero's Heart is a true story of victory, captivatingly told for the first time, from the survivor herself. It is a story of brutality, cruelty, and loss. It is a story of demons, heartache, and agony. It is a story of love, joy, and abundance. And lastly, it is a memoir told with fervor and elation. The writer shares her emotions in intimate detail as she conveys her journey from abuse, to illness, to deaths, and ultimately to ascendancy.

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A Time to Deceive

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This detailed, innovative novel has depth, originality and a lifetime of experience and forensic expertise behind it. Including some dark undertones and humour, it crosses several genres. Its developing contemporary story of love and unfolding secrets will intrigue and appeal to a wide adult audience. Plots intertwine and lives inevitably cross as a tale of national and global subterfuge is gradually revealed.

Bradley Warren a time worn, used car salesman, keeps a low profile concealing his deepest secrets, the least of which is the cadaver in his freezer. He needs to move on, to cover his tracks and has planned for everything - well almost everything, he hadn't counted on meeting Janice.

Janice, divorced and vulnerable, back on her feet, just needs someone to love her and is desperate to find someone to believe in. She falls in love with Brad, he appears to be perfect, the man she deserves?

Mark Collins, ex-vicar now a declared atheist, and the new British Prime Minister, has deliberately thrust himself onto the centre stage of British politics, he must keep his secret from the world, the stakes are too high. His outspoken opinions prompt worldwide protests from all faiths whilst his anti-monarchist policies are pushing the renamed British Navy, British Air Force and Army towards rebellion. Is it merely political and religious zeal or does he have another agenda?

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The Donnelly Tontine

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Criminology-student-turned-criminal Nick Donnelly's plan to quit staging car accidents to rip off insurance companies gets a major boost when he's named as one of the inheritors of the Donnelly estate - a crumbling old castle on a private island off the stormy Irish coast. On the plus side, the estate is rumored to include the legendary Emerald Viper, a priceless necklace once owned by Cleopatra. The catch? The necklace is cursed. The castle is haunted. The will has an expiry date...and so do the other inheritors, who start dropping dead under strange and grisly circumstances. Also, he's not really Nick Donnelly (identity theft is one of his specialties). If it takes a crook to catch one, then Nick is going to have to use all his extra-legal skills to survive the weekend and get his hands on the fortune. Cut off from civilization with suspects that include a flaky lifestyle guru, a boozy televangelist, a one-eyed police officer, a flirty law student and a disgraced scientist with an abnormal fixation on his poisonous tropical spider, Nick doesn't have anyone he can trust except his erstwhile partner-in-crime, Fogel, who should not be trusted even when not in the presence of priceless jewellery. The Donnelly Tontine is a hilarious and action-packed mystery from Craig McLay, the award-winning and internationally best-selling author of Village Books, Deadline and other books you should read immediately.

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The Price of Royalty

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(A Machina Novel, Vol. 1) Machinas were made to be the galaxy’s greatest super soldiers. Split into four academies, each with their own deadly abilities, machinas were thought to be machines sent from the gods. Enhanced human beings who blurred the lines between synthetic and biological lifeforms. Upon the destruction of their home planet, Mair Ultima, machinas became disgraced. Scattered among the stars. Now they work as bounty hunters, assassins, bodyguards. Anything that involves spilling blood. Only thousands remain, the most famous of whom is Beatrix Westwood, a Valkyrie Huntress, though she prefers Trix of Zilvia. Join Trix on her debut adventure as she attempts to rescue a kidnapped princess while evading warlords, slavers, and warring royal families with the help of her oldest friend, Yvach Aodun. On that note, welcome to the Milky Way in Earth year 2799. It's like the Wild West and piracy's golden age rolled into one lawless expanse. Trix is feeling lucky. How about you?

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The Faces of Jasper Wilde

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Jasper Wilde just wanted to finish his cigarette when he became an accidental murderer. He thought he'd get a life sentence for sure. He did. But not the way he expected. In fact, Jasper discovered that he could have as many lives as he wanted...

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The Times of Zachary Esmond

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(This novella is rated MA15+ for COARSE LANGUAGE, MILD SEX SCENES, AND ADULT THEMES) Zachary Esmond was busy drowning his sorrows over a woman who butchered his heart when one final drink resulted in unexpected consequences. Now he can have his time over again, as many times as he'd like. But will he improve his life, or make it worse than ever before?

