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The Aqua Chronicles

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What was the real purpose of the standing stone monuments that dot the landscape of Western Europe? Did the stone erectors possess a technology that we can only guess at? Why did they stop what they were doing? The City of Bath, England. World Heritage City. Anyone could pass them on the street and never guess their secret. William of Salisbury; his father sailed with Duke William in 1066. Julia Calpurnia Florentina Pantera; the last citizen of the Roman Empire. When Rome fell Julia went to live in the legendary Avalon. Her arrival was expected and she became the Lady of the Lake. Copper Beach; not far short of her first hundred years but more like thirty in appearance. Then there is her father... The Aqua Chronicles tell their story and that of Wint, a strange prehistoric scientist who made a desperate bid to save his civilisation. Wint was aided by Alfrid, a Stone Age shoemaker who knew nothing of warfare, and Beowulf and Freya, Vikings who knew everything.

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