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Me and My Trumpet: A Musician's Memoir

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Morris (Moe) Miller's Musician's Memoir (mmmmm - tasty) includes a cast of characters, most of whom are long gone: up there somewhere in the sky, acting, dancing, singing, or playing in an orchestra or big band. Miller speaks for them, to them, and about them. His account includes thumbnail sketches of colleagues and personal interactions with sound engineers, producers, and famous conductors, not to mention some of their foibles and idiosyncrasies. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, a chance event in his local bugle band brought about the beginning of his musical journey, and a future career as a professional brass player. In this slim volume, we have heaps of inside information, historical fact, unexpected sequences of events, and more than one smilet (Shakespeare) along the way. The author modestly claims that his Memoir is just a divertissement - but it's much more than that. You are cordially invited to find out for yourself.

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