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Amethyst Witch

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Take a reluctant witch. Add a kooky cast of characters. Place in a small town. Sprinkle on a hint of magic and stir in a helping of humor. Garnish with a Great Dane and you have the Stacy Justice mystery series.

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The Munich Girl

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Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father's war-trophy portrait of Eva Braun. Fifty years after the war, she discovers what he never did-that her mother and Hitler's mistress were friends. Plunged into the world of the "ordinary" Munich girl who was her mother's confidante-and a tyrant's lover-Anna uncovers long-buried secrets and unknown reaches of her heart, to reveal the enduring power of love in the legacies that always outlast war.

"The Munich Girl" by Phyllis Edgerly Ring only $2.99 on Kindle

The Soundtrack of an Ordinary Life

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Do you ever hear an old song and are immediately reminded of a time from your past? Of course you do; we all do. Spurred by his own musical reminders, Alan Allsop tells the story of his life. Childhood innocence; teenage angst; overcoming bullying; dreams achieved; dreams shattered; joy and tragedy, fun and fears. A whole range of emotions over the best part of sixty years are laid out here. The various strands of his life: love, family, career and a lifelong dedication to following Sheffield United are bound together by the underlying humour that helped him through it. Punctuated by references to around 700 songs that trigger the memories, the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster are detailed here in Alan’s own forthright style. With something for everyone to relate to, and ponder over, Alan tells it how it was for him. An ordinary life?...........You decide.

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Forging of the Opposites

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(The Tales of Dante Quintrell, Chapter 1) Dante Quintrell is an Alchemer, the last of an ancient order that strove to protect Gaia, a wondrous land full of towering forests, titanic mountains, and stifling deserts. There’s nothing Dante wants more than a pint of mead. Save for overthrowing the tyrannical Queen Medea Eldrid. The Queen will stop at nothing to control Gaia, all for some great, militaristic purpose which involves a mythical place known only as the Sanctuary. The Alchemer thinks his task will be as simple as assassinating Medea’s military leaders before slitting her throat and calling it a day.

However, the resurgence of an ancient poem will make Dante’s quest more complicated than he first thinks. Join Dante Quintrell and his best friend, Zara Kailani, as they hunt Medea’s Admiral Chief, attempt a daring prison break, and strike deals with pirates while drawing closer to discovering the Sanctuary’s true nature. And, perhaps, the Sanctuary itself.

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The Soundtrack of an Ordinary Life

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Do you ever hear an old song and are immediately reminded of a time from your past? Of course you do; we all do. Spurred by his own musical reminders, Alan Allsop tells the story of his life. Childhood innocence; teenage angst; overcoming bullying; dreams achieved; dreams shattered; joy and tragedy, fun and fears. A whole range of emotions over the best part of sixty years are laid out here. The various strands of his life: love, family, career and a lifelong dedication to following Sheffield United are bound together by the underlying humour that helped him through it. Punctuated by references to around 700 songs that trigger the memories, the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster are detailed here in Alan’s own forthright style. With something for everyone to relate to, and ponder over, Alan tells it how it was for him. An ordinary life?...........You decide.

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The Aqua Chronicles

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What was the real purpose of the standing stone monuments that dot the landscape of Western Europe? Did the stone erectors possess a technology that we can only guess at? Why did they stop what they were doing? The City of Bath, England. World Heritage City. Anyone could pass them on the street and never guess their secret. William of Salisbury; his father sailed with Duke William in 1066. Julia Calpurnia Florentina Pantera; the last citizen of the Roman Empire. When Rome fell Julia went to live in the legendary Avalon. Her arrival was expected and she became the Lady of the Lake. Copper Beach; not far short of her first hundred years but more like thirty in appearance. Then there is her father... The Aqua Chronicles tell their story and that of Wint, a strange prehistoric scientist who made a desperate bid to save his civilisation. Wint was aided by Alfrid, a Stone Age shoemaker who knew nothing of warfare, and Beowulf and Freya, Vikings who knew everything.

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The Moment Between

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The Moment Between is a psychological thriller that brings death to life through the story of Doctor Hackett Metzger, a neurologist who struggles with grief four years after losing his wife when he becomes involved in a medical study of near-death experiences and meets a woman with a dangerous past. Hackett is reluctantly involved in the study because he doesn't want to be reminded of his wife's death and he doesn't believe in the afterlife. His life and research are about to collide.

