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An Amazon #1 Bestseller!

Cat and Gene are back and more lovable than ever! In this hilarious sequel to Strangely Incredibly Good, Cat Glamour struggles to help her sister, who's a bit of a texting addict, her 20-year-old daughter, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and her 94-year-old grandmother, who's a feisty ex-reality-TV-star with the Twitter handle @BadAssGram. Will Cat be able to help her wacky family out without neglecting her own needs? Read Remarkably Great, the “perfect conclusion” to Strangely, Incredibly Good, today.
What readers are saying:
“Unstoppable laughs, from beginning to end!”
“Sexy, funny, cool.”
“Couldn’t put it down!”
“The perfect conclusion to Cat and Gene’s love story!”
This fantasy-romance-comedy is the sequel to STRANGELY INCREDIBLY GOOD which is FREE on Kindle from June 2nd until June 6th, 2019!

REMARKABLY GREAT regular price $3.80 USD all the way down to 0.99 cents from June 1st to June 6, 2019!

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