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The Enabler: Martin's Story

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Martin Loveday is a private detective, ex-forces, ex-special ops. A loner and, after the death of his wife and unborn daughter in, what he considers, suspicious circumstances, he has sworn that he will never get entangled with another woman. One night stands only.
Until he meets Emily Denning.

Jason Randall sees the beginning of the connection between his stubborn and, at times, aloof best friend and the shy and introverted Em. And the die is cast. Jason proves to be a master manipulator. His schemes and plots, at times outrageous and unbelievable, come slowly together. Then someone from Em’s past shows up and every protective instinct that Martin has surges to the fore. This time there will be no mistake. He will do whatever it takes to keep the love of his life and her baby son safe. All sorted. Then Em drops a bombshell. But Martin has fought hard and he determines that there WILL be a HEA.

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