The Moment Between is not a fantasy or a ghost story. Instead, it uses fiction to explore the very real phenomena of near-death experiences in a way that forces the reader to challenge their own assumptions about the possibilities of what awaits us all in that moment between life and death.

"The Moment Between" by Gareth Frank, $2.99 Kindle Countdown Deal from June 25 - July 1, 2019


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Fiona Garvey, ballet dancer and new college graduate, is desperate to escape her sister's betrayal and a failed relationship. Vowing to restart as far from home as possible, she accepts a two-year teaching position with the Peace Corps in Africa. It's a role she's sure she can perform. But in no time, Fiona realizes she's traded her problems in Omaha for bigger ones in Gabon, a country as beautiful as it is filled with contradictions. Emotionally derailed by Christophe, a charismatic and privileged Gabonese man who can teach her to let go of her inhibitions but can't commit to anything more, threatened by an overly familiar student with a menacing fixation on her, and drawn into the compelling but potentially dangerous local dance ceremonies, Fiona finds herself at increasing risk. And when matters come to a shocking head, she must reach inside herself, find her dancer's power, and fight back. Blending humor and pathos, A DANCER'S GUIDE TO AFRICA takes the reader along on a suspense-laden, sensual journey through Africa's complex beauty, mystery and mysticism.

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Dearest Stalker: Part 1

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What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker?

I'm not the type of woman who actually inspires passion in any guy, much less one who makes it a habit to watch me because he's obsessed.

I'm a curvy, plain Jane. I like my chips, chocolate, and junk food, and it definitely shows.

I'm an educated geek who would rather have my nose in a computer instead of a fashion magazine.

But none of those things seem to matter to Stalker. He sees something in me that I don't see in myself, and I don't know why.

I'm terrified, yet I'm inexplicably intrigued.

I'm cautious by nature, but something makes me want to know who he is, and why he gives a sh*t about somebody like me.

I know falling for a man I've never seen in the light of day is dangerous.

Does he stalk me because he wants to own me, control me, and make me into the woman he thinks that I am?

Does he want to hurt me, or is he just a lost soul like me?

And why did it feel so good to touch him under the cover of darkness?

Is he my nightmare or my dearest stalker?

Getting to know him might be foolish, but for some reason, I just can't walk away...

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The Magical Meniscus

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"The Magical Meniscus," by GranRan 

In Fairytale Land, there lives a gentle-hearted cyclops known as Cleo who wears bells on his large toes. Headaches plague the one-eyed giant, causing Cleo problems at work, at home, and with his girlfriend, Nellie. The migraines force Cleo to seek help from a powerful wizard. He must battle witches, ogres, and a bog creature. Will perseverance and determination be enough for Cleo to fix his headaches and win true love from Nellie? This fairy tale includes sixteen illustrations.

There will be two upcoming free eBook offers for Kindle members on June 24th, and July 4th Pacific time, so adjust your time if needed.

There are currently two reviews posted: a five star review was posted on Goodreads 06/04/19, and the other review was posted by Nicky Flower at indiestoday.com. (https://indiestoday.com)

An excerpt of Nicky Flowers four star reviews: "GranRan makes an oft told fairy tale concept feel fresh and unique. There are many aspects of his story that I really loved. The characters all have their own personalities and manage to add a bit of humor along the way. The pictures really helped bring the story to life.  Young readers will enjoy the thematic elements of finding love and maintaining virtue in a world with evils lurking around every corner."

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Crochet: 25 Easy Patterns for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Mastering the Basics While Having Fun

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In this book, you will learn the basics of the art of crochet, including an outline of the tools you will need, an overview of the types of stitches to use and basic instructions for 25 easy patterns that any beginner can start doing.

In today’s society, it is hard to come across something that does not include technology; and hobbies are no exception. Hobbies have lost their purpose. Nowadays, people’s hobbies tend to be focused on activities such as social media, online gaming, watching Netflix and many other things that do not require much mental dexterity.

You might think that hobbies such as painting or crocheting are old fashioned but they are actually quite beneficial! Not only are they fun but they help in stimulating your mind and can be a great way to manage stress and promote happiness.

In this book, you will learn the basics of the art of crochet, including an outline of the tools you will need, an overview of the types of stitches to use and basic instructions for 25 easy patterns that any beginner can start doing.  Finally, we will address common mistakes that beginners make and provide you with practical tips to get started right away.

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GRO Your Own at Home - How to Grow Weed Indoors

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Interested in pesticide free marijuana with a cost of about $1 per gram? Then for sure keep reading.

