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The Magical Meniscus

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"The Magical Meniscus," by GranRan 

In Fairytale Land, there lives a gentle-hearted cyclops known as Cleo who wears bells on his large toes. Headaches plague the one-eyed giant, causing Cleo problems at work, at home, and with his girlfriend, Nellie. The migraines force Cleo to seek help from a powerful wizard. He must battle witches, ogres, and a bog creature. Will perseverance and determination be enough for Cleo to fix his headaches and win true love from Nellie? This fairy tale includes sixteen illustrations.

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There are currently two reviews posted: a five star review was posted on Goodreads 06/04/19, and the other review was posted by Nicky Flower at indiestoday.com. (https://indiestoday.com)

An excerpt of Nicky Flowers four star reviews: "GranRan makes an oft told fairy tale concept feel fresh and unique. There are many aspects of his story that I really loved. The characters all have their own personalities and manage to add a bit of humor along the way. The pictures really helped bring the story to life.  Young readers will enjoy the thematic elements of finding love and maintaining virtue in a world with evils lurking around every corner."

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