From seed to harvest, Vincent’s new grow book translates the mountain of “mumbo-jumbo” about growing Marijuana (much of it bogus) into an easy to read eBook anyone can use to grow their own.

Vincent Press, a veteran grower, has packed his 36 years of growing experience into his latest grow book “GRO Your Own at Home – How to Grow Weed Indoors”. 

Vince finally spills the beans: After years of testing and retesting trying to find the perfect soil mix and nutrient combination, Vince discovered the EXACT formula to use and his plants have been almost perfect ever since. He breaks it all down in his easy to read and follow eBook. Everything he uses is easily found locally or online and his GRO Your Own Soil Mix is easy to replicate.

As an added bonus, all purchasers will receive a free enrollment into the GRO Your Own University (GYOU), a $25.00 value.
The GYOU is packed with videos personally made by Vince explaining all the different fundamentals of growing following his grow book chapter by chapter. Each video includes tons of tips and tricks that never made it into the eBook.

And as a final bonus, you get Vince. He is available to answer all questions from students anytime at NO extra charge. The free enrollment into the GYOU has a very limited time frame so don’t miss out.

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Managed Care

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Maxy Awards "Book of the Year" 2019

"Witty, occasionally crass, and an unqualified delight." –KIRKUS REVIEWS

Is it too much to ask that a managed care facility refund a year’s advance payment when your grandfather dies before he can move in? Frank Johnson doesn’t think so, which is why the thirty-three-year-old now lives in a nursing home, locked in a chess match feud with management that doesn't occupy nearly enough of his time.

When foster kid Elroy is thrust into his life, Frank decides to turn this forced relationship to his advantage – launching a string of absurd decisions, inappropriate behaviors and unexpected glimpses of tenderness that ultimately turn a New Jersey suburb upside down. A laugh-out-loud celebration of bad choices for good causes, Managed Care is an offbeat story about three misfits on the social fringes of suburbia and their ridiculous campaign to introduce an unfiltered version of intimacy to their stale, impersonal community. Because, according to Frank, it’s probably what Jesus would have wanted.

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The Dragon Stone Trilogy: The Complete Box Set

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This young adult fantasy series has sold over 100,000 copies in the US and the UK! Discover this epic fantasy series by bestselling author Kristian Alva!

This set includes:

1. Dragon Stones: Book One of the Dragon Stone Saga
2. Return of the Dragon Riders: Book Two of the Dragon Stone Saga
3. Vosper's Revenge: Book Three of the Dragon Stone Saga

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The Gunman And The Clown: Ten Short Stories

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The ten short stories featured in this book are essentially about people confronted by life-changing events: some of their own making, some forced upon them. Whether it is the hasty removal of a key from a cupboard, a man’s discovery of his long-lost brother, a tourist’s decision to snatch the passport of a dead man who has just robbed him, a radio presenter faking his own death or a fateful phone call to a woman who is about to meet her illicit lover, these kind of turning points link all the tales together. The stories recount how individuals react to such events. While most of the protagonists seem to be outwardly likeable, their actions do not always deserve our respect. However, as fellow human beings, their motivations (revenge, love, duty or just curiosity) should be familiar to us.

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Lemon Lavender Is Not Fine

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An unforgettable name... A longing to be invisible... And a viral video... = NOT fine. Life isn't all that great for Lemon Lavender. Ever since her perfect sister dropped out of college and fled to Europe, she's saddled with taking care of her zombified mother while dodging her father's angry tirades about responsibility. Hiding is her first choice, but there's nowhere to escape at home, and at school, invisibility isn't an option when your name is a flashing neon sign. The one bright spot in her complicated reality is Graham Stuart. As they share their deepest secrets over slushees, Lemon falls hard, even as Graham's most ardent admirer makes it clear she should back off, or risk being the subject of a vicious gossip vlog. Despite her attempts to lay low, the worst happens, catapulting Lemon-and her notorious name-into a spotlight that shreds her reputation and damages her relationships. With relentless mean girls out to get her and a family on the brink of disaster, Lemon has to find her voice and fight back-if she's ready to step out of the shadows.

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Won't Be The Debt of Me

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Can three lifelong friends really outsmart hardened criminals?

A heartwarming yet tense story set in Dublin about three lifelong friends from a working-class background struggling to make ends meet. After a tragic turn of events, the friends must rally together to help their friend through a very difficult and complicated situation, one with risks and devastating consequences should things go wrong. The friends find themselves caught up in gangland feuds, money laundering, drug money and debts. Can they outsmart the real criminals or will they be found out...?

Charlie, Bill and Sticks are lifelong friends. They know one of them is going away for a long time. Charlie needs one last favour. This favour has a price. If everything goes well...then the problem is solved, but if it goes wrong, they will pay for it with their lives

The Regrets of Raphael Ernest

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(This novella is rated MA15+ for COARSE LANGUAGE, GORE, AND ADULT THEMES) Raphael Ernest would do anything to bring his wife, Lela, back to life. And anything is exactly what a traveler passing through his town can do...

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Accelerated Learning: How To Retain What You Learn, Double Your Reading Speed And Develop Laser Sharpe Memory - Instantly

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Do you find learning difficult? Do you struggle with poor memory, distractions and interruptions, consumed by procrastination and wandering mind? Do you ever wish you could get really good at something quickly, smoothly and effortlessly? Or maybe you hate to study? Do you find it slow and boring? If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book What are some benefits you can expect when you follow this program Effortlessly remember important dates, appointments, meetings and schedules weeks, months or even years ahead without missing a single one! Make other people "Hang On Your Every Word!" Develop a perfect, computer like memory in just 5 minutes a day! Quickly and easily double or even triple your reading speed Breeze through any test or exam Develop unbreakable concentration and focus Never experience social awkwardness or anxiety again Skyrocket Your Vocabulary - In Minutes! What will you learn? Discover advanced techniques from psychology to become a master at any skill or subject Simple methods that allow you to nail down tough information or complex concepts quickly and easily What you can do to eliminate procrastination, minimise distractions, avoid interruptions, keep your mind focused and concentrate longer, even during challenging or stressful situations Step-by-step easy-to-understand methods for turning even the worst memory into a powerful one. How you can dazzle your friends and fellow workers with your ability to absorb facts like a sponge And much, much more

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Where Eagles Dare Not Perch by Peter Bridgford

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Zachary Webster was an innocent Maine farm boy before becoming a sharpshooter, but the violence of the Civil War battlefields has turned him into a natural killer. While home on his unit’s month-long furlough, he murders the man he believes has stolen his beloved. In doing so, he sets into motion three intensely dark journeys—his own as a soldier returning to a brutal and hopeless war; his sweetheart’s as she seeks absolution; and the brother of the murdered man, whose quest for revenge propels him into the most violent of worlds. When the three find each other amid the chaos and brutality of the Battle of the Wilderness, they’re faced with figuring out if they are tempered enough from their own redemptive ordeals to face whatever uncertain future awaits them after the bloody fighting is over.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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The Wheel of Fortune & Other Stories

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This is my tenth collection of short stories. An elderly man becomes 'news' after he writes about his encounter with Ernest Hemingway in Pamplona years ago. A writer holidaying in West Texas meets James Dean in Marfa years after the latter's supposed death. A postal clerk remembers selling a stamp to John Wayne who was filming in London. A reporter traces the ex-chauffeur of a gangster to learn his story. A British Lord worries about his accident prone wife who has gone skiing in the Scottish Borders. A mystery writer becomes a witness in a local murder. A strange ship loads an odd cargo in a port. A mute, nameless man becomes a patient in a psychiatric hospital. A sunken treasure is found off the coast of Florida during a Presidential political campaign. They are a mixed bag of old and new, some semi-autobiographical or humourous, all intended to entertain.

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Business Fits: How to find the right business for you!

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"Make this book your first business investment. It will save you time and heartache regardless of starting or finding the right business fit for you." - A business development director

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Lost: A Mountain Man Rescue Romance by J.S. Scott

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Category : 0

A sexy, moody, broody mountain man who only wants his solitude.  A city woman trying to find herself in the backwoods.  One horrible rock slide that leaves the two strangers stuck together...whether they want to be or not.

I've been holed up in my crappy, one room cabin in the back country of Colorado for so long that I'm basically not even human anymore.  And I'm not here because I have to be. I'm not some crazy prepper who thinks the apocalypse is coming, and I'm not running from the law.

I'm just an artist who gets lost in the creation of my wood sculptures, and I'm alone because I like it this way.  I do my best work when I'm separated from the rest of the world  And for the most part, people suck, and there isn't anybody back in civilization who will ever notice that I'm not there anyway.

I'm so far off the beaten path that it's rare for me to see another human at all, and I'm perfectly fine with that...until Keeley Norton comes crashing into my solitary life--literally.

It isn't like I really want to rescue the woman and haul her back to my cabin. But I can't leave her on the side of the mountain injured, either.  I might be a surly jerk, but even I can't be that heartless. 
Basically, I'm screwed in more ways than one.

"Lost: A Mountain Man Rescue Romance" by J.S. Scott only $2.99 on Kindle from June 18-21, 2019

The Monster by Josh Soule

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Josh Soule's premiere thriller, The Monster, follows the psychological decline of a nameless narrator who tells his tale of being stalked and framed by a local serial killer.His relationships with friends and family deteriorate, and he soon is required to fend for himself. As days tick by, the time must come to find his way out of this problem before he ends up in prison or worse…

"The Monster" by Josh Soule only $2.99 on Amazon from June 17 - 20, 2019

Basic Investing in Resource Stocks

Monday, June 17, 2019 Category : 0

Have you avoided buying resource stocks in your portfolio because you're unsure how they work? Want to make your money work harder and smarter? Every month, nearly half a million readers count on author Robert Moriarty's website for key information on resource investments and mining. Now the experienced investor is here to share his expertise to increase both your confidence and your profit. Basic Investing in Resource Stocks: The Idiot's Guide is a down-and-dirty approach to help you understand the foundations of the resources sector share markets. Using historical data and his own wins and losses, Moriarty clearly sets out the best way to approach this complex marketplace. Armed with up-to-date knowledge, you'll soon have a clear understanding of precious metal trends and be ready to invest like a pro. In Basic Investing in Resource Stocks, you'll discover: - The state of the current market and how to ensure it makes sense - What expert advice to avoid and which advice will make you money - Various pros and cons of each of the resource stocks and how to use both to your benefit - Why 85-95% of investors lose money and how to make sure you're not one of them - Helpful hints, tools to simplify the process, and much, much more! Basic Investing in Resource Stocks is your ultimate handbook for grasping the valuable gold and silver markets. If you like straight-to-the-point advice, easy-to-understand language, and expert tips and techniques, then you'll love Robert Moriarty's invaluable tool.

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Blue Blood

Friday, June 14, 2019 Category : 0

Private investigator Merrill Monroe enlists the services of detective John Jordan to protect Malia Goodman, a civil rights and police shooting activist with a target on her back. But Merrill doesn't just want John to help protect Malia, he wants him to find out who's trying to kill her and help him stop them. Malia is surrounded on all sides by suspects-rogue cops, homegrown terrorists, right-wing militants, and even some supposed friends very close to her-and Merrill wonders if even John Jordan, with his considerable skills and experience, can figure out who the killer is before it's too late.

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To See A Fine Lady

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Essentially a children's story based on my personal and imaginary experiences with 5 other children, as a nine years old evacuee during 1944 living with my mother and sister in a stately home called North Aston Hall in Oxfordshire. The owner of North Aston Hall, Mrs Hermione Hichens, was a wonderful benefactor who as a small boy I venerated, and subsequently have written this story as my tribute to her. She was undoubtedly one of life's unsung heroines and is the "fine lady" portrayed in this book. I met American servicemen who were billeted in the grounds of the Hall before they went to Normandy on D-Day, where they were mostly killed. All book proceeds will go to a charity called "WaterAid" who have pledged to bring clean water and proper sanitation worldwide by 2030, which is my way of trying to perpetuate the wartime spirit I learned from the Americans and from Hermione Hichens.

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The Enabler: Martin's Story

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Martin Loveday is a private detective, ex-forces, ex-special ops. A loner and, after the death of his wife and unborn daughter in, what he considers, suspicious circumstances, he has sworn that he will never get entangled with another woman. One night stands only.
Until he meets Emily Denning.

Jason Randall sees the beginning of the connection between his stubborn and, at times, aloof best friend and the shy and introverted Em. And the die is cast. Jason proves to be a master manipulator. His schemes and plots, at times outrageous and unbelievable, come slowly together. Then someone from Em’s past shows up and every protective instinct that Martin has surges to the fore. This time there will be no mistake. He will do whatever it takes to keep the love of his life and her baby son safe. All sorted. Then Em drops a bombshell. But Martin has fought hard and he determines that there WILL be a HEA.

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Boulevard Dreams

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In this intelligent and darkly funny noir set in the smoky world of 1958 San Francisco, a down and out private detective, Joe Nails, experiences a series of surrealistic yet disturbing dreams, in which his once best friend he has not seen for years, Mark Tamlyn, pleads for his help, before turning a gun to his head and firing. To ease his lingering doubts, Joe sets out to locate Tamlyn, only to discover he strangely disappeared a month before the dreams began. As his investigation deepens, Nails initially uncovers a conflicting portrait of Tamlyn by a mixture of unforgettable characters who knew him best; from those intimating his disappearance is customary, to those suggesting he is on the lamb from mobsters, and to the several who insist he is dead. But Joe yearns to learn the truth, and thereby becomes embroiled in an encircling world of murder, deception, passion, and mystery, and as he races down a narrowing road with no off-ramps toward the shocking reality of his friend’s fate and the final desperation of his own, Joe Nails stares into the dreadful face of the unimaginable.

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Hold On! - Season 1 by Peter Darley

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A soldier in hiding. A woman caught in the crossfire. A conspiracy that could seal their dark fate.

AWOL soldier Brandon Drake wasn’t looking for a partner. Equipped with his experimental high-tech arsenal, he sets out to dismantle a conspiracy at the highest levels of government. But when the conspiracy puts an innocent women in grave danger, the honorable warrior has no choice but to put his entire mission in jeopardy.

Corporate secretary, Belinda Reese, longs for an escape from her dull office life. But she gets more than she bargained for when extremists trap her in a terrifying inferno. Surrounded by flames and fear, she’s breathlessly swept away by the dashing Brandon into a world of mystery, passion, and peril.

As Brandon and Belinda work side-by-side to expose the corruption, they’re both surprised by the sparks flying between them. But their love won’t last long if the government assassins find their deadly mark.

Can they take down a crooked regime before they become the next victims?

Hold On! – Season 1 is the pulse-pounding first installment in the Hold On! romantic action thriller series. If you like resourceful characters, sinister intrigue, and heart-stopping action, then you’ll love Peter Darley’s high-adrenaline page-turner.

Get Hold On! – Season 1 and watch two heroes battle dark government forces today!

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Me and My Trumpet: A Musician's Memoir

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Morris (Moe) Miller's Musician's Memoir (mmmmm - tasty) includes a cast of characters, most of whom are long gone: up there somewhere in the sky, acting, dancing, singing, or playing in an orchestra or big band. Miller speaks for them, to them, and about them. His account includes thumbnail sketches of colleagues and personal interactions with sound engineers, producers, and famous conductors, not to mention some of their foibles and idiosyncrasies. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, a chance event in his local bugle band brought about the beginning of his musical journey, and a future career as a professional brass player. In this slim volume, we have heaps of inside information, historical fact, unexpected sequences of events, and more than one smilet (Shakespeare) along the way. The author modestly claims that his Memoir is just a divertissement - but it's much more than that. You are cordially invited to find out for yourself.

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The Rostikov Legacy (Malykant Mysteries, 1)

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Detective. Judge. Executioner. In an icy, Victorianesque world, a harsh god rules, and He has one law: a life for a life. Konrad Savast is the Malykant: detective, judge and executioner in one. It's kill and be killed in Konrad's world, and his unhappy duty to mete out his Master's implacable justice.

The body of an aristocrat lies in the mist-shrouded reaches of the Bone Forest. Her killer has signed their own death warrant; but first, Konrad must learn who could have wanted the delightful Lady Rostikova dead... With a pair of bloodthirsty ghosts to assist him, Konrad will hunt her ladyship's killer the length and breadth of the city - and stop at nothing to finally bring them down. The supernatural meets classic murder mystery in this tale of dark justice, deduction and black magic.

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I Found my Tomorrow in Paris

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An irresistible account of a woman who chucks it all to find a new life in France after 30 years of marriage. Not knowing a soul or the language, she reshapes her life course despite obstacles which threaten to destroy her journey. As Paris holds her captive, six months turns into two years and she plunges from one heart-stopping adventure to another seeking that elusive something. After a serendipitous phone call and a chance meeting with an American businessman, she is embraced by influential people, is befriended by the family of Yves St Laurent, and her life unfolds beyond her wildest dreams. A story of friendship, betrayal and discovery of self. For fans of “Eat Pray Love” and an inspiration for all women who feel they are at a dead end.

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Brand New Art from China: A Generation on the Rise

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Brand New Art from China is the first book to highlight the accomplishments of millennial artists emerging in mainland China.  A must read for anyone interested in contemporary art,  this book deals with the lifestyles and ideas as well as the artworks of these artists.  From the One Child Policy to globalization,  this book studies the impact of economic and political forces on China's youth,,  going well beyond the interests of a strictly art audience.

"Frank, honest, and full of passion… The author offers a rare and precise insight into a nation and culture..."

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Elliot's Choice

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What happens when brothers become rivals for the heart of the same woman?

The Hanson brothers come from wealth and privilege. Although they have so many advantages in life, neither one is content with the path that has been laid out before him. Both of them are searching for something just beyond their reach. When a beautiful and exotic young heiress enters their world, a fierce competition erupts between the two brothers. Jealousy sparks a conflict that neither of them is prepared for. Which brother will win the hand of the lady? And will the loser find the grace to move on and find hope and comfort for his wounded heart?

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Ticket to Tulsa

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James Montgomery fails in business but succeeds in love with a woman from the other side of the tracks in racially divided Tulsa. An unorthodox proposal offers a financial solution at a great personal cost. Will he accept it 1896, New York City/Tulsa: James Montgomery II, a 35-year-old Manhattan playboy, discovers that his family's fortune has been reduced to almost nothing when his parents pass away. He attempts to rebuild his finances with a risky oil prospecting venture, which takes him to Tulsa. James falls in love while in Oklahoma, but hides his relationship---Tulsa isn't ready for a mixed-race couple. Soon, there is a child on the way and his business deal falls apart. James is out of options financially and struggling to find a way personally. He receives an unorthodox proposal that offers a financial solution at a great personal cost. Should he accept it and go back to living the life to which he'd become accustomed in New York, or stay and find a way forward with his new family? Pick up a copy to find out. TICKET TO TULSA is a short-story prequel (word count 9600), which sets the stage for events that will transpire eighteen years later In the associated novel, LIVING IN THE MIDDLE.

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The Book of Bart

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Working for the man upstairs stinks, but working with Samantha, an angel in training? Offensive!

Only one thing is so powerful, so dangerous that Heaven and Hell must work together to find it: the Shard of Gabriel.

With a mysterious Black Cloud of Death hot on the shard's trail, a desperate Heaven enlists the help of Bartholomew, a demon who knows more about the shard than almost anyone. Six years ago, he had it in his hands. If only he'd used it before his coup to overthrow the Devil failed. Now, he's been sprung from his eternal punishment to help Samantha recover the shard before the Black Cloud of Death finds it.

If Bart wants to succeed, he'll have to fight the temptation to betray Samantha and the allure of the shard. After an existence full of evil, the only way Bart can get right with Hell is to be good.

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What Happened to Lori Book 1: Genesis (Mind-Blowing Twist Thriller Duology)

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Three people.
Each has a secret.
Each has an agenda.
All three are liars.

One of them committed a terrible crime.
One of them is on the run.
More than one of them is a killer.

These three people are about to find out what happened to Lori.
And they're going to wish they never did…

Is she dead? Or is it much worse?

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SOARING BY THE POWER OF GOD - 31 Day Devotional For Spirit Filled Living

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SOARING By The Power Of God is a life changing 31 day devotional journey that will enable you to SOAR as the events of your life are transformed into empowering moments. Through daily readings and guided prayer, the intention is for you to:

• Increase your self-control, discover happiness and hope, and refocus your life on what really matters
• Revamp your entire being from the inside out
• View and react to life with a new healthy and happy perspective after writing about her journey from tragedy to triumph

This powerful 31 day devotional will make you increasingly aware of God’s presence in your life and allow you to enjoy His peace as you step out on faith and begin soaring by His power. This book has been written to help men and women worldwide, who are seeking an intimate relationship with Christ. Don’t ever stop seeking the presence of God; He is calling you to a deeper intimacy with Him daily.

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Gold, Silver and Bombs: The Phoenix Series Book 2

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The eyes of the world are on London 2012.
British security services anticipate an organised terror attack.
Safety is paramount. What if the real danger comes from a lone wolf?

Don’t miss the second action-packed thriller featuring vigilante killer The Phoenix. He and fellow agents from Olympus bring swift closure for victims of criminals who appear above and beyond the law.

There’s scarcely time to take a breath. At Larcombe, Athena and Phoenix grow close. Could this prove a distraction? Will they be alert to the dangers in the capital and the Games sites across the country? Could a bomber slip through the net?
You won’t want to miss the page-turning intensity of the second story in this gripping series.

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